Friday, 9 April 2010


Well this could be a tough one because it's been a bit of an emotional roller coaster of a week, and I could go on about how you can't 'make' people be how you want them to be and that part of growing up and growing older is that 'happily ever after' isn't always possible.  But I'm not going to because it's 

What's Rocking Your World Friday 
 A few journal pages from my A3 journal - this is how I'm feeling at the minute just a little bit "CRAZY"

What's rocking your world Friday 
is about what has ticked those boxes for you this week - either made you happy or made you giggle or that you like to say - I'm grateful for that!   so here I go for my Friday shuffle

I am grateful to be alive (sometimes it's nice to be reminded that this morning I woke up - how awesome is that)
I am grateful to have another blue skies day
I am grateful for awesome blog comments about my first WOYWW - now the huggies baby wipes that you saw on the table are an essential art journaling tool as everyone knows (don't they?) - they are for painting with and I go through shed loads of them - thought my days of buying huggies was over then I discovered art journaling!  The sonic screwdriver is also essential just in case the Doctor comes to call, other things you might have noticed are the insulation foam for making stamps and the binoculars for when we need to look at things at a distance - I'm telling you all essential items on my work station 
I am grateful to have a fabulous Mum -who is loving her blog and the lovely comments but she really doesn't quite get all this blog hopping stuff!  I arrived on Tuesday to drop said 9 year old off whilst I went to work, she was in PJ's with laptop in front of her and this was her opening line  "I've won something on the goo-ash website" she says - "but i can't find it" - flip top lid of head remove brain and now work out the aquarian statement that has just been delivered!  "Firstly it's pronounced 'go-sh' not 'goo-ash' and I have a feeling it's french for left or something like that, secondly where are you?"  Reply "I don't know" so I found the comment on her blog, I found the link on Lara's blog, we sent Lara the relevant snail mail address and all was sorted - still don't know if she knows what she's doing but her final comment as I departed was "I didn't even know I'd joined a competition!"
I am grateful to have a fabulous sister - link to her blog go check it out - although Melanie's lack of presence on here needs to be remedied but I bet she's got an armful of excuses as to why she can't LOL
I am grateful to have a fabulous brother - now for those of you following the two above - you'll know that John has been the missing piece in the jigsaw - John is completely unique, just like my Mum and my sister but also very different!  John's blog is not going to be about scrapbooking or card making John likes three dimensional - John loves making replica props and loves fancy dress parties - so if you are anything of an Alice in Wonderland fan - or perhaps even a Tim Burton fan or just have a great love of films then John's blog is going to be one to follow - he currently has two followers - when I get back on here it would make my day to find he has lovely comments about his awesome work and also a few more followers to boot!  John is also someone who can speak amazingly eloquently and hold quite an audience so if you know me personally or via blogland, and you know my crazy sister Melanie and my equally crazy Mum then you have to learn the other part of the family!
I am grateful for an amazing son and a fantastic husband who has shown that just sometimes although decisions are tough he can make them and take them himself. 
I am grateful that I'm going to get a break this week and have the opportunity to visit a few different places woo hooo
I am grateful that I didn't dismiss the Treasure Hunt for my town and did actually go and do it - you wouldn't recognise it from the photos!  Does this look like Rotherham to you? 

and this 

 said 9 year old enjoying the Treasure Hunt

  Now the only other source of confusion was when we were stopped by the 'locals' the first asked little man
"What ya got a list for?" - they are obviously not used to seeing people with clipboards in the town centre and secondly when a young lad asked hubby "Tek mi fota?" - little man wanted to know what language he was speaking and I had to explain it was English - "what did he say then?" - To which the answer was that he wanted his photo taking - look of complete bewilderment on little man's face.  

We found this through a 'things to do' type website on the internet - it cost us £12 for 3 Treasure hunts that are delivered as PDF files - and basically you get to explore somewhere that you'll think you already knew - we had such a blast doing it and can highly recommend it, in fact enjoyed it so much bought 3 more last night (they've got a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment)

I am grateful that we went and did the Sheffield Treasure Hunt last weekend, we had great fun once again!

I am grateful for wide open spaces that allow you to let your mind relax and de-stress whilst providing "culture, art and .... don't you know" - bottom quote can't remember the third thing but making me giggle - if you know the word fill it in LOL.  This was because we went to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park and look at what we found there 
which when up close had these items amongst many incorporated into it

Finally I am grateful for meeting all you amazing people in blogland whether it be in person or via my blog. 
So why don't you join in and tell me what has been "Rocking your World this Week" and let's have a mighty grateful Friday!   Message to Jo - who left me a message this morning - go for it join in one of these days I'll make a button (when I fathom out how) and put it on here and then there might be more than 3 of us joining in - myself - the gorgeous Heavens2Betsy and of course Carmen - extra message to Carmen - the sign is still twinkling and blinking and pps - go check my brother's blog out.  PPPS - Jude you got a hotel - phew - what do you mean it's not the Premier Inn boo hoo - Melanie may need to sit in a corner for a while to absorb that information!  

Right need to go and pack something ta ta for now 


  1. Wow, you've had a crazy mixed up kinda week it seems and yet, your positivity overfloweth. You make me ache with laughter and prod me to think all at the same time! Thanks for the bigup, glad you met Jo who is just gorgeous. I'm off to meet Carmen and the rest of your family... can't wait! Have a great trip x

  2. thems some awesome bunny ladies! lol. Thank you for the shout out! xx xx x

  3. Oh wow what a post I need a sit down LOL! I agree its good to remind oneself to be grateful for the small everyday things once in a while x Huge hugs and loving the crazy pages xx

  4. Wahoooooo! I'll get onto it straight away! I came via heavens2betsy, btw. Love all you do,


  5. *Comes puffing back to Virginias blog* Just realised how rude it was to go charging off when I saw the words Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland. *shamefaced* Am back now :P You didn't need to tell me twice, your brothers blog ROCKS! I should commission him to do my make-up for my next Alice date. Whaddya reckon?? *g* How amazing your family get togethers must be!

    Love your Rocking Friday this week. Haven't done mine yet - it may be a Saturday Rocking my Friday as have Devvie with a sleepover and then Ally Pally tomorrow (whoooo!) The statues look very naughty but love the incorporated bits in them. (Pssst, I made Devvies birthday cake early so her friend could have some...Malteaser cake, I had a slice! *gasp* Heaven!)

  6. Don't know whether my comments arrived or not because they suddenly disappeared, so here goes again. Sounds as though you had a great week Virginia, love the crazy journal page, brilliant idea. Have a good weekend. By world has been rocked this week because I've had another health scare, but after various scans and checks at the hospital today, have been given the all clear. Yippee xx

  7. Hello Mrs Rocker... really glad you make this post every week, it shows your commitment to loooking for the good things in your life even when you're going through a tough time! Good on ya! I recognise some of the sculptures as we like going to the YSP! x x
    Oh and I love your journal pages - great background and your signature tattoed lady!

  8. Hello!! Must be summit in the water - had a bit of an emotional rollercoaster of a week here too...come to the conclusion that I can't be anyone else than who I am and if they don't like it then **** 'em!!! Anyway...loved that post, especially your wee man's Adventures in Wonderland - how cool are those massive bunnies?!? Love the journal pages as always and the story about your Mum, can't wait to see the 3 of you madwomen real soon. Speaking of which, we did get a hotel, I know it's not the Premier Inn but Paul says that taxis are cheap as chips and he'll be happy to get us round to your place for a few drinks, no problem!! xxx

  9. Ah sweetheart you know I am only just finding my way round the computor and it can still throw me occasionally .Well maybe a little more than that sometimes.You know you will rescue me so will John and Mel as well I so love my children.Your pieces look fantastic by the way but I already knew that because I had seen them for real love you see you