Friday, 14 May 2010


Yes you heard right, I've fought and battled but finally the first tin has been wrestled into submission!  And here is the first one finished
And yet again I seem to be following my 'avatar' inspired painting at the minute
Just to remind you it started out as 
I then started with glue and tried sticking some 'unwanted' scrapbook papers on it, but I didn't like them once I'd done that, so I tried to paint over it with dark purple paint - but I didn't like that either - but I stuck with it and repainted it again got hubby to cut me some tags so then I ended up with this and yes that is it's unfinished twin on the right!
Then for adding photos to the tags, I've chosen to used the detailed shots from Chatsworth to go with the altered book I did on this mornings post! 
I used the blue awning papers from K & Company to bring the outside together, and hand painted the writing in white and finished with some distress inks to tone it down a little. 
 A little bit of white faux stitching and eyelets and stitching through some of the tags, finished with a book ring and some more organza ribbon
 I'm so pleased with the finished project 
 The next challenge will be to make the other tin look different even though it's a similar colour - now there's a challenge! 

Thought I'd put this on just to prove you sometimes just need to persevere to make something come good!


  1. Hi V! This is wicked. What a great idea. I love the tag booklet as insert. Fab memento. Perseverance .... mmm, I've heard it can work wonders! Here's the proof xx

  2. Lovely bit of altering, Virginia. Those are gorgeous photos and they look great on the tags. Do they smell yummy and nutty? (an added bonus!) xx

  3. What a great idea, love it and the colours are beautiful. xx

  4. Love that you 'did it' Virginia! (altered you KP nut tins, well one of them anyway) And it looks great - showcases your photos fabulously! read this mornings post too and I'm glad I got to see the book in RL - everybody - it looks even BETTER than is shown here! Job's a 'gud en'!
    x x

  5. Fab idea. You are really cracking on and working through your alterables. It is years since we went to Chatsworth. Somethig on my blog for you. Have a good weekend.

  6. Wow Ginny, what an amazing idea and you've done such a wonderful job of decorating the tin. Love the photo idea too! Love it! Didn't realise you are into caching too! Good fun ain't it? I make ATCs and mini art to leave in the caches, let me know if you ever find any!
    x Michelle

  7. That looks gorgeous hun, it'a amazing what you can do with these things!

  8. These are just gorgeous. Absolutely stunning! WOWZA Virginia!