Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Well I have every intention of art journaling this evening I am partaking in a new online course and up to now it's awesome - absolutely amazing fantastic and great all at the same time.  The downside is that the 'lesson' I'm on with took about two minutes to do and now apparently I have to wait for it to dry - wait did I hear 'wait' - and no before you say it I can't actually speed the process up by drying it with a heat tool or a hair dryer because otherwise I'll lose the 'look' - I have to actually wait!  So  I think Mmm what can I do - well other half also known as Craig is currently cooking tea so I thought I must have something to blog on my PC so here I am waiting for it to dry!

So the question is -  is this week any better than last week ie am I less stressed - nope fraid not - just as stressed as last week so my Wednesday night art journaling is essential to keep me sane - so it better hurry up and dry otherwise I'll be painting the walls at this rate and don't think we haven't done that in the past because we have this was my 'aubergine phase' at the Stafford house - I kid you not - it took 8 layers of cream paint to make the knotwork stand out on this wall

 However, it took only one layer of aubergine to stand out on the cream wall - ooh I miss my knotwork! 

And yes before you ask we did this to the entire house - every room a different colour - every wall a different knot - we even used scaffolding off the staircase for the dragon knot!  So be warned because I can imagine me hitting the walls at this rate!

So here's what I've done to try and de-stress this evening

  • First thing when I got in was a shower - to wash the stress away - but that didn't help (not at all not in the slightest or at least but I am now much cleaner)
  • so then I read - that didn't help it just started eating my evening up so I put the book down. 
  • Then I put my PJ's on and no I didn't care that it was only ten to six I art journal better when I'm comfy - so I'm comfy and less stressed - nope just comfy! 
  • So then I went blopping - around I went reading about all my blog friends lives - fun yes - less stressed no - unfortunately not - Carmen's blog tonight however really struck a cord must watch this program - it might be my catalyst too!
  • Had a cup of tea - de-stressed - nope but less thirsty
  • Spoke to my Mum - de-stressed - nope talked work with her = more stressed
  • Came on here to type about stress - it's not helping mmmmm me thinks I should stop talking about it then maybe it would go away - do you think that would work - ignoring it?
So here I am so what can I share with you - my favourite page from my new book, the colours are slightly richer than these are showing in my book but I love it all the same!
All based on Dyan's anatomy page and all part of my new 'anatomy' book!  Which is now officially full!  Right teas ready - going to see if that de-stresses me - can't see it - I can feel a painty session approaching! If you get to here say hi - if you think I'm officially mad you can say that too - or maybe I've just reached my goal and achieved eccentric - still haven't got the bank balance to match though!


  1. You sound like you need to give something a good pummelling! Maybe you need to get one of those punch bags and give it a good kicking :P Failing that, make some bread and beat it severely!

    I am gobsmacked at that knotwork, how ever did you leave it behind? Was it stencilled or free hand? Just gorgeous, so jealous, your house must be so gorgeous!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my post today - everyone has been so lovely. I just felt like having a snuffly post and didn't really expect people to read that bit. Am so knocked sideways by the supportive comments. I think I will set up a seperate blog too and try it that way. I'll have to go peek at yours ;)

  2. No, I don't think you're mad. Probably just the right side of bonkers!! You do sound stressed though - you need to journal it all away :-)
    Love the knots - how did you do it?! Amazing.
    Kate x
    BTW Which on-line course are you doing?

  3. Your knot work was to die for and I know what a struggle it was to cover it up just so you could sell the house to come back to south Yorkshire to be near me because I had breast cancer.I know what a wrench it was and I appreciate the sacrifice but I have the pictures as well and one day you may do it again and if not it will be because you have found something equally enough to to satisfy your creative hunger and you will be in journaling paradise
    which will be Nirvana

  4. Welcome to the creatively poor eccentric club! I love your knotwork - must've been hard to part with .... now, for the knots in your neck/shoulders .... I'd recommend a good massage... stress is a demon that needs to be defeated. Sending you healing wishes x

  5. Love these journal pages and can't wait to see what you're waiting to dry. Hope today is less stressful for you. xx

  6. Just keep journalling, just keep journalling, just keep journalling...(sang in a Dory from Finding Nemo stylie) The stress will ease, promise! I'm stressing a lot right now too, lots going on that I can't control and I hate that!!

    Beautiful Celtic knots - I'm blown away, seriously. Love them, love, them, love them you clever lady.

    Off to figure out how I get access to my first Dina lesson - tried last night but tiredness got the better of me - it's probably dead simple but I just couldn't see how to get there at all! Glad you're enjoying your course - can't wait to see the results.

    Have a lovely Thursday. xx

  7. Me thinks we all be liking that knot work! Its lovely!
    And HOW did you manage to 'wait' for your paint to dry! I chuckled at that thought! x x x