Friday, 7 May 2010


OK so I know I'm very very late posting this but my excuse is I've been at work all day again today - although I don't know why because I got absolutely nothing done - but that's whinging and I'm not doing that I'm being grateful

So without further ado my grateful list this week 

I'm alive I still insist on acknowledging this one because - well it's pretty amazing
Getting back to good old mini book making - I've been away from it for a while and it feels sooooooooooooooooooooo good to be back doing a lovely mix of crafting!

Starting on that box of alterables - having a focus is something to be truly grateful for, there is nothing better than sorting things out (by the way I'm fighting with the KP nut tins but I'll win - they just don't know it yet!)
My husband and my son because they've put up with a week of me being a royal pain in the bum and moody and mardy to boot this week - don't know why I'm going to put it down to life in general!

 Loving the fact I come from a unique and individual family and that I continue to feel so truly blessed on this one.

The fact I live in a democratic country even if the voters of the country have stuck two fingers up to the whole thing and said we don't trust any of you LMAO!   No winners and further political turmoil added to which they'll soon all go back to their glass houses and stop listening to us once again - but hey there were many ladies who gave an awful to give us ladies the chance to vote and for that I am truly grateful

Listening to someone whose ready to retire because all he wants to actually do is sit under a tree - sometimes reminds you of the little things in life we can do but choose not to!

Slimming World - week one and four and a half pounds off (let's see if this can continue) but I'm being grateful because I really really really need to keep my head around this and shift some weight!  (I've a separate blog on this one  so won't bore you with the detail). 

Having a blog to talk to some amazing people - I always feel truly blessed when I get comments 

I'll leave you with the journal page that was on my desk the other week when I did WOYWW - it's finally finished and it's my precarious page and unfortunately in certain parts of my life I'm still feeling precarious but I'm hanging on in there
close ups
Well that's me for now, I've got a double scrapbook page to be getting on with tonight and progress on the KP nut tins.  

If you happen by and leave a message - let me thank you in advance - it will be awesome to read I'm sure! 

PS - 9 year old statement to his Dad tonight 
"Dad do you know you've got a double chin"
"No I haven't"
"Yeah you have, one here and one here" 

Made me giggle as long he doesn't decide to come counting mine!


  1. Not too bad a week then, all things considered - 4 1/2 pounds in a week?! Well done you, keep up the good work. I think I could sit under a tree instead of working as well (sometimes I think I might as well be sitting under a tree, for all the good I do!). Another great journalling page - you really have cornered the market in fab journalling haven't you?!


  2. Sounds like things are on the up V or, that you've got your head around them at least. Its great to see you having fun fighting with your alterables. I'm mini-booking myself at the moment too and lovin' it. Your journal pages are fabulous and the pictures tell the story before you even start to journal - clever that! Hope you have a great weekend and beat the nut tins into submission! Lol Pen x

  3. That is a stunning Journal page, love it! JAy xx

  4. Stunning Journal page Virginia and I love to see what is rockin your world as you are always so positive about the smaller things we forget but should be grateful for. Well done on the 4 1/2 1bs! You at Dys in a few weeks? you must give me some tips LOL J x

  5. Fabulous journal pages, love the shading of these colours. Well done on the weight loss, will pop over and check your other blog out. Good luck with the nut tins and have a good weekend.

  6. Can't wait for weekend at the lovely Dyans it will be lovely to catch up with everyone and spend time doing lots of pleasurable things love this journal page it is a fabulous piece of art work and makes me want to get my paints out myself love from me thanks for the geocache morning by the way really enjoyed it

  7. Can't believe I forgot WRYWF!! Will rectify that later. Loving your list as always Virginia :D I'm hoping I've done better this week on SW after my being lured away by the dreaded choccy cereal bars last week. Naughty naughty.

    At least your son doesn't do what my Ruby does. She grabs my spare tyre, shakes it and goes 'bubble, bubble, bubble!' That's her word for boobies! Hmm! She's lucky she is cute is all I can say!

    Your journalling page is gorgeous and can relate to that at times for definite!