Friday, 26 March 2010


Well I had to get my brain online before I could post on this subject (as everyone whose following my blog will know - this week has been mighty stressful) but today is Friday and there are still many things that are Rocking my World so I'm going to share what they are

Gargoyles - I love these little guys and I know they would struggle to chat with us if they were able to speak on the grounds of having a lead pipe sticking out of their mouth - but I bet they've seen some sights in their time.  These gorgeous little guys were on the Church we went to last Sunday for a Christening aren't they cute

And this one
So I'm trying to have a "doing something different" kind of day - I'm assuming if I do something different then that will mean my day will be less stressful and if it's less stressful I get a better weekend and so do my family (there is some logics in it) however there are some things that have to stay the same - a cup of tea in the morning to be honest I couldn't cope with anything else!
But I did go for a different breakfast today it was muesli!
My Dad used to call it rabbit food but I like it and that's all that matters!

So I thought after dropping said 9 year old off I'd head to my Mum's for a cuppa - problem was she wasn't up - mmmm - now that's different because she normally is - so I got in the car and drove around and around (stress head back on - what was I doing) so I drove home

Do something different mmmm - so I made a milky coffee and grabbed my book and went and sat in the garden with my big woollen coat on - and well yes that was absolutely different and it was lovely - so Vitamin D dosage for me because the sun was out - very different.

I'd just finished my cuppa when ring ring (my interpretation of a phone LMAO) - it had to be my Mum - but no it wasn't it was Gavin - big waves to Gavin - whose a neighbour of ours from when we lived in Stafford and I haven't spoken to him in AGESSSSSSS and do you know it was a lovely telephone call we chatted and laughed and giggled and well it was lovely - SO THANK YOU GAVIN FOR MAKING MY MORNING DIFFERENT AND LOVELY ALL IN THE SAME PHONE CALL!!!!! 

He chatted about a recent outing he had to a cinema he'd not been to before and how it was like stepping back in time, not only did the tickets come out of the brass plates at the ticket counter but the screen was smaller than his telly at home and the seats were the original red dralon with matching carpet and elaborate curtaining surrounding the screen - talking of which there was no surround sound so the effect was rather muffled - despite the fact he'd gone to see Wolfman he was giggling throughout and then the icing on the cake was the intermission half way through where the man with the ice cream tray came into the cinema - Gavin said he couldn't speak he was crying too much from laughter!  On the flip side of this I was saying about our local cinema which gives you a variety of seating, from VIP and sofa to - wait for it - bean bag! WTF!!!!!  I said there was no way I was spending 3 hours in a beanbag watching a film that I wouldn't be able to hear due to the rustling - you know that rustling that you get in a beanbag every time you move its like an on/off button for white noise!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I couldn't stand it - and where the hell do you put your popcorn when you're on a bean bag other than all over yourself and your seating!  

Anyway rocking my world today as well is this listen ....

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - can you hear it .......................................

You can? Me too - silence

Well as close to silence as I'm going to get I can hear me click clacking away on the keyboard, the whir of the PC as it does it's Friday morning scan and occasionally the wind moving one of the fence panels with an annoying squeak - hold up what else can I hear ...

I think I can hear an asthmatic bird - either that or a person with a whistle stuck in their throat 

Nope that's it - what can you hear?  I can't hear it so tell me then maybe I will be able to!

Next on Rocking my World Friday - a newly received Circle Journal all ready for my pages - I love this one it's gorgeous and now my subconscious has had a day or two to play I know what I'm doing with it and I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited 
then there is the tidy house - we tidied last night so it's lovely throughout - it might not be everyone else's version of tidy - but it's mine - so I don't have to do my martyr act at the end of the day claiming how busy I've been whilst cleaning - nope all done!  Now in amongst all this tidiness is this corner of the breakfast bar and yes that is art journaling piled up high and I love it - there is o much going on with my art journaling at  the minute it's lovely but I'll save that for another post later in the weekend!

Finally there is this little guy who came for breakfast this morning - isn't he gorgeous, he's sat next to the feeder that my hubby made him, this way the squirrel has his own designated area and the birds have another - harmony in the garden, I love this little guy he's so sweet! 
OK - I'm off to Rock my World a bit more and do some other things that are different - I can't tell you what they are yet - because I haven't done them but I may come back later and tell you about them! 

In the meantime join me in telling me what is rocking your world today!  And a big thank you to Heavens2Betsy for the prod this morning - I just needed to apply my mind!

PS  One of the things I'm going to do today is go find texture!  So I'm off ta-ta for now - if you do a blog post on Rocking Your World - don't forget to leave details in my comments then I can come look too - if you haven't time and just want to list them then leave them in the comments box!


  1. Oh Virginia - you make my sides ache! You're sounding more chilled already - think the whole Rockin' thing is a wonderful chill out thing to do and your week, tho obviously a pile of poo, seems to have loads to be glad about going on it. Love your resident squirrel! I think you've been a bit of a tonic with this great idea and i'm going to keep playing along .... its good for us all! Have a wicked weekend x

  2. 2 weeks in a row? You know what this means? You need to create a button for us to proudly display while we are rocking the world! You so do!

    BTW disregard my last comment as I now know what you did with your day off! *g*

    Gargoyles, I love them, they are so endearing. Craig and the girls think they are ugly. Philistines! You see what I have to live with? *sigh*

    I strained to listen, I really did, didn't get any silence coming through. Noisy wind sounds from disgusting unladylike daughter no.1 (followed by pleased with herself chortling), cackles of laughter from daughters no.2& 3 whilst they very loudly watch Nev the Bear... hammering from outside while Craig, yet again, improves his shed/pigeon loft... growling and barking while the dogs think themselves hilarious chasing each other round the house... silence? Not so much!

    That old fashioned cinema sounds amazing!

    Right am orf to go rock my world!

  3. Well it was lovely to see you this morning, so I guess that could count as rocking my world eh? well one of the things anyway! Hope you enjoyed your photography session and you managed some chill time this afternoon - and I don't mean sat in the garden with your overcoat on!
    x x x

  4. I love your 'different day' - I'm gonna have me one of those!! Also love the gargoyles, the squirrel and the twilight zone cinema story - a very Virginia combination wouldn't you agree?!? Random and love you for it. Off to bed - was planning an early night but it's now late o'clock and i've been sucked into

  5. Awww, cute squirrel! Circle journals are so fun to do! Have a great weekend!