Thursday, 22 April 2010


Well what a peculiar Wednesday I had, I don't think I've ever quite had one like it if I'm honest after the stresses of the morning (ie tests at Docs and being used as a pin cushion by nurse) I thought my day would be merely busy - it wasn't busy it was much worse and I had to leave work early because I just felt so utterly fed up - anyway before you ask I'm fine now - just not enough hours in the day and sometimes just that little straw breaks the camels back - so my little straw broke - basically a rubbish rubbish day - but hey it's THURSDAY so brand new day hurray - a new day where I have a clean slate in front of me I can interact with my day in a positive way (I can can't I) and this is what I'm going to do!  

So I'll share a little art journaling with you - I re-read my 'permission' journal from cover to cover last night (not that it's finished yet but it's getting there) and had to laugh at how many times I've used the word precarious!  I mean it - it appears over and over, in title in words, in the journaling as key words etc - mmmm maybe it's telling me something about my life in general at the moment LOL!  So here is one of the pages that I've used that particular word on  

Close ups of course
and right hand page
 I am loving the grungy messy nature of these pages at the moment - feels a little bit like my mushy brain!

On a positive note I had an amazing response to my WOYWW - everyone was lovely I've managed to visit quite a few of the blogs in return and intend on tracking down a few more - it's lovely to see what everyone is up to!  I thought I'd answer a few of the questions that were asked (not that I expect the questioners to probably see the answers LOL) - the photos were all taken in my house and yes that really is my kitchen installed by my fantastic husband with lots and lots of help from family along the way (my sister helping rip things out, my brother holding parts of a wall up that we were taking down and my Mum plastering - I kid you not!!!!! infact - I have proof
 and no that isn't a staged shot - need further proof
My old kitchen was awful with a piece of work top about 2 and a half foot wide to prepare, serve up etc on - after one Christmas when we'd cooked for 9 people I threw my toys out of my cot and said it would be the next job we would do on the house, so we took walls down (literally - in fact at one point my brother was holding a large section of a wall up) - moved living room from it's space into another room and converted old living room into dining room, my demand for the room was that it had to have lots and lots of worktops and as you saw yesterday I managed that (I also demanded lots and lots and lots of drawers and I got those as well - 12 in total my old kitchen had one!) 

The art work that you spied on my workstation is my current art journal work and thank you for the lovely comments on that.  
And my storage cupboards are huge and inside they are tidy I promise - I'll show you close ups next week if I'm good!  In the past I've had a craft room but I ended up spending all my time in it and never seeing family so when we sorted the kitchen we decided the TV room would be TV and craft so that when the boys (my hubby and son) were on the games system or watching a DVD I could be in the same room crafting and it was working really well until I got them hooked on art journaling - so yes the other question that was asked was do we really art journal as a family and the answer is yes we do, myself, my husband and our 9 year old son have great fun on a Saturday night after tea of spreading newspaper on the dining table, grabbing pens and paints and inks and cut out images and basically art journalling whilst watching a Top Gear dvd or occasionally a film and it is sheer and utter bliss I love the time we have together it is so precious, my son's art journals are adorable and my hubbies are similar but also very different to mine! I suppose our only issue is that we all tend to work on our A3 journals at the same time and so when they are open on the table we struggle for room LMAO! 

So there you have it unfortunately no funny tales of Nutty Nannan today - actually my Mum was my rock yesterday when I needed a shoulder and my husband was my rock last night listening as he always does - I love all of them they are amazing!  

News on the missing in action Melanie - she made it to the gym this week - first time in months and did 50 minutes cardio - she's looking forward to AFTH - (we were doing sums about costs last night - she was so funny), she's started her new job in Wakefield she doesn't know how the hell she is going to sort out the clutch problem on her car but she's travelling up and down the M1 at the moment and secretly she's enjoying her new job because she's busy and her day goes quick!  And her new relationship well if I told you you wouldn't believe me!!!!!  

Anyway if you're having a good morning and happen to pop by say hello!


  1. That journal spread is lush! Sounds like you're under a lot of pressure at the moment, hang on in there, girl. Your family journalling time sounds lovely, such a special time to share together. And what a supportive family helping with your kitchen! I hope the sun is out where you are today, it is here. Enjoy!


  2. Good morning!! I can't remember if I commented on your post yesterday (and am I being thick - what does WOYWW stand for again?!?) but I loved seeing your house, it looks lovely. I too had a busy Wednesday but not rubbish like yours Honey - hope you have a better day today. I am taking it easy today (as easy as Harry and Molly will allow!) and intend doing minimal housey stuff and maximum crafty stuff that I can! Also need to update my blog but think I'll do that this evening. Can't wait to see you all and find out about Mel's love life!!! xxx

  3. wow you are busy, i was looking for your WOYWW (going there in a sec) but wanted to say those pages are stunning xx

  4. Hi Virginia

    I think I need your kitchen - and your mum - and your talent! All are awesome. Plastering is one of the few diy jobs I havn't done and I desperately need a new kitchen and as for the journal page - beautifully blalnced I'd say!
    Hope you're feeling better.
    x Michelle

  5. Shall I make you feel sorry for me? Shall I? I have no drawers in my kitchen. Not a one. It's a nightmare. Who builds a kitchen without drawers?? My landlord that's who. My knives and forks are in a Cheshire Cat mug in my cupboard!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I'm so envious of your family crafting time :) Maybe one day. At the mo we are all into different crafts. Me - messy. Devon - no way is she getting her nails dirty. She's the card maker. Phoebe - "But Mum the sun's out, can't I go plaaaaaaaaay outside?" Ruby- "Stamp, stamp, stamp!" Yep she's my best hope at the moment... if I can tear her away from Mr Tumble for 5 minutes ;)