Thursday, 27 May 2010


OK this is me trying to pick myself up and dust myself off 
and maybe even turn the page - not convinced how long it will last but lets celebrate it whilst it's here!
Yesterday was a day that I found impossible to craft given with what I was dealing with - but I could actually write so this is my ode to Dyan for the weekend we just had

At half past six we set out on our heels 
To find Dy’s new home where we would all squeal 
With happiness blessings and friends of old 
The weekend in front ready to unfold 
The studio was filled with tissues galore 
 And packets of chocolate who would want more 
We dumped all our bags on said chairs and seats 
And off to the shop we all took a peak 
From papers and blank clocks and stamps by Sir Tim 
We could all spend a fortune it would be a sin 
Eventually our group was raring to go 
Introductions were squandered along everyone’s row 
First it was Sandra and it was like pulling teeth 
Not sure what to say had to think on her feet 
Then Anne-Marie who praised doodling class
Dyan was confused until she amassed 
That the wonderful teacher Anne Marie referred to 
Was in fact her good self which she eventually knew 
Then Ronni a new friend who promised to take 
At least the Yorkshire accent back with her in haste 
Then Carole confirmed her art journaling fears 
That rules and regulations had her in tears
Jude with her addiction to the shop Paperchase 
But we had to admire the new journals base 
For Melanie she admitted it was fear of yellow 
But splurged with a bit of black it wasn’t the foe 
Virginia (that’s me) was left til very last 
Apparently with one minute I’d have to be fast 
Then Valencia did show off her journaling books 
From old diary entries she proved she was hooked 
To Vanessa whose weekend was planned to be fun
With plenty of time spent with yours truly’s Mum 
Then onto dear Steph who soon did confess 
That since art journaling one she hadn’t been blessed 
With time on her hands or even with paint 
But with gentle encouragement plans she did make 
Then lovely Anne who we all met in Feb 
Did say large books messed with her head 
But the weekend was promised with plenty in store 
To get over our phobias, hiccups and more 
Then Happy Birthday we did all sing to our Bee 
She shared her art work and we all got to see 
Then Emma declared this time no more tears 
And Dyan she did promise that we all need not fear 
For the difficult questions and soul searching rhymes 
Were sectioned in part one and therefore last time 
Janet declared stamping was her journaling look 
But she did find issues with trying to put it in books 
Michelle did agree that the image led base 
Did not always leave her happy in face 
But with gentle encouragement Dyan did declare 
That whatever we liked that would be fair 
For art journaling is a creative way 
To jot down some art and words for the day
But however it turns out is quite simply ours 
to enjoy the said process and use up the hours. 
Then Liz a new friend said a year had now passed 
Since she’d started on one of Dy’s journaling blasts. 
And soon we were back to our art journaling goddess 
And we all knew that our weekend was bound to be blessed 
We started to play with paper and needles 
And out came pizza and wine to feed us 
It was Jay who abandoned her date for the night 
because of Dyan’s back it wasn’t quite right! 
Jude did declare to Mel it were “squint” 
And we all did look puzzled and asked for a hint 
With puzzled expressions and frowns all around 
Wonky’s what she meant that we had found 
Soon it was ten and time to toddle off 
Full of pizza and wine that we all had all troughed 
A wonderful weekend to look forward too 
 Down at Dyan’s on art journaling two 
Saturday morning soon did appear 
The sky was quite bright and the studio near 
We arrived all in good time but were slow off the blocks 
It was well past nine on the wind up clock 

This morning we were greeted with an added friend 
Christine hadn't been around for she was on the mend
First thing was alphas from strange shapes and dots
We all agreed shortly that we had learnt lots
Then onto those borders made with our fine hands 
Then onto Dy’s downloads we all became fans 
Brunch did arrive and soon it all went 
Then onto scotch tablet we did hardly dent 
Soon we did progress to the magazine base
We all loved our pages actually they were quite ace 
Pam she did make the most wonderful lunch 
We were all very quiet as we set too and munched 
The afternoon flew in the blink of an eye 
And those three-d balls at first made us sigh 
But a little time was spent on the page 
Dyan she did teach us all stage by stage 
And soon we were happy – and all did so gaze 
At our pages completed with all Dyan’s praise
We did all disappear when five o’clock chimed 
Off to the pub quite aptly timed
Jude did offer a lift in her generous van 
But Paul raised and eyebrow and said no to her plan 
Don’t you remember on the journey here 
That you simply had to have all that garden furniture gear 
So the van is quite full he said with a grin 
But if we are quick we can get the beers in 
So we met up at pub and chatted for hours 
It was lovely outside near the beautiful flowers 
Eventually Jude and Paul left for their date
And we did settle down and enjoyed life til quite late 
Sunday morning did arrive in the blink of an eye 
We couldn’t believe soon we’d all say good bye 
But Dyan had saved up a treat for all of us 
We were giddy with excitement and all made a fuss
Of the beautiful book she had planned for our day 
We soon were all busy as we did all play 
Then spritz, colour wash, inks and those magic pearls 
We loved all the colours – well we were all girls 
Lunch soon was served in the stifling heat 
Many did go outside to take up a seat 
Then back to our pages we all did return 
It was fun for us all as we love to learn 
With stencils mopped off on random pages in book 
Dyan did declare we all could learn a new look 
Soon onto distress inks and water galore 
Stood splatting that bleach look we all did want more 
The afternoon meandered at a very nice pace
Then off to the till we all did take our place 
Dyan did have fun chatting as she rung up the till 
That was until she passed Valencia’s bill 
No idea how it happened the card was declined 
Mind you £14,000 plus was quite a grind 
Dy didn’t know what she had done 
But we all did agree that it was quite fun 
The correct amount eventually clocked up 
Then gather our bags and clean up our cups 
We started to drift off one by one
Some quietly going out into the sun 
The rest of us noisy as we went on our way
Thank you Dyan for a fantastic few days
I'll put an old art journal page that I've not put on before because i can't imagine doing a posting without a picture LOL
 Hope everyone is having a good day!


  1. Phew! I'm so jealous of your lovely crafting and friends weekend. It sounds such fun. And the colours on that journal page really zing! Cool image. Be kind to yourself today, xxx

  2. That was so good!! Well done - you recounted the weekend perfectly. Love the bit about the garden furniture especially...!! Hugs. xx

  3. Umm... I think that is more of an Epic than an Ode LOL. Not got time to read it through right now as am in work (supposedly working!!) but just wanted to pop on and see how you were doing today. ((hugs)) Keep going, you're getting there (we know not where, but we'll see when you get there) xx

  4. Your Ode made me smile. Love the bright colours of your pages so vibrant. Hope you are feeling better today. Lynne xx

  5. Fabulous Virginia you are so talented not just in pictures bu rhyme too!!! You have captured the weekend perfectly x Janet

  6. Well, what an ode, brilliant, hope you're a bit more chipper today Virginia. Love the journal page.

  7. I cannot believe how you made it all rhyme! Clever you! Glad you spilled it all that out! x x

  8. WOW..!! How did you remember all that, and all in the right order..??? You have serious talent girl. I just loved this. Creativity comes in lots of different ways, and that was obvioulsly yesterdays.. I hope its sung to a Northern Soul beat. lmao. Oh and it was £114,500, your Mum had keyed in her pin no on the end of the amount lol. xx

  9. Jut hopped here from Dyan's blog and what a fab ode. You are a talented lady. I've just done the AJ part 1 weekend and loved it although can't manage part 2 til next year. Sounds like you had a brill time, x

  10. Hi, I have just done Part 1 with Cockeny Blonde! Your epic ode has left me impatient to do Part Two now, I can't wait!
    Take care and hope you feel better soon x

  11. bloody hell Ginny what an ode to the weekend and fabulously put about the fun that we had.

    Emma xx