Friday, 19 March 2010


Well what a week it's been and with a blink of an eye it's Friday usually I'd say woo hoo but today I think I'll just settle for phew!  It has been a roller coaster of a week with stress levels at maximum but my art journaling and scrapping has kept me sane (and a big thank you to all those that left comments to that effect - yes art journaling and scrapping definitely calm the mind).  So I thought as a flip side to my stress discussion earlier in the week I'd give you  

What's Rocking my World This Friday
  1. A tidy house, with such a messy week spending an hour hoovering and dusting and cleaning etc was mighty nice last night - not that I like cleaning I might add but boy do I like it when I come home to a tidy house!  So big thank you to Craig and Little Man for joining in - the house looks awesome (I even tidied away after art journaling last night because everywhere was tidy - it's a while since that's happened believe you and me)
  2. Prepared pages - yes I've been working on them and working on them and working on them and now all they need are my ramblings - don't they look lovely, spent last night finishing them off to the point where all they need is writing and oil pastels - so I can rant and ramble, note and discuss, cover serious and sad, happy and funny, life's moments immediately as they happen!
3.  Then there is the pile of magazines and books awaiting dismantling - how lush is this massive pile of magazines to look forward to!
4.  Then there are all these cut images ready - love it when I can just dip into this and find 'just the right' image that i'm after
 5. Washing drying on the line!
6.   Hot cross buns for breakfast
7.  A cup of tea in bed this morning (I get this every morning but it's nice to tell hubby he's appreciated isn't it)
8.  Blopping this week has been great, my Mum's new blog has kept me giggling all week (she managed to follow herself) and Melanie's taken to having full blown conversations on her own blog through the comments section LMAO
9.  A belated birthday gift received and loved - thanks Carmen it's still making me smile on the inside this week - she must have liked it she thought I'd be good enough for a new blog based on Tim Burton's creations LOL - don't know if I'm that good but I've e-mailed them so they can have a look at it LOL!
10.  Being alive on a beautiful spring morning in Yorkshire for that I am truly grateful
So the weekend stretches in front of us - I'm off to work this morning - I'm going to do a 'sod off or else' sign for my door but I'm not sure if it will work - perhaps I'll need to be more polite - if you can think of a more polite notice please let me know I'm doing 'blunt' at work at the moment and they know it!

I've got a parcel on it's way to Stafford fingers crossed it gets there and I've got a Christening on Sunday, so a busy weekend ahead but busy in a good way!

If you happen by don't forget to tell me what's rocking you Friday, in fact if you do it as a blog post let me know and I'll do a bit of blog hopping later and have a look, if you don't fancy that then just leave me your list in my comments, it's always lovely to know what's ticking the right box for other people at the moment!

Right off to do battle I'll see you all later



  1. Your Mum does make me laugh! Loving your pages all ready to be journalled on, especially the top one with the hands. Is that a Fortean Times i see on your pile? I used to sub to that mag, some triffic images in them as I recall! Plus it reinforced my total belief in EVERYTHING! :P

    Am so glad you emailed that blog. I emailed my Coraline duckie in LOL! Not sure that's quite what they meant but I bet they just love your (MY) book :P

    Tidying is my job for the day. Just working up the enthusiasm to do it.

    I shall indeed post what's rocking my Friday later on ;) Great idea!

  2. Hello!!! Sorry, I've been a bad blogger this week. Lots going on and no time for commenting which is terrible. Did read and look and laugh and appreciate though and sent out lots of good, calming thoughts your way!

    Paul away for the weekend to Dublin so I intend to journal, blog and play till my heart's content...unless I am enticed out for cocktails by the rest of the girlies who's husbands are with him! After the time I'm having, we shall

  3. I'm going to blog whats rocking my world - please come on over and take a look x

  4. Loving your pages to be organised loving what rocked your world alma xx

  5. The best sign I ever saw was " I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow is not looking good either,,!!"

  6. I love your list - Iv'e got an idea for your sign - Artistic Diva At Work - lol!