Sunday, 7 March 2010


Ok so it's been a seriously long time since I've last managed to post on my blog - there are various reasons I can give for this but can't be bothered - so onwards with this posting - so what have I been doing.  

Well in amongst all of blogland I have struck up some pretty amazing blogships (same as friendships but these are people I haven't met in person), some people just seem to strike a cord and you feel like you know them - Carmen is just one of these people and over the last year or so we've really got to know each other through out blogs and the crafting we love and the lives we lead!  So much so that I'm currently finishing off a belated (now really quite belated) birthday gift for her.  I have these ideas and they always taken on a momentum of their own - this one is no different and Carmen you'll be pleased to know the gift is now nearing completion.  I've shown a few members of friends and family and all they've said is - "I don't believe you - you're really going to give it away?" and I think that is a resounding thumbs up to say it's OK.  It's nothing like I've done before and it's been a pleasure to do just a little bit more tweaking and it'll be off to it's new home once there I promise to share some of the images. 

I've also had some amazing family time this last week or so, evenings spent with hubby and little man art journaling (well sometimes it's just me art journaling and they sit with their books in front of them but they get sidetracked with the DVD we've put on) unlike me who has listened to some amazing films recently I'm sure the pictures are excellent too but I simply don't have time to look up - far too busy with paints and inks and all the other lovely art journaling stuff I like playing with!

I also had an art journaling day yesterday with my Aunty Vanessa, my cousin Sabrina (who brought her gorgeous little boy with her - who has to be said is adorable and exceptionally well behaved for such a young baby) and my other cousin's little boy - who so 'got' art journaling (he's only 7 by the way so just shows you anyone no matter how young or old can have a go at this), together with me, my Mum and my sister Melanie we sat and had a play!  So life is good - this art journaling is addictive and keeps spreading itself around the house - I swear the stuff has a life of its own!

So a few images of what I'm on with at the mo - I've finally finished my 'daring' layout this was mid-art journaling with Dyan from Art from the Heart - I did her beginners weekend (which I can highly recommend) and was mid-way through this layout when I was there - when I came back to it she'd opened so many doors I really didn't know how to finish it!  So I left it be and then toddled along last night and had a play and a tweak and it's finally done!  Apologies for wood top and bottom of picture forgot to prune it out and it's my A3 journal so it's massive!

A little closer
and the other page
I've found when I'm in an 'arty' mood I struggle to do the writing side (unless I need a rant about things) so last night I did some pages ready for my 'war and peace' - I love these pages based on the 'anatomy' ones we did with Dyan during the weekend, the concept is so wonderfully freeing and every page turns out different - I'm going to turn them (eventually when I have enough) into a book! 
Every page is different and yet the same 
and the pages really pop irrelevant of the colour choice or the text
A finished one from yesterday when family was over
loving my new blue paint that I got yesterday!
So life is fun and hectic all at the same time, the weekend has been and gone in the blink of an eye - I've caught up my brother today who is making ghost traps from ghostbusters at the moment - to say my family are massively creative I think could be deemed an underestimate.  I'll leave you with a couple of pictures proving that my hubby and son really do join in art journaling sessions even if they both act up once the camera came out - this one is just when little man is acting up - believe you and me the others are just as bad!
Loving those painty fingers!
If you get here without falling asleep leave me a message I love to hear from everyone!


  1. Ginnie, I've missed you! Kept popping by but no new post...but I knew you were making something for Carmen so I thought you'd be on a roll! Love your pages, I'm in awe of your BIG journal - that size would faze me out so hats off to you! Glad you're having mega fun with the family.

  2. Definitely didn't fall asleep!! I love the family art journalling photos..brilliant!

  3. Painty fingers are the best! Great pages.

  4. Loving those painted fingers and beautiful art work too X

  5. I've missed you!!! Welcome back!!! Would love to type more but I am literally falling asleep at the 'puter - big weekend and I am exhausted! Will leave a proper comment ya! xxx p.s. Pages are awesome!

  6. How fabulous that so many people around you get it and also want to do it! Loving the little uns painty fingers yay looks like fun xx

  7. Ooh! You've got me even more excited now. I know exactly what you mean though about bloggy friends and I think of you in exactly the same way. i ften whinge and moan to Craig that all my BEST friends I've never met! :P And it's really inconsiderate that you all live so blimming far away! I love when you blog. Once I notice people have updated I open up all the pages and work my way through but I always save yours till last so I can go get a cuppa and enjoy it. Who needs magazines when you have your blog eh? *g*

    I love your new pages and so pleased to see you still tattooing your ladies.

  8. Hello again!!! I shouldn't really be sitting here - there's about a hundred bags to unpack, the biggest pile of washing ever and an endless list of things I have to deal with...but heh-ho, it's not going anywhere is it?!?

    Love the journal pages and also love the photo of the wee man and his painty hands - looks like he's having a ball! Really like his Union Jack too - need to see that finished!

    Dying to see Carmen's pressie - and I totally agree with here - Bloggy friends rule!!

    Have just put a load of photos into my 'Blog Folder" ready to post later will be determined by how much I can get done while Molly has a nap - away to put her down now then run around like a mad woman for a couple of hours!!

    Hope you're okay after your near miss in the car - read about it on Dyan's blog. Speaking of which, the big move is today - would have been so nice to help out but will get to enjoy the new studio in May - how excited?!?

    Love to Mel and your Mum.

  9. Hi hunny, bit late but been a bit busy, lmao !!!! Love that you are as excited as me about journaling, and love yout pages, catch up

  10. hi hunny sos I,m late but been a bit busy!!!! lmao. love the pages and love that you are as excited as ne still about your journaling..xx