Tuesday, 4 May 2010


So anybody that was reading my posts over the weekend will know that I've set myself the challenge of starting to alter some of these 'alterables' that I've got - I mean we're all guilty of gathering these 'supplies' which we promise at some point to alter into something wonderful and amazing and I'm no different.  So this challenge was the larger of the two 'vanity cases' purchased earlier in the year.  I bought them due to the gorgeous clasps on it and then quite promptly they got put away.

After I'd studied the vanity case it became apparent that to try and paint or alter the box I would be left with a vanity case that most probably wouldn't shut, as the fit was already incredibly tight.  So the only sensible alternative was to work with the colours of the box, I'm glad I picked this one out of the two vanity cases I bought, because this one was definitely the harder to work with because the colours and papers just aren't 'me'.  So I set to with the remnants of a K and Company pack of paper and my circle cutter and had fun creating a book in colours that I wouldn't normally choose but that I think has documented a fabulous day out.  
I created a book with my circle cutter and then chopped off one edge to emulate the box itself, added papers to the front and back of the vanity case and the inside (thus altering the item) and then generated a bind it all book, mixing the papers, adhering photos and generally having a good old fashioned play.  
I've left some of the pages very simply so as to not detract from the papers, on other pages I've add strips of torn paper or flowers or a combination of the two!  So here we have it challenge one completed! 
And just a reminder of how it started 
Not a bad start, its the KP nut packaging next!  

We had a fabulous weekend we managed to mow the garden, pop into town for ample supplies to help with my current weight loss plan (Slimming World), watched Avatar on DVD (and it is spectacularly fantastic) had some craft time (see above) and did some geo-caching!  We have however refrained from photographing us finding these geo-caches because otherwise I'm going to end up with an eclectic mix of photos of us sat in various rural localities holding a tupperware box! 
And finally Anecdote of said 9 year old
We were in Hobbycraft on Saturday and wandered passed the paper mache section, where there are blanks to paint up as you see fit (and before you ask no I didn't buy any - I have enough alterables on my hands LOL) when said 9 year old finds what is a dome lidded pencil case, 
"look at this Mum it looks like a coffin" 
"mmm - a little morbid little man, it's actually a pencil case" 
"Ooh" he says then happens across another one slightly small but deeper in shape with a removable lid with wire threaded through the top to emulate a 'flip flop' look.  Said 9 year old removes the lids and looks at me quizzically
"This one would be good for a hamster"
Puzzled look on my face
"You couldn't keep a hamster in that it's too small and not an all suitable"
Then the penny drops
"You mean as a coffin?" I said bewildered
"Yeah Mum don't you think?"
I think we're verging on morbid - definitely morbid - but he did make me chuckle!


  1. Great project Virginia, the papers really suit the pictures. :-) xx

  2. The wee man story made me laugh...!!! LOVE the book and the papers and can't wait to see the next altered item...maybe said 9 year old is onto something - you could launch a line of customised small pet coffins - I believe there may be a gap in the market for that!! xx

  3. A fabulous project virginia - those papers are Fab and now you have a treasure instead of the vanity case xx

  4. This is stunning, a beautiful reminder of a lovely day. You really meant it when you said you were going to work through this box of alterables, didn't you?! You're like a woman on a mission! I have to confess that having had many small furry rodents over the years, we kept a box of suitable 'coffins' ready for that inevitable day. Various sizes and shapes to fit all. Never thought to try a flip-flop though......!


  5. Love what you have done with the vanity case. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the nut boxes. Lynne x