Friday, 16 April 2010


Well dear reader's I'm back - yes we've been we've conquered - we've eaten chips - Carmen look away now - (quite a lot actually to the point where I stomped my foot yesterday and demanded a panini) and now we're home - so was it a good break - absolutely fabulous.  I haven't been to Scarborough since I was about 5 - apparently the first time I went I hadn't seen the sea before and apparently ran into it fully clothed resulting in a new outfit - you'll be pleased to know this time that I managed to refrain from doing the same - let's be honest it would have been slightly mad.  We stayed in a fabulous little converted chapel just outside Scarborough at a place called Cloughton - first interesting point to note it's not pronounced Cluff-tun but Clow-tun - no wonder we got some weird looks from the locals.  

We managed trips out to Whitby (and a Treasure Hunt), a day at Robin Hood's Bay (and a Treasure Hunt), a day at Rievaulx Abbey (no treasure hunt but left with a desire to paint that knotwork when we get home), Scarborough (and a Treasure Hunt), Filey (and a Treasure Hunt) 

we got thoroughly lost in the process, we walked and walked and walked and walked a bit more, we had quiet time to read, time to art journal (despite the fact that dear hubby forgot to pack paintbrushes) and just loved having family time together - sheer bliss - following the stresses of last week and the mental time to try and walk the options of patching things up and then deciding that some things don't directly involve me and no matter what my brain said sometimes 'happily ever after' doesn't pan out in quite the way you'd thought, so universally as a family we've came together and really had an awful lot of good old fashioned fun!


The East Coast of England in God's own county of Yorkshire (I know I live in Yorkshire but it's more quaint where we visited than it is here mainly down to the fact they pinched all the glorious stone following the dissolution of the monasteries to make their own houses) plus lots and lots of down to earth people bliss

Beautiful blog comments from beautiful people that I get to read when I came home - double bliss
Treasure Hunts - good family fun

Membership to English Heritage - we might manage a few more days out this way!

Converted chapels particularly ones with spiral stairs in them - kept said 9 year old busy for hours he spent all his time 'fishing' over the balcony!  

Wood burning stoves

Blue Sky days 

Charlaine Harris books 

Whitby - a truly impressive place to visit with a glorious ruined abbey on the hillside and little tiny shops in the town) 

Finally husband's genius idea of washing the clothes before we came home - needless to say it's now all ironed and put away!  (Loving washer driers in hired venue tee hee)

So proof that I did do a little bit of art journaling along the way 

So do I have any humorous anecdotes from the week - you have to bear in mind that I've not seen my Mum (only spoken to her) so no internet craziness to report - my brother has obviously not been to any more fancy dress nights so nothing to report there, Melanie would appear to be completely missing in action so all I have are questions from a nine year old!

Set the scene walking around Whitby Abbey said nine year old has been given a question sheet - find the letters re-arrange and get chocolate - easy?

MMMMMmmmmm additional questions to help on the back

so the big questions was "What is an easter related item you can wear on your head?" followed by a picture of a rabbit in an easter bonnet - mm great detective work required the additional questions on the back could also be made up from some of the same letters so he decided to look at these first

Four letter word "Fishermen use these to catch fish in...?" - 9 year olds answer - bonnets!

Five letter word "You might like marmalade on this for your breakfast..." - 9 year old answer - soldiers! 

Anyone think he didn't get this! 

He did get the chocolate though!

Later in the week after visiting a gorgeous little sweet shop in Robin Hood's Bay - next to the Dock we headed back to the car little man with a bag of mixed sweeties from candy necklaces to parma violets but once half way through the bag I get 

"What's this?"
"Mum - what's this?"
"Mum what is it?"
"I don't know what it is" I said as he was behind me 
"It say's 'chew' on it" 
"What do I do?"
"Do I chew it?"
"Yes" I replied laughing so much I was almost crying
"Can I swallow it Mum" 

The mysteries of a black jack chew!

On the same journey we spotted a fire in the distance on the moors

"The fire is on the moors"
"Where?" said 9 year old asks
"The moors"
"Where's the moors Mum?"
"We're on the moors!"
"All around us!"
"What are"

There'll be more later no doubt - the popple crack snap one was quite humourous too LOL but I need to go otherwise I'll be rocking my world on Saturday not Friday LMAO!

If you pop by say hello, if you join in come and tell me!

Hope you're all having a great "Rocking your World Friday"


  1. REALLY funny stories! What a wonderful time you have all had and that journalling looks ab fab! I'm off to do my own rocking, having run out of time last week.


  2. Whitby - Ah such happy memories of Whitby - Mal & I spent a romantic weekend together there in our early days. I love Yorkshire so mcuh and want to go back having read your post! Your son sounds a hoot. Mine once said 'Nanny knows the secrets of the universe. Sadly, she's forgotten most of them!' - describes my mum perfectly! Spiral staircases, lovely journalling and time to unwind ... I'm so pleased that you got to sample it all. Thanks for popping by x

  3. Welcome home! And guess where we're going tomorrow? Whitby! yay! Love it and can't wait. Glad you had a great family time - nothing more precious in this whole wide world.
    x x

  4. I am in a fit of jealousy, I don't know what to centre my jealousy on... the chips, the black jacks or Whitby? Oh so jealous! Did I ever tell you my first flat was in a converted church? I loved that flat so much! I can still see the church from my front door :)

    Not done my rocking of the world yet :P I shall though, I shall! Welcome back medear! :P

  5. LOL, I so enjoyed being reminded of what its like to converse with a 5 year old!! They have an entirely different perspective on everything!! SOunds like you had a lovely time on the moors and your art journal looks fab!

  6. Hi Virginia
    Sounds like you stored up a few memories there as well as doing some wonderful journaling. I love Whitby - have some special memories of the place myself. Thanks for your lovely comments
    x Michelle