Friday, 30 April 2010


I solumnly swear not to get angry on this one this week!!!!!
So how's it going - another week has gone in the blink of an eye my life has been filled with work and sleep predominantly and not a lot of anything else so here is my grateful top ten this week!
  1. Having fantasticly supportive family and friends (both virtually and in real life) - it never ceases to amaze me how fantastic these people are and when life is tough and difficult how they are just there with a hug (or a cyber hug) when you need it most. 
  2. Being able to say I had a fantastic Dad who will live in my heart forever and whom I will always cherish (it was 21 years this week when he passed away so it's been a tough week but always one that I cherish because I allow myself time to reflect, to smile, to grieve and to share) 
  3. Dare I say slimming world?  - I joined on Thursday with my Mum (I have a separate blog to follow my general plight as a woman whose spent her entire life trying to get her head around her weight) and I'm hoping for big things - well actually no I'm hoping for little things get littler the only big things I'm hoping for is a loss in my weight!  We shall see - managed day one with a breeze and now I've been shopping I've actually got food in that I can eat unlike yesterday morning.
  4. My husband - I know I usually mention him somewhere along the line but today I wanted to make a special mention of just how amazing he is (and I know a lot of people out there are blessed with amazing husbands too).  Firstly he puts up with my whinging which over the last few weeks has on occasions reached epic proportions, he always wants us to have the best family time together and got us out geo-caching last weekend which was great fun, he listens to my mad ideas and asks what he can do to help and overall he is just awesome and I love him to bits!
  5. My son who makes me smile every single day - this mornings little bit of confusion followed by a little smile was around the fact that he's been doing about volcanoes at school (obviously going with a current topic theme) and he's told me that they've been discussing about one that went up on an island and blasted it into space?  Mmm me thinks potentially more research is needed on this one - I'm going to hazard a guess that they'll be talking about Krakatoa and I'm also thinking that it never actually got catapulted into space - if anyone knows different then let me know I may have to let him down gently on this one.
  6. Borrowed Christmas gadgets - we borrowed my Mum's garmin GPS gadget that she got for Christmas and took it geo-caching and then took her with us and we all went geo-caching - we managed to find all of the geo-caches that we've been after up to now and much fun was had by all - she's told us that she'll have it back once we've fully fathomed out how to use it!  
  7. A bank holiday stretching out in front of me - a long weekend - let's hope we can have some good old fashioned fun.
  8. Test results coming back clear - apparently everything's normal?  Mmm not sure if the jury is still out on this one - but in the interim keep your fingers and toes crossed because I'd be quite happy if body goes back entirely into normal mode!
  9. Morning cup of tea - there is nothing nicer than a morning cup of tea it's just awesome and really sets you up for the day! 
  10. Finally being grateful I've been able to turn my tea-cup over this morning and greet another day!
If you fancy joining in and telling us what's rocking your world this Friday then please do so - please note it doesn't have to be as lengthy a post like I've put above LOL!
Right on with the crafting, I've got a day off stretching in front of me, I'm tied to the house because 'a' I've got the man from Virgin Media coming to sort out the Virgin Media box and secondly I've got a poorly child on my hands - raging temperature last night and upset tummy so this morning he looks tired and completely washed out!  So I can see DVD's and crafting being the call of the day, in the meantime here are a couple of art journal things I've been doing - this one documents an evening at the theatre - often these sorts of things don't get documented scrapbooking wise because you can't take photos but I've managed to capture it in my art journal (A5) one - I did this one one evening whilst on holiday and am really pleased with it
 and then this one
and close ups 

 and other side
right I'm off for breakfast me thinks - have a fantastic Friday! 


  1. Absolutely love your journal pages, they just keep getting better and better. Glad the results have come back negative, and hope you and your family have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. Morning!! Loved your 'rocks' today...mine are as follows

    1. Having the house to myself for the morning (my Mum and Dad have taken the 2 wee ones away to visit all my relatives in Buckie for the day!)

    2. Sitting enjoying a HOT cuppa while checkin up on my favourite blogs.

    3. Meeting Paul for lunch in the big city at 12pm - we never get to do that!!

    4. Going to the hairdressers at 1.30pm to be pampered and read magazines and chat and eat lovely cake and drink huge frothy coffees...bliss.

    5. Being all organised and packed for Ellie going away on her 1st Guide Camp tonight...fingers crossed they get a dry weekend!

    6. The fact that I'm feeling so much better than I did on Monday (I now have a cold but I can cope with that WAY better than being pukey sick)

    7. Knowing that we have a long weekend...may head up to Buckie with the kids on Monday so they can run on the beach and explore the rockpools.

    8. Saw the ENT consultant yesterday and Molly is getting Gromits fitted. Shocked and worried at the thought of my wee toot getting an op but it will be so wonderful, all going well, for her to hear properly and start talking.

    9. My new cowboy style boots I just bought. I love 'em!

    10. The fact we only have a few weeks and we'll be at Dyan's new gaff painting and laughing and playing and crying and spending and generally pratting about!! Yay!!

    Enjoy your Friday and hope the wee man feels better soon. xx

  3. Hi Virginia, I always love your journal pages and these are no exception. The George's Marvellous Medicine spread is such fun, wonderful vibrant colours. What a great way to remember your theatre trip. Good news about the test results, though I understand you still have concerns. And I love the idea of a volcano being catapulted into space, maybe one NASA should consider.....! Have a wonderful weekend and hope your little lad feels better soon (medicinal dvd's and craftin' always works wonders for me!).


  4. Must agree, you are just excelling in your journals. I still haven't got to Dy's yet, what with all the Wedding preps etc, but it is very high on my agenda as soon as the weddings are over. PS great to hear from you. x

  5. Hey Ginnie
    Makes me smile to read your blog on a Friday - glad your world is rocking - you know mines not so much this week :(

  6. What fab things they are too. Gotta agree with the hot cuppa. That first one is always the best tasting of the day.

    So glad to see the news about the results and also how happy am I that you are going to be a LOSERRRRRRR with me ;)


  7. Hi Virginia, Thanks for visiting my blog and list earlier. I always love to see you there. You're sounding all round jollier. Glad your little fella is feeling better too. This is such fab therapy - remembering what we are grateful for. Lifts the spirits no matter the struggles! I'm with you entirely on the Tea front - couldn't live without the stuff personally either! Hope you have a great weekend and get some great family time in together! Pen xxx

  8. Love to read what's rockin your world virginia, and see the amazing artwork it inspires. Keep smilin and just being you - you're awesome!
    x Michelle

  9. It's great to be back if people can put up with my waffling :D

    Yup, hoping once I've got a bit of tidying up done to settle down to some crafting ;)

    Have fun with your geo-caching, hope the rain holds off for you. I can't wait to see what you've altered! I have one box of stuff and a basket og goodies just waiting to be made prettier. Plus I've just nabbed a lidded wooden box that served as a hamper when I won a box of goodies when I first started comping. Up till now Ruby has been using it as a car/plane/seat/table but has lost interest lately so when I was tidying that found it's way on to my shelves to alter ;)

    Massive slimline hugs to you too :D