Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Well it's 21 years today that my Daddy passed away at the grand old age of 40, he was an amazing person and I miss him every day!  Today has been a tough one, I usually try and get the anniversary day off from work but it just hasn't happened today and I was managing very well until I got a text from Melanie and I think she got us all crying no matter where we were as Melanie has been missing in blogland for some time I thought I'd put what she wrote to me, my Mum and my brother John and you'll understand how she managed to tip us over the edge

"21 years ago today we lost the best man/husband and daddy anyone could ever wish for.  There is no rhyme or reason to why he went so early but for whatever reason he did.  However, I will always feel blessed to have had him as my daddy even for a short time.  This message however is to tell the three of you that I love you and I hope that you know, as always that I'm thinking of you all.  Melanie xxxx"
I was sixteen when he passed away, Melanie was only eight and John six it feels so desperately cruel sometimes that we didn't have longer with him, more memories, more photos, we don't even have his voice recorded and I struggle now to hear him in my head although I can still hear his laughter.  So if ever there is a reason to document who you are and how you feel and to leave a trace of yourself when you leave this world then this is it and it doesn't matter how you do it, on a blog, in a diary, through an art journal, in a scrapbook page anything just put it down and leave lasting traces of yourself for future generations to cherish when you are no longer here.

I think I can see an evening of art journaling therapy coming along - this was the angry paint throwing page from the other day (could do with some more of that sort of therapy at the minute me thinks). 

Close ups
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  1. Oh Virginia, you must immerse yourself in your art this evening - you lost your Daddy far too young (both you and him) and you must miss him and his place in the family dreadfully. You are certainly able to express yourself through your art and this has got to be a good thing. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, it's always lovely to know you've been looking at what I'm up to.


  2. Hey Virginia, Just read the lovely comment you left on my blog earlier - thank-you for even remembering to think about doing that today. Have a lovely evening remembering your lovely Dad...I can't imagine how you must be feeling. He was so very young, as were all of you. Thinking of you all tonight. xxx

  3. I've just come from your Mums blog Virginia. I loved her post, it is beautiful and it really touched me but I didn't comment because whatever I tried to phrase just sounded like meaningless words and in a way I didn't want to intrude on the post. Should she happen by here I want you both to know I'm thinking of you. My Mums anniversary is coming up, I was lucky in some ways to have her a lot longer than you had your Dad but I still desperately miss her and people that say it gets easier are big fat liars.

    Wish I could give you 'real' big hugs.

  4. Sending you huge hugs x my Daddy died too young too at the age of 47 I was at least grown up though x Hope you have had an evening of paints and messyness x Janet

  5. My heart is with you guys tonight. x x

  6. Hi Virginia, so sorry you weren't able to take the day for yourself today and I hope that tonights journalling helps you find a place for some of what you've all lost. Your words about leaving a piece of yourself behind are so true .... it is so important. Your Dad is clearly a much loved man and lives on in the hearts of all of his family. Thinking of you and sending you healing wishes, Pen x