Friday, 12 February 2010


Well for those of you who know my family will know that we work together as a unit, we always have, don't know whether it was to do with losing my Dad at such an early age or what, but as a couple we've always embraced all things new and then attempted to integrate things into life regardless of whether the other half is interested or not, LOL!  We're no different now with 9 year old son in tow, he is kind of getting what slightly eccentric parents he's got (we can't be fully eccentric due to bank balance LOL - you never know the euro lottery draw might change that - fingers crossed - ooh sod thinking about it did I put it on?  mmmmm good thought - not sure need to check with other half) 

Anyway waffling now - so you know by now managed to get husband hooked on it earlier in the week - well Dyan way of journalling not mine LOL - he declared tonight he was going to do a page with said picture and said background - my retort - well that's not going to happen because you're doing art not art journaling and art means perfection whilst art journaling means being you and emotion - so he's changed his tune!  I'll post later in the weekend to see if he manages it! 
Anyway on to tonight apart from a lovely evening with family, despite hubby not being 100% I managed to spend time with said 9 year old- now don't get me wrong he initially did the raised eyebrow, not bothered, ooh god I'm going to have to entertain Mum's idea - but when he realised Dad was also keen for him to have a go he thought what the hell!

So anatomy of a page Dyan style - part 2! 
Mmm - amusing his mother here - surely it would soon be done and he could go and watch a repeat of Dr Who 
so you mean like this Mum?
 Mmm - this is quite fun (his statement not mine)
Can you see the intensity of the work?
I love this working side by side with my Little Man!
Fun, fun, fun - no TV - just quality family time - not tried it?  Well I recommend it highly! 
Now is it just me or does he look mighty happy with what he's doing?
Concentrating and having fun
So the questions
"Do I have to...."
"Mum should I do..."
"Mum I've made a mistake should I..."
"Mum are we doing this differently to how we've done art journaling before?"

"Well yes - fundamentally - very different - this is Dyan's way"

"Aaaaah - I get it now"
"Mmmmm so does Daddy, Aunty Melanie, Nanan and very shortly your fabulous cousin" 

"the power of knowledge is fantastic" 
So here is my page all done!
 and his 

He so loved the 'no constraints side of things"  no grammar, apostrophe's full stops, capitals etc etc etc etc etc - however, if you haven't seen the film - don't double click as serious film spoiler apparently - journaling from the heart don't you just love it!

Little man's page - look at that detail!
 Loving this - my other half - during our evening meal - how awesome is my Friday evening with a romantic meal and art journaling!

So this is this morning's art journal 
- I had received an e-mail from a gorgeous friend made me feel happy for her and sad for me - rather than bottle the emotion,
I thought write it down and release it to the universe!  So I did, felt happy with my page and happy with the start of my day - I'm loving this art journaling!
And finally - these are my prepared pictures - you don't want to see the state of my finger nails - honestly- but I'm so happy to have so many prepared pages, plus did the making a page from scratch bit today with other half, Craig (now there's new he wants me to name him - so now you'll have to deal with me calling him this from now on!)  
Anyway he's most impressed - I'll update you as to what we finish this weekend!
So little Miss War and Peace signing off for the weekend, if you wander through and actually get to the end of my drivel then leave a message, thinking of all my new friends, all the friends that I know, the ones about to walk a whole new path on the other side of the world and to Ann whose very poorly - big hugs to you all - offer up a thought tonight for what you've got and for those less fortunate and those struggling with their health... Stay Gold


  1. What a fantastic read!!!!!!! Love the whole family doing fun things together. There is nothing to compare to quality family time. It just makes me so sad sometimes to think of the people in the world who are not fortunate enough for one reason or another to be able to do this. Keep enjoyin, keep journalling and keep the blog posts coming! x

  2. Oh I wholeheartedly agree with Sue, doing family things make the most of it because you'll blink your eyes and he'll be all grown up and gone! But the bond will never die and he'll remember these precious times. Love that Craig is loving the journaling too - wonder if you'll look back in years to come and compare what you each thought about certain issues you're journaling about now?? Can't wait to see what you come up with this week!
    Big Hug x x

  3. Oh how I wish I could get Andy to understand and take part but he just says whatever makes you happy!! Love it that little man is doing it as well. My niece saw my book on Friday and said she wants to have a go, Will have to show her this week while she is off school. Lovely to read though no matter how long your post, after Dy's I am used to you talking. Emma xx

  4. Fabulous post as always, I'll have to read up on art journalling to have a go at when I do my entry for your cj.
    Claire x

  5. I'll never get my Craig to participate in that side of things. he's so happy to go here there and everywhere with me to shows and pick up mad things like poodle fur but he can't bear the mess everywhere. I can understand that. I'm the same with his birdies. I will go wherever he wants me to go to look at birdies, release birdies, pick up birdies, drop birdies off. But I hate the mess they make and the cleaning up of the mess (which I also do for him) I think our love is a 'participate so far and that's it' love. We peep into each others hobbies - we appreciate the work and love each other has for their hobby - but sometimes there are parts of it we just can't give ourselves up to :)

    Love the pictures of your wee man journalling. What pages to treasure. I love crafting with my girls - I may have to get them on the journalling road too. It may be good for Pheebs who has real trouble controlling her temper. At the moment it is controlling her.

  6. So good to see your boys joining in with the AJ. Really beautiful pages you've done - I can see the Dyan influence to them. Me thinks this Saturday Im going to have a go to get my hubby AJ'ing. (lets see.....) xx