Friday, 28 May 2010


Well here we are again on Friday - I can't believe it honestly, this time last week I was sat being giddy about going off to Dyan's new place to have the most fun on art journaling two and then in a blink of an eye it's the following Friday.

As anyone whose been following my blog knows I've had a roller coaster of a week quite literally, which has resulted in me being signed off for a couple of weeks until I get me back - if you find me - the real me can you send me back apparently my body is missing me at the moment and isn't quite sure what to do without the real me.  My body is confused with all this crafting stuff and thinks the real me might have a clue what to do with it, think my hubby and son wouldn't mind me back either, this person with the vacant expression whose lost the ability to multi task and on some occasions not even string a sentence together isn't great in the grand scheme of things! 

Anyway - Rocking my world this Friday 

Number one has got to be my bloggy friends, your kind words and thoughts this week have really helped, even though most of them made me cry due to your kindness, so to each and every one of you thank you.

Number one (the second (ha ha)) is my family from my husband who is my rock to my son, my brother whose towering hugs (he's six foot plus) reminded me of the hugs my dad used to give me, to my sister whose just as mad as ever but who has shown such utter compassion and understanding, to my Mum who quite literally took me at my word and didn't mention me one bit - you know what I mean Mum but it still made me giggle.

To my son whose just done a forward roll off the sofa looking for a pen that was in his pen box next to him - made me giggle - small things I tell you!

To people who always believed in me! 

To those extra special gifts from the ones given face to face to the ones that dropped through the door

So it's another grateful posting this week primarily about people!

Take the time this week to accept who you are, don't alter yourself to please others, just be you.  I went back to my angry teenage self this week on two counts - firstly I hit the music (well you have to - it's important that it be as loud as possible and sometimes the angry stuff let's you vent faster) 
secondly I hit the films and in particular


Christian Slater at his finest - such a funny film but with a great message - true feel good films

And well let's be honest I couldn't leave you without any crafting but I'm really nearly at the bottom of the barrel as to what to show you because my creativity has left the building - I'm hoping it's going to return very soon and very quickly! 

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  1. Hi Virginia - I actually prepped my post last night just needed to add my pics! Glad the Doc has given you time off to find "you" again. getting lost is no fun. Good job those who love you are around to give you love and hugs when you need them and to welcome "you" back when that happens xx much love x janet

  2. I'm sorry you've had such a hard week but happy you have good friends to support you.
    Sending hugs and sparkles.
    Sue xx

  3. Hi Virginia,
    Just popped on after Dyan posted the link (I'm quite new to this, only just completed Art Journalling 1, but loved it!)
    I'm so sorry you feel rubbish, just be kind to yourself and accept all TLC until you feel well again. Big hugs (( )) Love Karen xx

  4. Woooo, I think the lady on your journal page needs a vest on! From the heart 'happies' today, Virginia and that son of yours does sound a giggle! Enjoy your weekend, xx

  5. Oh dear, I couldn't find Karen or Tracey's What's Rocking happies. Maybe it's me..... x

  6. Hi V, Seems your white-knuckle-ride of a week has really taken its toll. But, despite this, you remain able to laugh and appreciate the small stuff. Thats an art in itself. Will be rockin' along with you tomorrow. Had a great week with a dodgy ending. I knew I was tempting fate by relaxing!!! Hope you have a lovely chilled weekend. Love Pen x

  7. Hey Mrs Rocker, glad you're going to have a break from work. Be kind to yourself and make time to rest too. Love ya. x x