Monday, 8 March 2010


So here I am again - a second blog posting in 2 days - yes you've guessed it I've had the day off with my hubby Craig whilst little man was at school.  It's been a lovely day just the two of us - we started off with a walk around a walled garden at our local garden centre, it was really cold in the shade but the sun was gorgeous and look at this blue sky - how divine is that!

 Setting the trees off it felt almost as if spring may be coming closer - particularly with all the birds that were around!
We then enjoyed a wander around some little craft shops including a 'new age' one full of gorgeous crystal jewellery - I tried on a couple of pieces I'm still after a ring with a specific stone but it hasn't found me yet!  Then we had a coffee at the newly built coffee shop and just chatted and talked - strangely enough the walk sparked off art journal ideas - Craig's current page is different to others he's done as he's developing his own style!  
Then we went for a wander around the shops (without said 9 year old sitting looking bored asking if we were nearly done yet) and then had a spot of lunch.  Afterwards we headed to the Meadowhall for a wander around the Lanes and book shops and just a generally mooch, I bought a book at a pound shop to rip up - I was stood comparing the height of them!  Craig said that only I could decide on a book because of it's height but I said I was fed up with joining pages together so if I got one tall enough I wouldn't have to!  Finally we headed for another coffee and wow was it seriously strong - in fact we're both still reeling from it - I swear it has made us both funny in the head tonight LMAO!   I've had a seriously blissful day for which I am truly grateful!  It makes you glad to be alive!  

Here is another 'anatomy' page that I did last night ready for the 'word' journaling bit - these are seriously addictive! 

  I also realised that I didn't share these two pages with you - from my 'permission' journal! I really enjoyed playing with the white pen on this one
and the opposite page with my tattooed lady! 
And finally I did my 'what's rocking my world' page - I had the image which I adored and just didn't know what to do with it!  Then the other day Dyan asked what was rocking our world and I left a comment indicating what was ticking the boxes in my life at the moment - a lightbulb moment dawned on Friday evening in that I could put my reply with the image and document a little snippet of my life at the moment - so here's the finished page and I love it!
Back to work tomorrow (although hubby is off for another day) and it'll be a long one (usually 12 hours) as we've got the volunteering group tomorrow night so it'll be late when I get in and I'm usually mentally drained at the end of it - although I'm sure I'll manage a bit of blog hopping along the way!

Tonight however, time with my little lad who walked through the door tonight and burst into tears apparently he's fallen out with his best buddy at school over a joint writing project they were doing together so he's feeling a bit vulnerable add to that the fact that he'd just had a bumped nose when we got to school it would appear not to have been his best day - I can feel a journal page coming on! 


  1. I am impressed!! 2 days in a row indeed!! Love the rockin' the world page - will definitely have a go at one of those. Hope the wee man's okay - I'm sure they will have fallen back in as quick as they fell out. Your day out sounded

  2. Sounds like an amazing day with hubby. I'm looking forward to reclaiming a day here and there like that when Ruby starts nursery :P

    Gorgeous journal pages too Virginia - hope DS is feeling a bit happier today.

  3. Hi Virginia, glad you had a lovely day, that blue sky looks gorgeous! Your pages are fabby too. this is a quickie as I'm catching up in blogland.....see ya soon.....

  4. Gorgeous sky and gorgeous pages x thanks for reminding me about Dys birthday - Its been so mad round here and Ive been fighting an awful cold I clean forgot! rectified it now though so hugs and thanks xx Janet

  5. ooh a pound shop. Unfortunately we dont have them in Harrogate, more like ten pound shops, lol.
    love your page, thats what its all about a snippet of your world xx

  6. Lovely journal pages, especially like the black and white one - gorgeous. Now, where's your 365 calendar?! Kate