Sunday, 16 May 2010


So mission accomplished I conquered the second KP nut tin with vigour - YES!!!
It was a struggle and it almost had me heading down duplicate of first tin but I persevered (yet again) to conquer it and hopefully create a second tin which looks different from the first (please tell me it looks different!)
It started out basically the same colour as the original when it came to the painted background, but then I had to take it off in a different direction!  So out came scraps (yes literally) of papers I've used in a mini book previously, a little bit of hand cutting of the snowmen and the statements on the brown paper at the bottom, I've threaded some ribbon through the lids (with the help of hubby who didn't mind the good old fashioned hammer and setter because my cropadile wouldn't deal with the lip on the lid) and then used up (yes using up old stuff again!) some beads I've had foreverrrrrrrr - that came from a certain children's toy store - that my 9 year old wouldn't be seen in now if I paid him!  The word spelling out the contents of the tin - being gingerbread houses - just in case you don't want to tilt your head sideways! Looky - how pretty does that ribbon look through the top!
 Then the contents - please excuse the circle of white paper in the picture didn't realise it was there!
 The book itself has been threaded with ribbon this time rather than a book ring! 

I've used photos from our gingerbread houses at Christmas last year, for any of those who've followed my blog for a while you'll know that for the last two Christmases we've had a gingerbread house challenge where we build a giant gingerbread building (it was a Church 2008 and a Castle in 2009) with houses for all the family to decorate between main course and dessert on Christmas day!  This last year was no different and we had some great fun doing them so this captures some of the close ups from the day!
Isn't he cute - jelly baby on a sledge outside the castle walls!
Then the marshmallow snowman outside the castle walls
Bates Motel - generated by my Little Brother John - he said the building lent itself to this!
Including an icing massacre! 
Then Bate's Motel in all it's glory
and the jelly baby soldier guarding the draw bridge on the castle
and the jelly baby army guarding the top of the castle
and then there's dear hubby - who puts up with my crazy ideas even when I up the goal every year and he really doesn't mind cooking gingerbread until the late hours in early December and then putting the buildings together! 
I've had a great weekend, bits done around the house, ironing pile conquered!  Time with family, crafting time, blogging time, a bit of geo-caching time and stuck to my slimming world plan it doesn't get much better than this!  I've read my stars for this week and it's indicating disruption - I don't normally read such trivia but the ones in the Times newspaper have been spot on recently - so I'm a little apprehensive as to what this week might bring me!  We'll have to see, I'll let you know if they were a load of non-sense or whether they had a point!


  1. I do so love the way you and your family have fun together - gonna put it on my to do list! Love your tin and your gingerbread
    x Michelle

  2. Definitly different to the first, looks fab too :)

  3. Hi, first time visitor to your blog, love what you have created! I have not made ginger bread since I was in highschool.... mmmm it seems a shame to eat a gingerbread house, good thing you photograph yours first!
    best wishes, starry

  4. You did it! I shall dub you Virginia the Conquerer! Love those photos Virginia - they say you ought to be able to capture happiness and bottle it - you managed to capture truly special times - in a tin! x x

  5. You guys always seem to be having a complete hoot! I love your whole gingerbread thing you've got going on. And, the KP Nut tin, well, what a wicked way for it to end up! Looking forward to Rocking with you tomorrow V. Pen x

  6. Tin definitely looks different. Gorgeous again. I love the Bates Hotel massacre *g*