Wednesday, 17 March 2010

SHE LIKED IT!!!!! and life in general...

Well isn't life just a little curious sometimes - forgive me but need to waffle first.  Life at the moment is very stressful now stress is such a strange thing because it doesn't act like a button - you can't turn it on and off at will - what it actually reminds me of is being followed around by something that continues to try and catch me - now not one for running (I don't run - not with my back) I'm usually quick witted enough to manage to evade the dreaded stress factor.  

Now normally I partake in what I call fire fighting - I manage to keep the flames under control (I don't usually manage to extinguish the issues just deal with them as they burst into little mini fires) but at the moment I feel like I've run out of water and that there's an arsonist at large amongst my life because I'm failing miserably on this front, now some of you may think where is this happening in my life and the answer is work, so the last few days have been mighty difficult.  But in amongst all this there are some little pleasures that make me smile, yesterday was a prime example when I got a message saying the circle journal I had sent off had reached it's desired destination and the positive message from Suzy really made me smile and really took the edge off a very stressful day.  Then this morning I learned that the little gift I'd made for Carmen as a belated birthday present had reached its destination and even more she didn't know it was on it's way because she'd not picked up my e-mail so it was a complete surprise - how lovely is that.  It really set me up for the day, then my Mum rang me at work this morning (she knows I'm stressed so wanted to cheer me up) to say Carmen had left a love message on her blog - which she then insisted on reading me and it really brightened up quite a difficult day.  

Then I've got home this evening to find that Carmen has photographed the gift and popped it on her blog, although she said she's had difficulty photographing it and as Carmen knew I'd photographed it I thought I'd put it on here for her as well as I knew it was quite difficult to photograph given the layers - I'm so sorry I've used the word photograph so many times but you get gist.  

The book is the original Alice in Wonderland book, duly altered and complimented with altered pictures from original drawings to cartoon versions to recent versions all altered in an Alice Cooper style and incorporating Alice Cooper lyrics - specially made for Carmen who is a huge Alice Cooper fan (in case you hadn't guessed) - so eyes down
Front cover, followed by pages followed by back cover - meet me at the bottom when you've had a look

I think my hubby managed to capture the colours really well (my photos weren't as good lol) - so it's now in it's new home with Carmen

So this evening stretches out ahead I would love to say I'm going to sit and play with paint and ink and all fun stuff but teas not cooked, the ironing pile has reached the ceiling the washers on the house is untidy, the child needs collecting from a party, a gift a friend has asked me to make isn't late (yet I thought it was), I've brought a load of inputting home from work, I've asked dear hubby to make a box for the not yet late gift which will then need making pretty - mmmm - anyone got a time turner because I'mnot sure how I'm going to fit this all in LMAO!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh you got such better pictures than I did. I really, really love it Virginia, I don't know if I mentioned that but I DO I so DO! It's just yummy!

    I love your fire fighting description, it's perfect. I hope things settle down for you soon :( Or that you catch that pesky arsonist and give them a good talking to.


  2. Wow def sounds like a lot oing on there my dear. I just love your book - what a treat for carmen to receive - it must have taken hours - wow! Thanks for making time in your day to stop by my blog too - you have been a moment in my day to smile xx Janet

  3. Oh poop... I wrote this long waffle about stress for you and then got an error... so now I am stressed!! Relax and smell the roses... and scrap, its a great stress reliever!!
    Love your gift to Carmen, its even more stunning now I see Dh's pics of it!!

  4. I'm not surprised - its awesome!!!!
    Lucky Carmen :D

    Julie xx

  5. Wow - just saw this on Carmen's blog. It is THE most beautiful book I have ever seen - She's a lucky lady and you are extremely talented. Well done!

  6. WOW what a marvellous boo,just wonderful ,should be treasured for ever.

  7. That was such a thoughtful gift for Carmen and it is so beautiful. I'm so sorry to hear you are having so much stress and I hope it all gets better for you soon, you deserve good luck and happiness.

  8. Hi honey, what a gorgeous gift, she must be one special girly to recievethat. You are always so thoughtful and giving. Sorry things are tough at the mo, grit your teeth, tip down your hat and hold on tight for the ride. XXX

  9. This is stunning Virginia, no wonder she loved it. Try not to get so stressed, life goes on no matter what you do. xx

  10. hi stunning job sweetheart the piccies look superb chillax the work will be there after we are all gone, trouble is I know how difficult you find it to relax just like your dear Father,especially when there is work to be done.hopefully a christening on Sunday is just what is needed to take our minds off work and deadlines and arsonists.

  11. Virginia this is gorgeous! I'm sure it made Carmen feel really special knowing that you spent time creating something so personal to her...truly a lovely gift!

  12. OMG Virginia, please, please think about trying out! What a fabulous new site :D