Thursday, 25 March 2010


Well good evening everyone, I thought I'd put another blog post on as it helps me unwind, putting a little art journaling on here, perhaps another Celtic Knot as the last were well received, answer a few questions and try and chill out.

 Cures for Stress
I giggled last night as Carmen said I should make some bread and pummel it if I couldn't find anything else to pummel - I had this mental image of attacking a sliced loaf and it definitely made me smile - I think Carmen meant at the dough beating stage - but I have a vision of me launching myself at the sliced bread aisle in Asda - mmm - stress head not good (but rather funny)

Celtic Knotwork

On to the knotwork for all those who asked, it was put on the wall using an overhead projector followed by hours and hours and hours of painting all over the house - it became something of an addiction and when we came to sell up I seriously considered charging on the door because it became something of a tourist attraction but not a house anyone wanted to buy as just too personal - so eventually we whitewashed the whole house as hard as it was - it looked like everyone elses house but it sold - I did get told when showing a couple around one day that they'd never seen anyone who'd "tattooed their house before" - mmm and you wonder where my tattooed ladies come from!

So here is the only other photo I've got on this PC although I'm sure I've got others on disc somewhere - this was the guest room!
Carmen said our house must be 'gorgeous' - well the last one was but we've never had the heart to do the knotwork to this one (yet) we sometimes get tempted to go blitz a wall - highly tempting - I'll let you know if it ever happens!

Art Journaling

OK on with the art journaling I started this double page in my A3 art journal weeks ago (prior to my weekend at AFTH) and it just didn't work for me at all, so I left it and left it but then I took the plunge, peeled off the image and set to with some thin gesso and then thought - what the hell am I doing - far from improving the situation I was definitely making it worse so I set to with paint and images and pen and well I really like it now it's finished however I do note that my style seems to be shifting (again)

I'm going to leave you all in suspense on the waiting for the paint to dry bit - I'm asking permission to show and promote on here at the mo and provided she says yes then I can let you see what I've been doing.

Stress Update

On the stress front - well last night I decided to do some art journaling as everyone said it would help, except I wasn't wanting to use my brain so I thought I'd do some backgrounds in my A5 journal - Craig stopped me an hour later to ask what I was doing - I'm de-stressing I said in a Mad-hatter kind of way - "Virginia" he said "You've almost filled that book in the last hour with backgrounds" - Whoops!

So even work have noticed that I'm stressed - they're looking at getting me an assistant but I've just got to manage in the interim - I said to my boss that I might head in tomorrow and he's told me not to but to actually have a day off - so the question is what should I do, the house is clean, the food is bought so after dropping little man at school I've got 6 hours all to myself - so what would you do with the time if you were me (please don't say go to work - I may throw myself off the front step with that one LOL)?

OK off to do some art journaling I think?  


  1. I would just 'be' Virginia and see where your mood takes you. I love your knotwork, it must've been such a wrench painting over it! I hope you re-tattoo your new home. Your pages look great. I once made an altered book. It started off all beige and sweetness and light but ended up black and red and ANGRY ... it was sooo helpful! x

  2. Yeah, get out some 'mood' colours and let the pages do your stressing! x x x

  3. Hi Virginia, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. I'm playing your 'whats rockin my world this week' again today I enjoyed it so much - and it made me feel good. Think I'm going to do this every Friday if thats ok with you? Would love to know whats rockin your world and if your 'me' day turned out ok x

  4. Love these pages Virginia they look greatyour style is changing cant wait to see new stuff if you get permission love your mam xxx

  5. Oh blimey - how funny would that be? Can imagine you on the 'and finally' bit of the news, karate chopping your way down the bread aisle! LOL!

    Love those piccies of the house, you must have such a steady hand. That quote on the wall is lovely.

    What did you get up to in the end today? Hope you relaxed and chilled out.