Friday, 14 May 2010


Well it would appear I've been very much missing in action this week - the week has flown, primarily filled with work work and a bit more work and no where near enough crafting!  I mean what is that all about!  

Anyway let's get this grateful list together so I can start my Friday with a clear head and a happy heart! 
Number one has to be hubby this week - he's had to listen to so much whinging from me this week I tell you - not that's he's done anything wrong he just has to listen to me rant and he is such a good listener - so thanks hun - you're a star!   Promise normal wife will return as soon as things are sorted!

Number two is my son (well he's number one as well if you know what I mean) he's had SATS this week at school which I still think are a lot for a 9 year old to do but he's taken it in his stride got his head down and not complained once!
Number three - my Mum and my sister at slimming world this week made me laugh so much it was good to spend time with them - I've never seen two such relieved faces when they got off the scales knowing they'd lost some weight LMAO!

Number four - a day off - yes you heard it hear first I'm taking the day off and because hubby and son helped with mass clear up and food shop last night I actually haven't got anything I 'have' to do - so that surely means a bit of crafting!
Number five - my daily mantra - thank you for another day on earth to spend with family and friends - it's awesome! 

I could go on and on but this week I'm grateful for the people in my life, including my blog friends who keep me sane - completely and utterly sane! 
So here's to sharing a little bit of crafting!

What do you think of this?

This started shape as a papermania bare basics frame costing me £1.99 - I bought it last year, dismantled it (ie front from back - literally) painted it didn't like it and put it in the box of alterables! 

Finally dragged it back out of box and then went in search of some chipboard and some card or paper.  I didn't have any papers that I wanted to use as the background to the book so I thought - use something you don't like.  Now you'll be wondering why do I buy things I don't like - well I don't really what I do like buying is things in bulk I don't see the point in buying cardstock by the sheet when I can buy a 50 sheets which work out a lot cheaper on a sheet by sheet basis.  The problem that you have with this is that you end up with cardstock this colour
and in all honesty - wishy washy green doesn't do anything for me.  So here I am with frame in hand and some pale green card stock that I don't like.  I also have an absolute mass of photos taken in the Beyond Limits - Sotheby's sale at Chatsworth House last year - where loads of amazing pieces of artwork were displayed in the garden for all to admire and for some to consider purchasing (not us though - point click - ooh and aah over it and onto the next one)

So dearest hubby Craig cuts me some chipboard the same size as the frame just slightly wider and I set too cutting the cardstock to match.  Then for the paints.  And look what I ended up with I literally got a dry household paint brush and some acrylic paints and kept painted until I was happy with the effect.  I'm calling this my 'avatar' phase because no matter what happens the papers at the moment keep turning blue and purple!
After painting, I stamped a few (but the ink was taking forever to dry and Little Miss Impatient here couldn't be doing with that)
Then I grabbed some of the Die Cuts with A View - Garden Party papers that I'd bought for a bargain at the weekend and started to add bits of them to the pages, backed the photos in plain cardstock, little bit of type written journaling and it was starting to come together.

Got hubby to punch holes in the spine - one inch apart (and as the frame was 10 inches tall I ended up with 9 holes) threaded through some organza ribbon from the top - went straight down and then back up to create this gorgeous cross stitch effect and tied with a double bow! 
So here are the pages in all their details
Apologies for the ones with a juanty angle - back being mean to me this morning!
Here are some close ups of the paint effects!
So here you have it the finished book
and i love it, I love the way it feels, I love how many photos I got in it - I love the fact I'm using up what I've got and it's not costing me to go and buy more 'stash'!  So another alterable sorted.

So if you're joining me on this challenge of using things up - then let me know by leaving me a message and I'll come and find your blog.  Likewise if you're telling the world what's rocking your world this Friday - let me know! 

I've got loads of other things to show you including a pop up book, a scrapbook page, a double page layout and hopefully - fingers crossed they behave themselves - the KP nut tins!  They are my project for today! 


  1. Hi V, I'm loving your Rocking list - bare essentials are just the thing to remind us of whats important sometimes aren't they? You having an Avatar phase made me roar! Great album. Brilliant use of ribbon - me and ribbon - well it ain't pretty! Your book is a delight and I love your mission to 'use up'! Have a great crafting day and bu**er the ironing is what i say. I climb over my ironing pile to get in my playroom. Its the only regular exercise I get. Look forward to seeing those KP Nut tins .... Thanks for calling by my blog - you and your Mum are always very welcome visitors. Pen xxx

  2. Hi there, smashing 'avatar' book and some really lovely photos, a great keepsake.

    Now I can fully understand your frustrations at the SATs, my son did his 2 years ago and sailed through but he did get himself so worked up to do good (which he did amazing and I was so proud I nearly burst lol) it made my blood boil that he put so much pressure on himself at such a tender age, blah horrible SATs. I hope your son is rewarded with good results xx

  3. I'm with Penny on the ironing issue - although I live with the shame of Hope, 7 years ago, telling the nurse that she'd broken her wrist tripping over Mummy's ironing pile (she was, actually pushed by her dear big brother, but that's just mitigating circumstances, the towering pile was there). I love your book - looks like you had a fantastic day at Chatsworth. That is such a cool colour, yes, Avatar, but really intense. Great 'rocking your world' happies, I'm off to do mine now. See ya! xxx

  4. Loving your KP tin its gorgeous. Love your Rocking my world on Friday idea - think I could join in with that better than WOYWW - as my desk is always too big a pit to show off. Love the album and the pic of the gorg Angel of the North you have in there

  5. Hey you - this is just totally utterly STUNNING! Love the painting, love the way you've made the book and some of the photos are awesome. Where were they taken, I just have to see some of that sculpture!
    x Michelle

  6. Just love your list again this week! And I'm loving your Avatar phase. CAn you imagine how much an album like that would have cost in the shops? Love the photo of you and hubby in there.

    I'm joining you on the using up stuff thang... haven't actually done anything yet :P Been busy catching up with some ATC swaps and then I was making a Lola piccy for Ruby as part of the C+P challenge. But hopefully am all caught up now so will start playing along. And oops! Am late for my Friday Rocking again!