Wednesday, 10 February 2010

WHAT A FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truly and honestly I can't believe it's over with - my weekend at AFTH was absolutely fantastic, Dyan was amazing and it was so revealing to realise how much lighter in our hearts and souls we would feel after the weekend.  

Now anyone whose read my blog will say - but you art journal anyway?  Yes I do but to learn from Dyan is like being given an amazing art journaling tool kit, we learnt about pages, texture, colour and emotions, images, doodling, methods etc but the categoric thing we learnt about was ourselves!  It was absolutely fantastic - added to which my partners in crime (my Mum and sister) were with me and now we're all moving forward on our art journaling journey!  

To have Dyan's expertise guiding us and moving us forward through the weekend was the biggest blessing of all I can wholeheartedly say that if you want to have fun, learn loads, to be freed from some of your mental constraints of everyday life and to meet like minded people and make lots of new friends this is the course for you!  

I don't have problems in the written format (as those who've witnessed my lengthy blog posts and comments on others blogs can vouch for) but the weekend really and truly allowed me to listen to my inner voice.  Yes I can talk for England, yes I can write down my emotion and yes I have learnt to deal with difficult subjects but in amongst all this I was given the opportunity - actually, no let's say it properly the PERMISSION to be myself, to say it how I wanted and with all the raw feeling and pent up emotion that I had.  Yes Dyan's amazing teaching gave me 'permission' I hadn't realised that in amongst all of my creativity I had unseen constraints that I attempted to abide by and was frustrated when I didn't - now - no stopping me - so Dyan thank you from the bottom of my heart!  

So lot's of you will be saying - 'I'm not sure if I'm happy with bearing my soul to a room full of people I don't know' and the answer is YOU DON'T HAVE TO - the Dyan way was share if you're happy to, don't if your not there was absolutely no pressure to live up to any expectation - the only request that Dyan asked was that you allowed yourself to be yourself.

So today's frustration - well I haven't done any art journaling since I got home ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - both my Mum, Valencia and my sister Melanie have made the time to art journal since we got home.  Mum was awake at 4am on Monday morning linking people and colour LMAO - she nearly e-mailed Dyan to tell her!  Melanie was art journaling in bed Monday night - have we learnt from the mistress of art journaling or what.

This is about all I've managed to do up to now but I'm pleased with it - this is a gorgeous book I bought from Dyan's and it's going to start my journey of all the things I give myself Permission to do now - and look I hyphenated the word - rather than trying to squeeze it on the one line (which I would have done before the weekend)!

 Now when I got home on Sunday this is what greeted me 
Do you think they missed me?

And I was thoroughly spoilt for the evening - must do this more often LOL - Dyan I'll be in touch about sending deposits - everyone they said YESSSSSSS plus Melanie wants to know how to do 3-D baubles - she's obsessed i'm telling you obsessed!!!!!!

Me and my hubby!

Started buying random mags, we've got a great stall in the town where we live that sells on old magazines for a £1 or £1.50 they are usually not that old (last month's usually) and you get to have a good rummage, these are the ones I picked up yesterday, the woodturning one has some great photos in as has the Digital Arts one but the American Curves was wrapped so I couldn't view it and it's primarily muscly women with bikinis on who've had their assets altered by plastic surgeons - not sure how I'm going to use these in my journals LMAO - might just paint clothes on them LOL!

I finally got to meet Shelley - who is my friend Sandra (Sandy Poppins) best mate and we decided my Mum had adopted another daughter in the form of Jude who was fantastic and wonderful and has a fabulous hubby - they travelled all the way from the far north of Scotland for the weekend!  Pop over to Jude and Sandra's blog to see what the weekend looked like!  Plus they've got photos etc!  

Probably the funniest thing that has happened since I've returned home is finding my sister on all these blog photos from the weekend she seems to have made a big impression on everyone, I showed her some of the blogs last night and she kept reading about herself and saying - "very true" - so funny! 

Anyway I'm off to work (boo hoo) but I will be art journaling in the paint format later as well as blopping!

Big waves to all my art journaling buddddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeessssssssssssss - see you in May!


  1. Hey there! LOVED that post and I also love the way you write - just like you talk and from the heart - fab! Really missing you and your Mum and Mel and the the whole thing really, SO glad I booked for May (need to get the deposit paid today) Haven't done any journalling since I got back either - unpacked everything yesterday though and going to trawl through some magazines later in preparation for getting stuck in tonight! Say hi to Mel for me - she's signed up as a Follower on my blog, bless her - tell her she needs to start one...I would love to read that! I reckon it would end up as a bestseller!!! Loved your welcome home, too sweet. Looking forward to seeing the Permission page finished. xxx

  2. Hi Virginia,

    fab post, as always! Art journalling intrigues me & I must find out more ...

    What a lovely welcome home you had :)


  3. Ginnie! (I gather you spell it with 'ie' not 'y'!)Glad you're going in May! See you there!
    Guess what I've been doing for the last hour....yes.... a journal page....and get this...I've gone large! ha ha! Well I had a couple of large images so couldn't fit them in my A5 jounal! I do feel frustrated though it's nowhere near finished. My days are so bitty so I get the odd hour here and there - I need TIME to think through what I'm doing - that usually takes me an hour! (just kidding!) so now I've had to pack up before I go to Weight Watchers and then my sister comes for tea on Wednesdays so that's it now for a few days!
    I knew you'd love it at Dy's, she's amazing isn't she?
    I'm chuckling to myself thinking about Mel...I cannot get over how different you are (but the same too if that makes sense!)
    Well gotta dash otherwise this would have turned into your kind of post (as in war and peace!!)
    Love SP x x

  4. Virginia,
    Thank you so much for your comment on my "messiness" post. I will def be trying out your suggestions :)
    I do have to say I am totally jealous that you spent the weekend with the lovely Dyan. I told my oldest daughter a few weeks ago that I wanted to go to England. She asked why, and I told her to meet Dyan and take one of her classes lol. Now she really thinks I'm nuts haha.
    Thanks again and Hope you have a wonderful day :)

  5. Great to see your work GInnie. Really enjoyed your company at our special weekend. What a fab time
    x Michelle

  6. Hi Ginnie
    Great blog, great work, great weekend. Really enjoyed meeting you.
    x Michelle

  7. sweetie.!! thanks for your lovely comments , it was a pleasure having you all. I just love the fact that your Mam was all night journaling and in her bed.!! Who does she think she is..?? Me..???? lmao. missing you all, tell Mel she needs to get a blog. xx

  8. What a great time you all had, my eyes are so GREEN lol. x

  9. Fabulous post! Cant wait for may when we get to do it all again x Janet

  10. OMG I was jealous before, now I'm positively Shrek like! Can't wait to see your permissions pages and what new techniques you have learnt.

  11. I am so glad that Dy put a link from her blog to yours as I had forgot wot yours was and wanted to see what u put about the weekend. Reading your blog I had tears as it sounds it was just fantastic, and Im sooo gutted I had to missed itx glad u enjoyed it please tell me more when I next see u at the Craft Box xx