Saturday, 29 May 2010


OK, so Friday dawned and with it brought a beautiful day, the house was tidy (past tense now but hey) the sky was blue, the washing was washed - I was running out of things to distract myself with if I'm honest.  I've had so many good comments and messages to me over the last week, from bloggy friends to family in person or on facebook and I feel very blessed to have had such an outpouring of love!

In amongst this I've also had a few beautiful e-mails that have allowed me to share more than I'm able to on here and in doing so I've been going through a little 'therapy' to help me on my way, one of these e-mails was from Jude - who is an amazing person and at the end of her e-mail she offered a little advice which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing she said 

"Go and play, don't over think it, don't plan it, just play, create backgrounds, mess around with paint and water and ink and spray and enjoy the feeling of not thinking too much.  Art is good for the soul and yours needs a little TLC sweetie"

So I took your advice Jude and taking what I learnt last weekend with Dyan added to the online course I've done with Alisa I produced this and yes that is me and yes I am smiling!!
Yes I know you'll think I'm mad but it only took a few hours to do, and now that I've followed Jude's advice my soul feels a little lighter.

Believe it or not this canvas started life as a bargain buy at a home furnishing shop because it was so damaged and was bought for the grand old price of £3.74 and originally looked like this
then I did the following
Notice the gravity defying dribbles LOL!  Then words - yes they are words and no you can't read them but they are words I promise!  Mainly song lyrics - I was listening to some absolute tunes whilst doing this!
Then onwards - you probably can't tell the difference but there was some serious wash effects going off!
Close up of stencil at bottom right, it's a female form sat down if you can't make it out!  I love her she's beautiful!
Then tramlines all over it (went a little mad - but it was such fun)
then adding the focal point - winged hearts
In amongst all this I ended up with two bored children on my hands - my son and my neice - so I offered them the opportunity to do some art!  Once they'd seen what I was up to they had to join in - although I limited the size of their canvas
It was so lovely to spend time with them both!  Work in progress
whilst they were waiting for the paint to dry - they worked on bigger sheets of paper
then their finished items - absolutely happy - can you tell, as my lovely niece didn't know what she was going to do with the giant piece of paper, we tore up the art work and turned it into a book! - see the second photo below, so she gets a canvas for her bedroom wall and an art journal into the bargain!
then little man's canvas
and he kept his art work giant - turning it into a giant face and making us laugh to boot!
then the three of us with our art
this has subsequently led to further paper crafting on the part of said son - to be honest when I sometime mention crafting he's seen running in the opposite direction - probably because he's surrounded by it!  However last night he set to and made this paper tardis (no help from anyone)
Then he continued on copying something he'd seen his cousin make which was a 'laptop' from card for role play purposes!
So he did the same and then some more - green laptop in centre - it's even got a snooze button, a USB stick on the floor next to the laptop - the long white thing on the left is the wires for it - the small item on the floor is the mouse and the large thing next to it is the scanner! Genius!
Close ups, he's now made a battery pack for the back and a laptop case!
Loving those painty fingers
and the scanner!
Back to my art work when I came in last night I kept thinking it wasn't quite finished, so I set too with a black pen just outlining little bits, then I thought - this art work came about because of all the amazing people in my life that told me to just be me and go easy on myself and so I went through all my bloggy comments and facebook comments and e-mails and personal conversations and noted down each and every person who has supported me in what has been a the most difficult of difficult weeks and I added each and every person to it  and some of the little comments that people had said, so if you have been there for me this week leaving me comments along the way - you've now been immortalised into my artwork
all your names appear in the stars on the piece
And will serve to be a reminder of how truly blessed I am
Then I put Jude's kind words on the winged hearts!
and here it is finished and I love it
So thank you to you all - you're all awesome!   

PS Guess what - when we bought said canvas months ago - we bought two others - dear hubby said this morning 

"Well you've got two more pieces of therapy downstairs to have a go at" 
Mmmm - now there's a thought!


  1. What fantastic fun - so much better than lying on an expensive leather couch examining your navel! The colours and content are wonderful. And as for the 2 amigos with you - superb! That tardis and laptop are so creative, he looks like he's had a great time constructing them. Enjoy the (wet) BH weekend, xxx

  2. Oh Virginia, I absolutely love your thera-art :) And your sons and nieces work also.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


  3. Wow Virginia!
    Your art work beats traditional therapy hands down.
    Ans as for your "apprentices" - soooo creative!
    Enjoy the rest of the (soggy here) weekend.
    Sue xx

  4. Oh Ginny what a fab piece of art therapy. I don't get enough time to journal let alone anything as grand as this. Emma xx

  5. Hey, good for you, and the fact you shared some quality creativity with the youngsters is an added bonus. You can just see they had a fab time. x

  6. Such a arty familly! this very enjoyable to see!

  7. Great work by everyone. It just proves art frees the soul and should never be caged by opinions. :-) xx

  8. Fabulous! and so good to see you smiling. Keep going hun, you are amazing and you will come out the other side even more amazing x

  9. That smile says it all! So glad you enjoyed creating this masterpiece - now what I want to know is where are you going to hang it - it deserves a home for all the therapy its given you!
    x x

  10. Hey Ginny, I am SO impressed and SO proud - I absolutely love this canvas and I am over the moon that I was able to help and make you feel a bit better (and help get your creativity back on track!!)

    Also loved seeing Your wee man and Nirvana join in and enjoy the process too - they produced beautiful work and my lot will be so impressed with the Tardis when I show them in the morning...guess what we'll be doing tomorrow?!?

    The photos of you are gorgeous - glad to see that smile back...xx

  11. Oh. my. god. Your canvas is absolutely amazing! I totally, utterly, adore it.

    Love the pictures of the kids creating. So nice to see kids doing something creative rather than sitting in front of a screen!

  12. Hi again, popped back to say there is an award for you on my blog x

  13. wow that is awesome, an amazing way to get back into art,and fabulous that the kids joined in. So much productivity. Can't wait to see what you do with the other 2 canvasses.

    p.s peg pics are on my blog. x

  14. Finally catching up (yes I know - will go World Rocking in a minute I promise :P)

    I read this post with my mouth gradually hanging more and more open. Virginia you are one of the most inspiring people I know. I'm so proud to 'know' you a REAL artist. It's like being at school and knowing one of the cool kids. This is the most amazing piece of art and straight from the heart. I love it - where are you going to hang it... and why don't I have you on my Facebook??

  15. Wonderfu, inspiring - I don't know where you get all your energy from. I curl up in a ball when thinks go wrong, I lose the strength to do anything and waste so much time wasting time. Your art work is to be treasured. So glad to hear you are feeling much better.