Friday, 21 May 2010


Friday, rocking my world this week

Geo-caching - finding Rudolph's pasture on Sunday was awesome and by the time we did we were completely lost - thankfully dear hubby had an idea of where we were!! 
Slimming world - another 2lb lost 8lb gone in total - got my half stone certificate (still many many pounds to go but hey let's celebrate where I'm at at the minute!)
Mullerlight Yogurts with a Cherry Underlayer - these things should be illegal I tell you!
Challenging yourself to sort out your 'alterables' box is not only fun but also challenging particularly when you paint the two KP nut tins the same and then insist on them looking different once done!!
Scrapbook Classes are the best! 
Tim Holtz's new papers are divine - will I ever be able to open the pack and actually use them or will I be stroking them forever?
Appreciating people who believe in you - these people are amazing, even when life is tough and there is little you can do about it! 
So if you're joining in - let me know so I can check out what is rocking your world this Friday! 
And Finally Music - forgot how it can rescue the soul even when you're in a deep dark place - it's here singing out loud (very loud in our case) and you can sing along and not care - awesome stuff - so what were we listening to - well started out with Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi - so old and so long since i heard it but sang along like I was 14 again LMAO!   Had a bit of Stone Cold Crazy - Queen and Metallica version, Staind's It's Been a While and For You, Little bit of Mr Tyler's Livin on the Edge - seen most of these in concerts over the years - so quite a trip down memory lane - remember how tiny Mr Tyler was (Aerosmith front man if I've completely lost you by now) - mind you we need binoculars to see him so maybe he was just very very far away!  Ooh for a starscreen back then! 

Onwards with crafting - here's a page from my permission art journal - I've used multiple images on this one from various sources, then the inevitable tattoos and this time a little bit of black lipstick! 
The 12 x 12 layout below is from the 'National Scrapbook Day' layout that we were challenged by Sandra to create a couple of weeks ago, we could chose three sheets of patterned paper and one of cardstock plus ribbons, buttons etc to choose from.  I was late getting there and was feeling vulnerable and emotional, Sandra had organised a fun evening challenging us with a 'bingo' card to use different techniques.  I chose my papers started cutting them up and then decided I didn't like my background paper (it started out a citrus yellow with polka dots on it) - it clashed with the checked blue and the floral paper I'd picked (I know you're now wondering why on earth I'd pick that - but i was late arriving and not in the right mental zone) anyway acrylic dabbers and babywipes resolved the back ground issues - painted, painted again, stamped with white stazon and handdrawn hearts!  That was just the background paper, I cut, ripped, punched, glued, used buttons, metal work, flowers, photos, created a tag, cut a title by hand, used chipboard.  All in about 100 minutes - it's was good fun, I didn't win any of the challenges but came home with this layout that was definitely my prize! 
Just to show that I do do 12 x 12 layouts as well at home - well actually this is a double page layout that I did of one of the Treasure Hunts that we've recently completed.  I've already created a mini book on the event - but really wanted to be able to capture the day in my 12 x 12 albums!
If you pop by say hi - if you're joining in Rocking Your World Friday - leave a link and I'll come and visit you!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


  1. Hi V, Well done with the weight loss - 8lbs is awesome and not easy to achieve - you should be very proud of yourself. I've never done much scrapbooking - dunno why. Your pages are amazing and such a lovely way to keep your memories together.... I speak as one who cannot remember what day it is! Your journal pages look brilliant - I love the tattooed lady and her black lips - very goth! Have a great upcoming weekend and week. Lol P x

  2. Wow Virginia what fabulous LOs and well done on losing the weight too! Looking forward to seeing you tonight for another journey on the emotional bus of art journalling :0)

  3. First of all - have you seen this CJ just starting on UKS? R.I.P Rock In Peace. A cj about rockers sadly no longer with us, to include a cd. Thought you might like a peep.

    Next. I adore your scrapbook pages. Going to finally do some scrapping today myself - only been nearly a year after all ;)

    3rd - brilliant job on the weightloss. You must be so chuffed, it's such a great plan isn't it?

  4. well done on the weight loss, I know exctly how much effort it takes. I love your journal page, the colours contrsted with the black are very striking.

  5. yay for losing those 8'll really feel them with the hot weather this weekend!!
    and i love your journal pages too!

  6. Lovely happies, Virginia! And I love your scrapbooking pages, clever girl. I'm into the restorative power of silence at the moment, but when I'm ready for noise I'll re-visit my youth with some rock! Enjoy your weekend, xxx

  7. Hi Virginia me again this time I have joined in to count my blessings xx

  8. Wonderful Virginia! I do so love your energy, enthusiasm and your determination. Hope your going to Dy's tonight
    x Michelle

  9. Have added my link x am making buns today to bring along as its Bees birthday will bring some oranges too if you need to be good x J x

  10. Ooooh, get you going all clever with Mr Linky! I've left mine on there so fingers crossed it works. Well done for setting this up. xx

  11. `Hi Virginia, great linky thing - my son made it work for me! Fab. Thanks x

  12. I too have decided to join in after seeing Janet's blog. I have many blessings too.
    Love your LO - some interesting techniques there.
    Thank you for such a great idea.
    Sue xx

  13. Great LO and journal page and well done on your half stone certificate.

  14. fab post, and love your art journal :D
    J xx