Sunday, 21 March 2010


Well January arrived with an array of new challenges and I was up for them really I was and then well there are umpteen excuses that I could list here - many many many but I won't bore you with the detail - needless to say I've been on catch up with some and some well some are just impossible - but hey I've managed this one - by the skin of my teeth by combining blog entries, blog comments, work diary, home diary, general calendar, text messages etc - let it not be said that you can't piece your life back together again LMAO

So you're all wondering what the hell I'm talking about well look and see - Kate I managed it I'm caught up on your 365 day challenge (and if anyone out there feels it's too late to join in - I'm proof that it's not) and I now promise to duly complete my pages and prepare for the following month - LOL!

So it's Sunday morning and in 22 minutes we have to set off because we're off to my cousin's son's Christening (are there too many apostrophe's in that - nah - I think the world should be full of little apostrophes)- now this is quite poignant because two year's ago today we lost my Nannan - now there was a formidable woman, she had 10 children - 5 girls and 5 boys (my Mum is the eldest of them all) she had a strong sense of self and was fiercely independent, she was taken at the wrong time (she contracted a hospital bug that took her from us) and it has been a tough 2 years for all of them - my Nannan was always so vocal and she had the most equisite singing voice - she could hit notes like nobody else I knew and she had a wicked smile and was just quite simply awesome.  So today's Christening is a way for us all to mark a sad day in a positive way because my Nannan would have just loved it!

Now last night was Art Journaling Saturday night (I'm starting to love these) we went and grabbed some DVD's from the supermarket and spent most of the day creating.  We watched 50 First Dates for the first time and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and last night me and hubby watched The Frighteners and in amongst this filmfest I finished my anatomy book - now this is not a book about the anatomy it's the method taught by Dyan when we did the Beginner's Art Journaling weekend and I love the pages composition it lends itself again and again and again - as I've proved so I had a stack of these on the side so I turned them into my very first self made book with quite a lot of help from hubby who did the cutting and sticking of greyboard to create the outer covers.  I've covered them in another method taught by Dyan and love the combined pastel colours - I haven't finished the covers but the rest are done.  The next photo shows the inside of the bookk done in the same method and then a few more pages I added before it was complete.
The view from the top of the book - look how lovely and full it is, I love the yellow page above because the writing is crazy I tell you crazy - I drew a zig zag line so at first glance it just looks mad - but I love it!

I've a few more pictures to share but I'm keeping them for another post - ooh the suspense don't you love it!
Melanie was apparently going to do a blog post on Friday (that didn't happen) then she was going to do one on Saturday (that didn't happen either) although rumour has it she was karaoking at a friends house until the early hours - resulting in a lack of sleep on my Mum's part who lives next door to said party - uh-oh I can see some ranty blog postings coming - think I'll keep my head down! 

Now have to go 6 minutes til liftoff and coffee still to drink - if you stop by say hello!


  1. Oh Virginia, I so love your pages :) I tell ya, if I could fly across the ocean and take Dyan's classes I would. Look forward to seeing the others when you post them :)

    Have a lovely happy day.

  2. Ooh love your journal pages, and love your calendar pages even more!! Well done for catching up :-) Less than 2 weeks till April.....LOL! Kate

  3. Oh please tell me you are going to tell us how to do that book? Huh? Huh? Awesomeness!

    And YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY! Come join us naughty girls! Maggi sent me the link and asked if I liked the look of it, within the same week I sold my BIA to raise the dosh and I was there! *g* Been playing with my backgrounds all day! Did you sneak in in time for the discount?

  4. Wel done you! For the art calendar catch up. Looking good! Anatomy book looks great too.. love the one with the hands - your zigzag liney one.

  5. Hi Virginia, Love your pages and your posts really do make me roar with laughter sometimes.
    Your book looks stunning. How lovely to markyour Nans passing with a christening. Hope you all had a fine time.

  6. Hi Ginni
    Amazing work Girl, love your pages, particularly the yellow one but that terrapin thingy looks great, Hope the christening went well and that there wasn't much sadness.
    x Michelle

  7. That book is stunning and the description of your Nan is wonderful ... I bet she was smiling at the christening and when she saw you typing this post!

  8. Wow! Lots of work involved here. Lovely creation. Your nannan was an amazing woman. Lovely way to remember her. TFS. ~Glen~

  9. Can't believe you caught up on the 365 challenge - it looks fantastic - well done!!! Must get a start to April...

    Gorgeous journal pages...I am always amazed at how much you produce and how individual they are. I have done a whole little book in the past few days but it was to alleviate some anger, frustration and upset I've been struggling with lately...really helped and the knot that has been in my stomach for the past 2 weeks has finally subsided. The wee book is not suitable for public viewing though!!

    Away to try and do a new post but Molly and Harry both have really bad colds so I'm not holding out much hope of getting the time - poor things, they just want cuddles and we're going through Calpol and tissues like you wouldn't believe!

    Have a great day. xxx