Friday, 23 April 2010


Wow Friday again already - when did that happen - I'm immensely struggling at the moment to remain positive, what I actually am this morning at 7.40am is angry - not a great way to be I know but I'm angry actually probably beyond angry I was stressed now I'm angry.  Now a little of my history I'm of Irish descent my dad was Paddy O'Reilly - I kid you not and for anyone who knows anybody whose Irish they have an infamous temper - let's put it this way be glad you're not going to be in the same room as me when I blow up because it's not pretty I tell you -it's not pretty at all!

Anyway I will be grateful for my week - I will, I promise I will I just need to dig a bit deeper 

I'm alive - woo hoo made another week -  now some of you may find it strange that I'm grateful for this but when you have a Dad (whose just turned 40 years of age) who wakes up one morning ready for his day of laying a concrete drive and leave him to get off to school and come home to find he's gone forever you never ever take life for granted again - so I am truly glad to be alive - even amongst the stress and worry of my week, life is still pretty damn amazing.  

Now I've read about in the far east they use a cup and saucer to symbolise the fragility of life, at night they turn the tea cup over and in the morning when they wake they turn it back - symbolising that they are here in the world for another day - now I think this is an awesome thing to do - really takes you down to grass roots but I'm not so sure I could get it to work - the first thing is that the stack of Charlaine Harris and Terry Pratchett books already balanced precariously on my bed side table indicates that finding room for a cup and saucer may be mighty difficult - secondly the only cup and saucer I own are huge - thirdly if I used my late at night cup of tea mug I'd end up spilling the cold dregs out of the cup all over the floor when I turn it over and I need my pint mug of pop by the side of the bed incase I get thirsty - mmm - me thinks I'll have to do this one in my head - symbolically as it were!

I'm grateful that I can touch type I love to write and leave my graffiti all over cyber world - in years to come I hope ancestors can find my innate ramblings and say - yes that woman was completely barking!

I'm grateful for people who know who I am and how I tick on a mental basis - these are important friends when times are difficult and I am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by these amazing people

I am grateful for the most amazing husband and son, an amazingly Nutty Mum (Nutty Nannan) whom I adore, I mad sister Melanie who makes me laugh so much when we get together my niece who is turning into one amazing young woman, my brother John who really is the bestest of mad hatters and who can keep me sane - John should actually be a politician if you had John as Prime Minister many many injustices would be dealt with with a fair and firm hand - John is utterly amazing and listened intently last night to my difficult week grew angry and cross at the injustices and left me feeling much more calm and surreal when I left his home.  John has the best sense of humour and the most amazing singing voice and is a true gentleman!  Thank you John I slept easier last night for having downloaded my day with you and my hubby and my Mum unfortunately I woke cross again this morning - although I'm almost setting the keyboard on fire with this one there are sparks flying off it I tell you!

Ok hold up wait a minute - my grateful's are turning cross have you noticed - mmm - OK - I'm just going to grab a pillow (if you're feeling cross this morning do this little exercise with me) place it close to your mouth - try not to cover your eyes because if you do you won't be able to read the instructions - now scream into it (if you live in a detached house the pillow is optional) the reason - well my next door neighbour is a traffic cop and I don't want him to think I'm being murdered - now scream ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH repeat as necessary until you feel calmer or you've got a headache 

OK - happy grateful happy grateful happy grateful

Simple things I'm grateful for simple things I'm grateful for my art journaling I intend on getting paint out later and trying to refrain from redecorating the room with up but actually get it on the paper - actually at the moment a room where I can literally throw paint sounds like some mighty good therapy - big tins of paint and giant canvases I really really could - OK I'm going to stop now before grateful gets cross again - if you happen by tell me what 'therapy' you would introduce to aid your life's stresses given half a chance!  So I'm going to leave you with a little bit of art journaling just because I can this page is known as the "Art of Destressing" LMAO


  1. Funky page! I love your raging post altho' I'm sorry you have reason to be angry. I really love your paint throwing idea - just know it'd work for me. I have a fearsome temper too but, have developed a loooooong fuse over the years. Apparently now, I'm dangerous when I'm calm! The story of your Father made me gulp out loud. I love the idea of the cup and saucer. To destress, everday in spring/summer I pick a flower from my garden and place it in the upturned hands of my buddha statue - an offering and, I think about my intention for the day. Today I chose Love which is going to be fun, becos that's not what I'm feeling at all! Hope you expunge all your angst whatever way works Virginia and, that you manage to enjoy your weekend ahead x

  2. Love your ramblings sweetheart but you made me cry this morningoh well the day can only get better .xxxxnutty mum

  3. Hey sweetie, sorry you're having a rough time of it. Big hugs, positive thoughts and a whole lotta love being sent your way. xxx

  4. Phew, sounds like you've got a bit on your plate at the moment, girl. But, you still managed to find some good things, so well done. Life throws some rotten tomatoes at you sometimes but it sounds like you have a close network of friends and family to help catch 'em or dodge 'em! And then you do that wonderful journalling, through which your soul speaks. Carry on the good work or you really will start screaming.

    Hang on in there, lovely.


  5. Oh I know what you mean. I really do. I'll always remember the day my sister and friend were here and I was getting annoyed at the girls, not just annoyed, fuming. They were doing this tag team "lets really wind Mum up she wont do anything cos we have guests so we have free reign to be little ratbags" routine. Eventually my sister just went "uhoh!" my friend went "what?" my sister said "time to go" and had drained her tea, said goodbye and was out the door within 1 minute flat. My friend stayed. Apparantly her ears rang for a whole day, she still reminds me about it now. I don't lose it often but when I do, I really DO. My sister knows the signs, she says it's a bit like seeing The Incredible Hulk start to change LOL! I can usually feel it coming on and then I leave the house and walk and walk and walk and WALK! I think your paint flinging idea is a far better idea ;)

    Hope you feel a lot better now Virginia.