Sunday, 25 April 2010


Yes it is a curious thing to have as a title, but this week has felt like I've been holding my breath, it has been one of the hardest weeks that I've had in quite some time but I know I'm not alone on this, in fact everyone I speak to seems to be in some way struggling from a tumultuous basis because life is throwing curve balls faster than they can bat them away!  But I go back to what I said on Friday I'm alive and I have a fantastic family and some amazing friends both in person and virtually in blogland and to them I am eternally grateful.  So although this is somewhat belated this may turn into something of a grateful posting.

I thought I'd share my page from last night - anyone whose been following mine and my Mum's blog will probably know things have been unsettling for us both - her blog post on Friday made me cry because I know how heartfelt the post was, so I thought I'd pour my week onto a page last night - what do you think?  I loved the image when I saw it - but think it looks much better tattooed - don't you?
 Close ups
 And again
I felt so much better mentally once I'd finished it - I haven't a clue what I wrote in the journaling (sometimes it's good to write it and not be able to make it out afterwards LOL) the flag I felt I was wearing at the time was of a different colour and meaning but the intention was just the same.  So for now I'm going to put that side of things down (although at some point I may share the angry Thursday page, that Craig sent me outside to do - for fear of me unintentionally redecorating the house - I kid you not outside paint throwing - you can't beat it - don't believe me - give it a try - you can always mow the grass afterwards and nobody would know!)

So back to positive - for Christmas my Mum got a GPS gadget from her hubby, to be honest my Mum is not the most gadget friendly of people - instruction booklets are boring and she wants to be able to use it immediately if not sooner!  So when this appeared at Christmas she was not surprised (as she usually gets gadgets) but was a little lost as to how she'd use it.  She did take it to Center Parcs with her and her verdict was that the machine knew where she was - anyone thinking she might not be getting the full potential out of this little gadget?  

Anyway we borrowed it and went to find our first geo-cache with it - we've done Treasure Hunts and thought what the hell we'll go for geo-caching and see what we think.  We'd been toying with it as an idea for some time, hubby had played with phone GPS's etc (which hadn't worked as we'd wanted) and we came full circle back to this little gadget and then Clare (who I know from scrapbook class) posted a comment (BIG WAVE TO CLARE - HELLO HUN NOT SEEN YOU IN AGES) and apparently she's into it and she's got Ann Marie addicted to (BIG WAVE TO ANN MARIE - HOPEFULLY SEE YOU MONDAY!) so we bit the bullet and got on with it!  

Well said 9 year old was impressed because the first geo-cache was within walking distance, which meant he wanted to cycle there!  Which in turn meant the pleasant Friday evening walk was somewhat brisker than my back was happy with - anyway we did it - it took hours even though we didn't really travel any significant distance, whilst searching for said 'cache' we were getting a little worried that we wouldn't find it when said 9 year old pipes up

"Nope Mum, I can't see it the only thing down here is a  sandwich box" 

"That's it" I cried

Not sure if he was expecting a treasure chest marked with a skull and crossbones filled gold doubloons because he looked confused that the 'treasure' was in a butty box!

Anyway first cache and we'd enjoyed it so yesterday we picked my Mum up and went on another walk and found 3 more - and what a sod they were to find, the first was wet but we found it and put our name on the list nonetheless

The second was extremely well hidden and if it hadn't been for my Mum we simply wouldn't have found it but we did.  However I did get seriously nettled in the process - wasn't expecting wounds from this geo-caching malarkey!

The third well was designed for giants to find - I kid you not! If my Mum had found this on her own - she'd have needed a ladder - it said stealth was required as it was in a very open place - stealth stealth - does this look discrete to you?
But I can honestly say we had a fabulous time and then we headed to the craft shop and spent money money money (tee hee - well actually I bought some DST and a new Tim Holtz die that I'd been after) and then we went to the sweetie shop - peanut brittle, fudge, scotch tablet (which I blame on Jude because she got us addicted when we met up at AFTH!) 

Much fun was had by all - whilst on our walk (after the first cache but before the second) looky what we found
isn't he cute
now back to crafting I've done a couple of scrapbook classes recently with the lovely Sandra and I thought like a dutiful student I'd show them completed - I adored making this one because we learnt a new technique which was fabulous - I wasn't sure if I'd find a photo that was appropriate until I came across this one, the elderly lady in the middle sat down is actually my Great-Grandmother and until 12 months ago I wasn't even aware the photo existed, it also shows my Dad and one of his brothers and two of his sisters together with an Aunty and it's so lovely to have a layout that does it justice - so Sandra - many many thanks for this beautiful class.
The second one I did at the last class a few weeks ago and I know for a fact that I had an idea of the photos that I was going to use, but by the time I got round to putting them together they had escaped me but I had some lovely photos from a family Christening we went to recently and to be honest the colours just went so well - I just had to use them - what do you think?
So if you reach here say hello - I'll spend all day now coming back to find out if anyone's commented LOL - drive myself nuts with it!  Hope you're all having a wonderfully blessed Sunday!


  1. "I know those names", I said as we found our 2nd cache of the day. We started at your last cache (the Elsecar Park sign). It was a beautiful day and hopefully it blew some of your cares away for a while. Great layouts they really compliment the pictures.

  2. A nice read and insight to geo caching. Glad you got the hang of it. TFS. ~Glen~

  3. hi sweetheart great pics of us all and the water snake loved it all and your ancestory page is fantastic and quite blown away with Sonny kays pics beautiful job well done and you summed the week up far better than I could have done.Love mum

  4. Wpw loving the tatoos! Had a tiny bit of Geocaching experience with Michelle but we didnt find the treasure :0( Stunning scrapbook pages too x In answer to the question of what I do with my tags - they form a book so in effect are really an art journal it just feels better to me :0)

  5. Oooooo the layout looks fab.

    Back to your full blog, what's the animal that's cute in the pic? I can't make it out? And what is this 'cache'? Is it a lust of names in a butter tub? I'm confused.

    Anyways great blog I had fun Reading it and fab design for sonny kays christening pressie. Xx

  6. HELLOOOO ( and a big wave to you too)!!!!!!!!
    Ooooh I'm so excited you've tried geocaching and even more you enjoyed it!!!! You'd have bever seen the snake if you hadn't tried it. That's what we keep saying, "oh I never knew this was here, if we hadn't come to search for this cache we'd never have seen it" and we have seen some lovely sights!!
    We've been to bakewell this weekend but only managed to find one. But last weekend we found lots in York. Jeeeeeesus, I think York must have a record number in one area. There's hundreds. If you get chance to go & look try to find " what a shambles" that's in a really cool place!!!

    You'll have to keep me updated which you get, Ive not been to look at the elsecar ones yet but ann marie has. The name we sign with is grumbleflick so let me know if we visit the same place. Wots your mums gps? We looked at some but they're so expensive (£400 was one!) we both got apps on our iPhones so use them. It's a bit of a race now to find it first. Haha.
    The sandwich box comment made me laugh!!!

    Crikey......I've babbled on for ages so I'm off,
    I LOVE The scrapbook page with the old photo on, it's beautiful!

    Have fun.xxxxx

  7. Do you know what? We've talked about geo-caching for a while too. I know for a fact (after a bit of research) that there are at least two within a reasonable distance to our house but when is situated where they have just built a new bridge connecting us to the mainland so that might be interesting. It's the whole GPS thing that's put us off too as am a bit like your Mum with gadgets hence me having the most basic of basic phones that just phones and texts... at least I think that's all it does ;) Sounds like you had such fun - Devvie has just got an all singing, all dancing phone, maybe I should get her to see if there is an app of some sort to download. Hmmm. Love the pictures of you all together :P

    The journal page is just gorgeous as are the scrapbook pages. LOVE the ancestor one. Wondering if I can get away with some paint throwing... though think Craig may have something to say if he came out to his aviary and found technicolour pigeons!! LOL!

  8. Yoohoo! I'm just wondering if there are enough hours in the day for you to pack in all that you get up to? This geo-cache-ing looks like great fun! But - and it is a BIG but... I wouldn't have liked being too near that snake, harmless though it may be! (I only like to watch them on TV thank you very much!)