Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Ok, so where on earth do I begin, I last left you with me trying to have a 'different' day the idea of this was to basically help make things different for me.  So after I left you I headed down to the nearest heritage centre to have a look for some good old fashioned texture, ideally graffiti was what I was after but none to be found (and in a positive way I was quite glad) so I went searching out all weird textures, you know bricks and iron work and rusty paint - it was quite therapeutic it's a while since I've had my camera in tow with me when I've gone out and then I popped into the craft shop and guess who should be there but the fantastic Sandy Poppins so I stopped and had a good natter for about an hour before she was teaching a class, it was lovely just to talk - thank you Sandra for joining in my different day, whilst there I bought a little wooden hinged frame and a pack of papers, no idea what to do with them but I liked them.

Then I set off - no idea where I was going so eventually I pulled over and text my sister to see if she fancied meeting for lunch and before I knew it we had made arrangements for lunch in town, I decided to pick somewhere that we don't normally go for lunch (we don't normally do lunch but when we do occasionally meet up for a coffee it's always at the same place).  It was a gorgeous little coffee shop really lovely with pretty decor inside so I ordered a cappuccino before Melanie arrived and sat drawing in my art journal - see taking a leaf out of Dyan's book on this one - not literally she might be slightly offended if i start dismantling her art journaling and yes I got some mighty strange stares - anyway Melanie arrived forthwith and we decided to order food - now this is the beginning of the problem on two counts - can someone please explain what the following item is and secondly who the hell would order one!

On the Menu (I kid you not) 
A list of delicious toasties including - wait for it 

I mean a pineapple toastie - who on earth wants a pineapple toastie?  A few people have said ooh it might have been with cheese - OK who would order a pineapple and cheese toastie - others have said it might have come with ham - a pineapple and ham toastie - nope it came all on it's own!  We laughed so much we almost cried - so we opted out of the toastie range and delved into the listings for paninis.

When I said to the waitress we wanted a panini she said not to rely on the list of fillings because we could pick out own - OK - I must admit the mushroom and onion panini wasn't ticking the box for me - so I said how about cheese and tuna - so we ordered two of them waiting for them to arrive - in the interim I'd discovered that my local town can make cappuccino without milk I swear it was the strongest coffee I've ever had!  So were the paninis a success - not really they weren't paninis but flattened crusty breadrolls that carved the roof of your mouth as you ate it, the tuna was dry and the cheese hadn't melted overall it wasn't the roaring success it could have been and came served with the biggest pile of coleslaw either of us had ever seen - I mean were they just using it up?  As you can imagine me and Melanie laughed and giggled our way through it because in all honestly - my different day was also proving to be amazingly amusing as well!  

So then on Sunday we went to my Mums house and then later on to my brothers house (eventually) for a catch up.  When we arrived at my Mum's she showed us some art work she'd been doing the night before where she'd been splatting paint - she'd got it everywhere - apparently she'd cleaned up but I detected quite a large amount on the kitchen floor, the cooker top and the microwave - she said she needed to do it from a distance to get the desired effect i hadn't realised that this would mean re-decorating her kitchen!

Then we headed to Johns it was lovely just chatting and drinking coffee - my Mum had gone to catch up and borrow books.  Cathie was making a cake when we were there and she showed little man how to make iced decorations - I was going to put a photo of them on my blog because Cathie let him bring them home but he ate them before I could photograph them!  

Classic statement from my Mum before we left (bearing in mind we'd lost an hour on Sunday)

"I don't know what time it is I haven't got my clock on me!"

Mmmmm - I now have visions of my Mum perpetually carrying a large alarm clock with her!

So onwards to crafty things - have you fallen asleep yet?  Well it's taken ages to get this uploaded - what's up with blogger today - grrrrrr - anyway this is my completed 365 day pages for March

and this the base to my April page - yes I know that I've not finished it but let's be honest the background is fairly essential in this anyway!
Then I thought I'd have a go at what's on my work station wednesday photographing my work station - but couldn't decide which one it is at the moment so this is the original - look at that mess! I've abandoned this really since we had to move the main PC down before Christmas following the laptop incident and i hate not having enough room to spreadout so..
I also use this which is apparently the dining table - well it was once!  Complete with sonic screwdriver and graffiti book and insulation foam to make stamps with and well you get the idea!
Then there is work station number 3 which is basically my main pile of art journaling - yes it is getting a little silly I can see a major sort of my craft cupboards coming up to resolve this! 
So I've been partaking in the amazing Graffiti Chic class by Alisa Burke - it has been truly spectacular and i've had so much fun, the following layout was created about half way through the class - what do you think?
Close ups
and the other page
Forgot to mention saturday although I know my Mum partially covered this, our postage stamp of a back garden is constantly waterlogged - I mean it's ridiculous so on Saturday we set to trying to bring the garden into shape (as it's been neglected in the last few years) which resulted in us doing something of a Time Team dig - basically we couldn't fathom out what the strange noise was underneath the lawn so dug out for a better inspection - needless to say we were somewhat bewildered with the 'buried' 3 feet x 3 feet paving slab?  Anyway after it's removal we decided to improve the garden's drainage by putting some gravel under this part of the lawn as per instructions on some random internet site - I'll let you know if it does the trick with the waterlogging problem!

My Mum helped - she's awesome and she had great fun re-knitting the lawn at the end with the lumps of turf we had remaining - we ached somewhat at the end of the day but I'm hoping it might help.  Anyway I think that's it life the universe and everything - I'm off to Taybarn's now - apparently according to my Mum is a last blowout before we start dieting - not sure if my stress head is ready for that - if you stop by and get to this point can i say that I'm truly amazed - please leave a message I like to see who is such a dedicated reader LOL! 


  1. Yay! All my favourite people are posting today!! I am definitely a dedicated reader - read it all in a one-er and enjoyed every word!! LOVE the Graffiti Chic pages - completely fantastic. Can't wait to see them in real life - real soon!! Speaking of which, you might have a couple of squatters in your room in the Premier Inn...can't get our own room for love nor money. I'm not pointing fingers, PAUL, but if the call had been made sooner we wouldn't BE in this situation...

    Anyway, loved hearing all your news on lunch with Mel (missing her), your Mum's clock (I now have an image of her as the Mad March Hare in Alice in Wonderland), your Time Team gardening (soggy gardens are the worst) and the continuation of your different day meeting Sandra - too jealous!

    Can't wait for May. We'll be the ones sleeping rough in our car outside AFTH. Bring us a panini if you don't mind. xxx

  2. Hey I made it is there a prize? Love hearing about what you have been up to and wow loving the pages!

  3. I am, I am really. I am dedicated. Well, actually, I think I must confess to being just downright nosy.... but hey, its all in the name of art right? x

  4. PS forgot to say how fab that Alisa Burke class looks!

  5. When I read about the panini "that carved the roof of your mouth" I laughed out loud and of course I HAD to continue to the end! Loving your journal pages and enjoyed the nosey at your craft space(s)!

  6. Well I managed it to the end as well. Love the Art Journal and the Graffiti ones, I'll pop over to have a look at Alisa Burke. The paninis sound terrible, you'll not be going there again. xx

  7. I love your graffiti art pages and I'm dying to known what you have planned for the 'Huggies' nappies lol.

    Great story telling too, made me smile with my cup of coffee... pineapple blah x

  8. I read to the end :-) And no, I don't fancy a pineapple toastie! Love the background to your April page - can't wait to see what you add to it. Well done for keeping up - we're a quarter of the way through now. The Alisa Burke class looks fab. Kate

  9. I can put your mind at ease right now! I know THAT person that orders a cheese and pineapple toastie, I am the person sat opposite, roaring with laughter when THAT person bites into said toastie to quite quickly realise it is pineapple circles and not chunks as it slides out whacking her in the chin leaving a bright red semi-circle burn mark!! LOL! Oh yes that's my mate Caz!

    Brilliant post once again Virginia - I'd love to live in your world, I really would *g* And I loved seeing your Wednesday workspace - I think I might NEED that graffiti book!

  10. I fancy a pineapple pannini, maybe its my age!!! xx