Saturday, 15 May 2010


Short post - I promise, you won't need a cup of tea or packet of biscuits to read this as I'm going to be brief - drat - already longwinded!

This book is one I made from instructions I purchased from Karen Burniston, I've had the instructions for ages and never done anything with them, but I set too and made this as a gift for my cousin whose little boy was Christened recently.  We had a lovely day and I really enjoyed making the book and it was well received so bonus! 

A close up
I love the instructions, they just work, follow them and you get something that's so pretty when it's done!   And my cousin loved it as a memento of the gorgeous day that we had!   

There are pockets that have been formed as well when putting the book together, so as well as three pop up pages you get four pull out tags, so it made a really sweet book!
I also got given this today - a sunshine blog award and we've had sunshine today to make it doubly precious - thank you Lynne for this award! 
 So the deal is that I pass it onto people so here goes! 

hopefully everyone will see this and duly pass it on to amazing people

There were no other constraints to the award but I fancy challenging people to ask what made your day a Sunshine day today 
Mine was the sun literally shining, together with time with my sister and the end of the ironing pile which means tomorrow - well tomorrow should be awesome!

Thought I'd update you on 9 year's anecdotes

This week have included some pearls of wisdom
He's reading Harry Potter with us at night but some of his pronunciation has had us in fits

Uncle Vernon has become Uncle Vermin (about right really if you think about the character)
Yvonne - being called why-von 
Majorca - being referred to as maj-jock-o 

Finally he also told me he'd was watching a DVD at school and when he remembered it's name he said
"It's called Oliver Twist, it's really good Mum it's a Victorian DVD"

Mmmmm - maybe a history lesson needed! 

If you pop by - say hi - even if it's just to berate me on the fact that my really short posting really actually wasn't - and you wonder why I got the name Little Miss War and Peace!


  1. Oh I needed that...a real belly chuckle!
    I've seen that book in RL and it is fabulous!
    I challenge you to do a short post. hehehehe.
    PS Thank you kindly for the award! x x

  2. ........and I'd like to thank my husband Grant for his wonderful support, and my children for their dirty washing, and the milkman for his delicious semi-skimmed, and, oh I'm sorry I'm crying, it's with joy.....! This is my first ever award, wahoo! Thanks Virginia, your WRYWTF's are inspirational, so actually, it's all thanks to you! Ta, Chuck. xxx ps STUNNING book!

  3. Another gorgeous creation - am jealous Sandra gets to see all your pretties up close but I wont moan too much... I was looking at MY wonderful book again today. So am very lucky indeedy :P

    Thank you for the award - ditto to your blog always having me chuckling too! Craigs always calling through from the living room asking what I'm reading this time!

  4. Hello!! What better cure for a (slight) hangover that receiving a wee ray of sunshine this morning?!? Thank-you so much!! Loved the boy's renaming of HP characters etc - too funny and sweet. Beautiful book - lovely gift for a special family event. Perfect length of blog post for today...I can party like I always have but the recovery takes a bit longer nowadays!! xxx

  5. Beautiful book, I bet your cousin loved it. It's so unusual, it's nice to have something completely different.

  6. Hi V. Thanks so much for this lovely award - like Jo says, its all down to you really - you started this Rockin' World phenomenon ... here's hoping its huge! Great book too, what a fab gift. Pen x