Monday, 3 May 2010


So you're probably wondering what the hell I'm talking about in my title - I might manage to alter it before I get to the end of the posting - which would be funny because 'altering' is what this post is all about.  

Primarily I'm no different to all those other crafters out there - you know that glazed look when you get more excited about the packaging when you open your presents at Christmas and birthdays than the actual present - how someone else's discarded 'junk' becomes another item for my treasure chest.  The only problem is actually getting around to altering these things - I mean I love them and I'm always sure they'll come in handy eventually but sometimes I just don't manage it.  

When I sorted my crafting cupboards out recently I discovered (to my horror) that these 'alterable' items in a box were now bigger than two of the boxes - so my mission is to get to them and either alter and use or pass them back to the universe for someone else to nurture.  So your mission should you wish to accept it is to do the same - and come and tell me when you have and then I can visit your blog and between us the alterables box can be prevented from taking over the world!

So in the alterables box today is - a jigsaw puzzle game bought when I first started doing mini books about 4 years ago - I bought it, sanded it and then covered one side of it in what was then very 'nice' papers out of my first pack of papers that my hubby bought and then it got put in my alterables box and hasn't seen the light of day since.
So Friday I took the jigsaw and decided that I really didn't need it to be used as a jigsaw puzzle any more (ahem bind-it-all at the ready), I then sanded the edges and set to with the paint, initially with sap green acrylic but then threw a bit of ultramarine and violet in for good measure, using a dry household paint brush and baby wipes and then to speed things up (I'm known for my patience LMAO) I dried with my heat tool
Then I grabbed a load of stamps and some black ink and hit the pages again
Bind it all at the ready
Internal pages 
Then I grabbed the treasure hunt photos in the box and set to capturing that particular journey out.

A little bit of journalling, bind it all and a load of ribbon later (big thanks to Suzy AKA Suzysnail on UKScrappers for some of these gorgeous ribbons) and te-der it's all done.
And the next challenge you might add is?  
This gorgeous vanity case
and KP nut tins from Christmas - well you have to don't you!
If you stop by - say hi 
 I'll leave you with a little anecdote from yesterday -
Whilst in Homebase we went and had a look at the wardrobes in their furniture section - said 9 year old had the most fun opening and closing and telling me which one we should buy, so much so that the sales rep made a bee line over towards us obviously spotting us as 'sale of day' fodder - and was but ten paces off when said 9 year old declares (as he opens umpteenth wardrobe) - "Mum, Mum come and look at this shed" 
I don't know whether the sales rep diverted away from us due to hysteria, confusion or sheer bewilderment - what do you think?


  1. Virginia, I love your Treasure Hunt Book :) so cool looking. I have so many things that I have put away for "later" to be altered. So, I accept your mission and will dig around in my cupboard and pick a few things to work on this week.
    Have a Happy Monday and a great week.

  2. hi Virginia this project is brilliant and you have done it justice with your pics from your treasure hunt.I love the story of the shed it is funnier for the telling of it, ace comment from my wonderful Grandson malachite .

  3. Your jigsaw book is WONDERFUL!! All those paints and stamps are so much more exciting than the 'pretty papers' (which we all started off with - I have a box full of them). What a gorgeous reminder of your fun treasure hunt day. Can I please adopt your son? I just love the things he comes out with, talk about 'out of the mouths of babes!'. I have various crates with 'alterables' in. Grant keeps on tripping over them and I have to explain that I am, VERY SOON, going to be using them. I've been explaining this for the past 2 years. He still falls for it (or is it cos he loves me?!).


  4. LOL! Good for son! I would have loved to have seen that :P

    I'm in on the challenge. Got lots that needs altering and my basket is overspilling on to my shelf, my box is managing to stay shut, just, only because it's a deep RUB and has those hinge things holding it closed ;) I adore that book, is that a city stamp on the front page? So effective. As always mega inspiring post!

  5. Great project Virginia. I first started looking at your blog when you used to do a lot of altered art projects, before jounaling. You have made some inspirational pieces and I'm glad you've not given it up altogether.
    :-) xx

  6. Hi V, I think the sale rep was right to take diversionary action - its always best to know when your product doesn't quite fit its description! Great shed story. I love what you did with your puzzle pieces and great idea to get to your alterables. I too, have an overwhelming number of discarded items with potential ... If I can get around to it, I'll have a go at joining you. Enjoy your weekend x

  7. totally gorgeous project! so inspired! really love this - thanks for sharing!

  8. Hehehehehe - that's me LOL at the 'shed' story! Love it!
    Your mini book is FAB! How our tastes change eh? Love how you altered the pieces with paint, yet some of the paper shows through and is very appealing! You still hold the trophy for the speediest crafter I know!

  9. This is a fabulous idea, I love using jigsaw bits to add interest to projects, but never made a complete book. Love the colours you have chosen and all the stamped detail.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the vanity case. My altered items are getting out of hand, they are taking over the house, I never throw anything away! lol