Sunday, 18 April 2010

Nutty Nannan, the cake and the art journal

So we've had a lovely break a really good holiday, some mighty fine family time but now it's back to 'normality' whatever that's supposed to be!  It's mine and Craig's 12th wedding anniversary today and we've had a really great family day.  We went to Roche Abbey for a wander about with our new English Heritage passes, the sun was shining our 9 year old wanted to explore so it was mighty therapeutic.  

Afterwards we headed to my brother John's house to see him and Cathie, it's always an uplifting conversation when we are there, surrounded by all their creativity - Cathie was fighting with some icing (quite literally - she wasn't happy with it but we all thought the cake design she was doing was simply gorgeous!) and John has various projects on the go at the moment - from the tooth fairy from Hell Boy 2 to a 'Jason' mask and his ghost-traps - genius! We really enjoyed having a catch up, including his general giddiness after getting an adapter for his airbrush - now all he needs is a reinflatable car tyre and he'll be all set.

After we'd been there a while we ventured up the hill to Melanie's now Melanie has been missing in action for some time, partly down to her new 'romance' which is another story completely so it was really lovely to catch up!  Then my Mum arrived and well she had us creased up in laughter within about five minutes of being there.  

Being the true aquarian that she is - she started mid-sentence (the other half having been had silently in her own head), we all looked around bewildered and asked what on earth she was talking about - then she looks confused at us as though we're the stupid ones - next a 360 degree turn and she's explaining how she's mad because she's bought two huge boxes of soap powder in the local supermarket and she hadn't meant to she'd only wanted one but then she'd bought two and then to boot her other half asked what on earth she was going to do with it to which she replied - quite rightly - wash clothes - when he pointed out that the soap powder she'd bought he was actually allergic to "I don't know why I bought it really" then off at another tangent which involved showing a 'wafting' motion to demonstrate to us how she'd been moving ash that was blowing when she had a fire in the back garden - (makes you wonder if this ash everyone keeps talking about isn't related to a volcano but is just my mum burning garden rubbish!)

Whilst she talked she's wafting her hands around which led to her nudging the plate she had balanced on her lap with a slice of cake on it and then for added effect went for another wafting motion which resulted in the plate flipping over, covering her and Melanie's sofa in cake - and she sat there bewildered not quite 'getting' that she'd made such a mess - Melanie slightly less amused asked her to stop wafting her hands!  Awesome family time - it probably doesn't sound very funny but honestly we were laughing so much we had tears in our eyes!  
Anyway best put some crafting on here because that's what we're here for isn't it - isn't it?  No maybe it isn't maybe you wanted the deranged ramblings relating to Nutty Nannan - well just in case you wanted craft this one is in my permission journal I love it I tell you love it!

 It was such fun to do - close ups below
We saw some fabulous art work in Scarborough - how cool is this!  I've got some great close up shots that Craig took of it and there was more art on the opposite wall!
And finally our anniversary gifts to one another this year were 'matching' art journal books initially seen in Whitby and finally purchased whilst at Rievaulx Abbey
 Craig has 'bagged' the darker one and the inside is just lush - full of pages and pages of blank paper
 If you pop by - don't forget to say hello - and tell me just how mad my Mum really is - bless her!


  1. What a beautiful piece of art work you must be best chuffed with this one sweetheart I love it too.And just for the record I am a little bit bonkers but that is because I am allowed to be cos Dyan gave me permission.Mum x alias nuttynannan

  2. Helloooooooo, great post! Love the journal pages, the colours and lay out is brill! And the two journals are gorgeous, mind you I would find it so hard to work in them they are so lovely. x

  3. Hiya Virginia, it's ages since I saw you at scrapbooking at elsecar!!!!
    You still have some lovely pictures on your blog.
    Well I saw you've been treasure hunting so I just thought I'd share our new pastime. "geocaching" it's a modern day teasure hunt that is absolutely fab!!! We do it as a family and even both kids (aged12 & 4) love it. Which is usualy hard to find something they both enjoy doing together!!

    Have a google about it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it especially as it takes you to sone lovely places. Even Annmarie at scrapbooks doing since I told her about it. Let me know how you get on!!

  4. Yep - them journals sure are fabby! I bought Andy one a couple of years ago (although his was the larger one and I would have nicked it back if he hadn't journaled in it!) So we do kinda have matching ones - just different sizes. The art wall is great and I liked spying you on the shot too!
    Now, when you start to discuss the weird and wonderful discussions you have during family get togethers I wonder what I am going to read next...all the creations John has on the go...the mind boggles!
    Onto the journal pages....oh can really see how far you've come...they are AMAZING! Bring it next time so I can stroke it!

  5. What stunning journal pages - gorgeous colours and image etc. As for your Mum, well, she could have her own TV show, couldn't she?! Never a dull day with her in the house. Sounds like you had some lovely family time, having such a giggle is soooooo good for you!


  6. Laughing so hard at the thought of your Mum causing a national (global?) panic and disturbance with her garden fire! :D Somehow, I can see it happening too!

    The journals are gorgeous, just gorgeous, will you stroke them for ages or dive straight into using them? My sister bought me a handmade journal from a London market not the Christmas just gone but the one before and I love it to pieces, it sits on my desk but I just can't bring myself to use it! Gaaargh! She keeps telling me off, I think she thinks I don't like it when in fact I LOVE it, just TOO much ;)

    Can see why you love that journal page Vivienne, it's just beautiful.

    You've got me talking to Craig about a Heritage pass you know. I said I might give the next Ally Pally a miss and put the £1 a day towards one of those instead, we all love trundling round places like that but it's the cost that puts us off. May have to look into it :)

  7. What amazing journal pages, love all the colours and the writing, fantastic. Yep, you certainly have a nutty nanna. Love the journals enjoy filling them. xx

  8. Hello!!! Sorry - been off the radar as far as blogland is concerned the past few particular reason, been reading everyones posts but no time to comment properly!! Paul was home with man-flu yesterday so I actually got some journalling done but need to get my own blog updated - goodness knows when that will happen!?!

    LOVE that purple page - it's beautiful. Can't wait to see it in real life - not long now!!

    Also loved reading about all your family adventures - and as always, Tales from the World of Nutty Nannan. She's a funny, fabulous lady and sounds like your John has some of that crazy creativity going on too!! Missing Mel - she needs to start publishing the comments on her blog at least - a post would be nice, but baby steps...!!

    Promise to update my blog soon - you're putting me to shame!! xx