Friday, 2 April 2010


Now don't faint but this may be brief - I know Little Miss War and Peace doing a quick posting - doesn't sound like me does it! 

Anyway it's Good Friday so Rocking My World today is two words - Bank Holiday 

Yes a day off with family - lovely stuff!

I've had a strange week in that I've approached it differently I tried to stop being superwoman or invincible and I've tried to calm my mind and to be honest it seems to have made me feel a little less stressed and maybe a little more organised at this moment in time - which is good.  Year end has officially arrived so I'll be racing against time to get everything done but I feel now it's not impossible just a little complicated.

We had a lovely meal out in the middle of the week with lots of family and that was truly lovely and I felt very blessed to be able to share time with them all - so that's definitely rocking my world 

Online Graffiti Chic classes are also topping my list!  

Lookie I made this 
and this
and this 
We've also got a vandal squirrel going on in the garden - he's decimated the front of the squirrel feeder - quite literally munched through the plastic - hubby not very happy as it means yet more work to resolve LOL - but it did make me giggle! 

And finally rocking my world this week are 'the things children say' 

Now get the context first - my son and my niece both attend the local catholic school and obviously it has been an important time of year so my niece looked very excited the other day so I asked why

"Oooh Aunty Ginnie I'm so excited - I can't wait!"
"Why" I said
"Because of tomorrow"
"Why what's happening tomorrow"
"We're having a crucifixion!"

Startled and slightly amazed look on my face 
"Ooh bless have you all been naughty?" (Sorry warped sense of humour)
Incredulous look on said nieces face 
"And guess what we're practising for it today!"

Almost as classic as Little Man's Comment the other day

"Mum, Mum, we're having a thing in school"
"What kind of thing"
"You know a mass and it's going to have Jesus in it!"
"I thought he was in all masses" I retorted 
Frown on child's face - Mum losing the plot type look

And finally child said to me

"Mum I had to write an essay on hippos today"
"Did you love"
"Yes I was doing really well and was on my second page when I realised I'd made an error"
"What was that then?"
"I wrote about them having horns"
Frown across face followed by me giggling to which niece said
"No they don't they have antlers" - now give her her due she did say she was joking but the straight face delivery of this one liner had us all wondering! 

So rocking my world this Friday is the joy of family!

What's rocking your world today!  
Let me know if you post anything and I'll come and have a nosey - it's out little bit of Friday gratitude!


  1. Love the Graffiti chic it is certainly differant and busy busy busy I loved it when I saw it last weekend and the piccies don't do it full justice.I think this weeks blog is a classic love the quotes from the children and we did have a lovely meal out at Tay Barns.Enjoy your Easter break love mumxxxx

  2. Just in the middle of doing my WRMWF :P Where's the button?? *g*

    Fabulous things to be rocking your world Virginia, LOVE the graffiti art.

  3. Wo ho ho!!! That art work is fantabulous! You sure look like you're having fun there - hope YOU're not splattering everywhere like your Mum! Have a great Bank Hol! x x

  4. Hey Virginia, the kids sound like a hoot and you've had a better week - hurrah. Your pages look amazing - I love them. I've got a rotten cold and had a naff week with lots of chasing wild geese - very frustrating so, I haven't posted today... but, I'm going to tomorrow. Have a lovely weekend! x

  5. love the graffita art. I heart Alisa, just love her stuff. Happy Easter xx

  6. Wonderful art Ginny and such a joy to read your enjoyment of your family, keep on enjoying those special moments in time and showing us your work!
    x Michelle

  7. Beautiful artwork, love the colours and the way you've used them. xx

  8. Your posts made me laugh outloud, which is quite a thing as I've got horrible back pain at the mo! I love that you have a sonic screwdriver on your work area!! I'd love to join in the 'what's rocking your world Friday' - would you mind if I joined the party late?


  9. Your posts made me laugh outloud! I love that you have a sonic screwdriver on your work area! I'd love to join in your 'what's rocking your world this Friday' - would you mind if I came to the party late?