Sunday, 14 March 2010


Well it's quarter to seven on Mother's Day evening - Craig's just popped for a chinese for us so I'm going to try and put a very quick blogpost on with a few things!  Firstly - can I welcome my sister Melanie to lovely blogland - she finally bit the bullet today and now officially has a blog.  Whether she'll manage to keep it up to date with her current life I have no idea, but we'll wait and see - so if you happen along here go and have a look at her blog - she'd love to hear from people.  

Also my Mum, Valencia now has a blog - so go and visit her too - with her now officially being semi-retired you may find daily postings from her!  Now how you may ask did they both manage to get a blog on the same day - yes your's truly - I was only popping for a cup of tea before I knew it we had two laptops set up and I was whizzing back and forth between them setting up backgrounds altering text colours etc - much madness was had by all but then my Mum declared she needed to go to Virgin Express and buy two cards and a cabbage - now after we'd all stopped laughing and crying she confirmed she meant Tesco Express but had changed the name because she could see the Virgin media homepage - the shopping list was however quite accurate.  In fact I've had an afternoon filled with laughter - my Mum says some great things and when she's got one of her children (or in this afternoons case all three of her children around) much merriment and laughter was had by all!  Bless it's been a fab afternoon!

Being Mother's day I got chocolates which I did declare had actually got 48 weight watcher points in them - so the solution according to hubby was to eat one a day WTF!  One a day - really - you're having a laugh - thankfully I've managed to share them up to now - they are rather nice though.  I also got some polka dot pj's which look lovely but lack an essential part of pj's in my book - no stretch - so I looked pleadingly at hubby who said they weren't what he wanted to buy anyway!  Bless him - I think it was something of a last minute thing this year!  

Well anyway enough of my ramblings art journaling!  Here's a page I've had in my book for a while and it wasn't coming together and then a set of sunday papers later and the large image on the right came to fruition - a combination of a few adverts - duly tattooed as always and then with the eye's turned purple - well you have to don't you!

A close up I love the eyes
then an anatomy page finished - I've had this one ready and waiting and then a thought strikes and off I go - loved the fact it was ready for my rant!
Last night we decided to have an art journaling family night - which usually means TV and paint but last night was actually music and paint and fun was had by all - look at all these lovely background pages that I've done ready - I was playing with colour tee hee!  These are all based on Dyan's anatomy page that I did at the beginner's art journaling weekend (which I have to say was fab - if I haven't mentioned it before) and I have great plans for them!  Watch this space
then another finished page - another that has been in waiting for a while and then got finished this week
and another I'll apologise for the colour - it is actually very lush when you're up close and personal but looks very yellowy here!
 Then these beauties
Just to prove what size they are 
yes who'd have believed it they are actualy beer mats that I bought from the Charity shop at work and look my Little Man joined in too - mainly did them because my Mum looked at the huge carrier bag full of them and said "what on earth are you going to do with those?" - I suppose the moto of the story is don't challenge me on such things as the answer is you can art journal anything

So that's all - if you fancy following a brand new blog click on Mum and sister's links above - if you happen along here don't forget to say hello! 

Wishing all the yummy mummies out there a very Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Hello there!

    I'd just like to point out that I would have commented about 10 minutes ago but I just HAD to go and visit your sister's blog and leave a comment there (actually 2) and then I read on and realised that your Mum now has a blog to so just HAD to visit there too and leave a comment!!! Well done you on getting them started!!! Glad to hear your Mum hasn't changed (as if she ever could) and is still coming out with mad random stuff and making everyone laugh...priceless.

    Love, love, love all your pages - they are fab and you have now super-shamed me into getting going with mine. It's been crazy busy round here the past few weeks but Harry's birthday party today marks the end of the craziness (hopefully) so I am hoping to get going again! Love the fact you have journalled onto coasters...I have gessoed some old Bob the Builder board books of Harry's - waste not want not!!

    Off to enjoy a lovely bath and a glass of wine...Mother's Day can now begin!!! xxx

  2. Ooh, meant to say that I wasn't asked to leave word verification on the 1st comment I left for Mel but I was for the 2nd - hope the 1st one works!! xx

  3. Great coasters, from the pictures I imagined them to be
    a lot bigger. I love the fact that the whole family join in when you craft. :-) xx

  4. Agreed. I thought they were huge ginormous pages. And they're diddy! All the more impressive for the amount of detailing on them. Simply gorgeous.

    Glad you had a lovely day Virginia - one chocolate a day indeed. Is he insane? :P I'm orf to check out your sis and Mum's blog now. Well done, I tried getting my sister and friend to blog. They both set one up and that's as far as it went! *sigh*

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely Mothers Day. It's good to have a family get together. Yes, you are right they are little beauties, and who would have thought they were beer mats??fantastic, love em!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Right now I'm off to check out your sisters and Mom's blog now.