Friday, 19 February 2010


Ok this one is for Jude (well not just Jude but she did say that she was waiting on part two), she said she wasn't used to my short postings, they didn't sit right so here you go Friday morning war and peace.  

Well I was expecting to wake to snow but haven't woo hoo - the parcel I was having to wait in for has arrived - hurray which means not stranded in all day - so me thinks a little jaunt out as little man wants something called go-go's from WH Smiths - I call them plastic crap (they are definitely not art Jude!) but he likes them and he's been a little star this week, he's had his hair cut and got his new glasses, he's played out nicely, played in well and overall had a rather chilled half term!  

On the downside he managed to run over his own foot yesterday whilst playing out on his go-cart - WTF - now can someone please tell me how this is possible?  I'm still at a loss as to how he's done it, he managed to do the same with his bike a few weeks ago and ended up with a bruise and scraping his skin on the back of his ankle - is it just boys in general or is mine more clumsy?  Me thinks he just likes taking risks when he's out of my eye sight and then suffers the consequences.  Yes, I'm one of those Mum's who always says be careful at the first sign of danger - can't help it!  Mind you found him driving his go-cart backwards down the road the other day - without looking where he was going "Sorry Mum" is all I heard for about half an hour - thankfully we live on a cul-de-sac with very little traffic but honestly! 
I'm also going to buy hubby another art journal the A2 is just too damn big for what he wanted to journal - and the more he played with trying to get the journal to work - the unhappier her got with it!  So I'm off to buy him an A3 journal which I think he'll find a lot more enticing.

I might even manage to get the laptop picked up - apparently it's fixed after it's altercation with a hot cup of coffee before Christmas we discovered poorly husbands, blue tack, hot coffee and laptops don't mix!  It's been home once already but had to be returned primarily because the return key stuck down and every letter came out as a symbol or a 'z' - I was not impressed, so when they phoned to say it was fixed the other day I was a tad sarcastic 
"Yes, I can assure you it's fixed" 
"What the keyboard and everything" 
"Yes, it's all fixed now it has a new keyboard" 
"Yes - but does it work?" 
We'll see - I'm likely to throw a massive strop if it doesn't!
Talking of massive strops I threw a silent one yesterday - yes I know what is the point of a silent strop - well I was in the changing rooms of a department store and it would appear that I'm having the same problem as the M&S knickers mentioned on Dyan's blog but on this occasion it wasn't the knickers that were the issue it was the bras - honestly - my Mum kept bringing them to try on and they kept getting bigger and when I saw the size I said - well I won't say what I said but lets say that I wasn't impressed!  So I've managed to stick to a healthy eating plan all week and I've managed to get on my glider for two days running!

Now my biggest problem is I don't like exercise I never have and I've yet to find a way of exercising and art journaling at the same time (believe you and me I'll be the first to find it if it exists), Melanie always laughs at me as to how impossible I make things for myself, the last time I had a bout on my glider I had my MP3 player on whilst gliding and reading a book - and yes I was doing this all at the same time - call it mental multitasking! 
This morning I was just reading and gliding at the same time so that wasn't as bad LOL! Although you can only have a book that's so heavy otherwise I'll lose my balance and fall off - honestly - atrocious balance.
Anyway - anyone who's meandered along here this morning (afternoon, evening or middle of the night) will wonder where the hell the crafting has gone so here goes!  This is the one I did at Dyan's before we did the anatomy of a page and so when I came home I finish it off properly - it just needed something - couldn't quite decide what - then I realised so paint, stamping, inks - you get the drift - love it even more now!

 Then this is me moving on a little - and yes before you sk the bus looked like that before - I've never said I'm an artist LOL!
 This is one of the few that I've done with straight lines - well hand drawn straight lines I love the colour combination it just flows and look no spaces with my writing!
Ok now starting the quirky feel - a combination of four images together, on a brown background - but then had to add colour - never quite know when to stop but I love it none the less!
My other half bought me oil pastels for valentines day - don't you just love it when they take on board something you're raving about!  Another double page combination and those oil pastels really make the pictures pop - don't you think?
My Mum loves this one, I've had the images for a while and they just didn't gel with anything I'd done before and then - well it all made sense! 
Tilty wavey writing - this is one of my war and peace pieces but i love it none the less - that and the colour combinations - definitely influenced by Steph's beautiful pastel pages on our AFTH Art Journal weekend - with maybe a little more colour - but you get my drift! 
 One of the smaller pages - liked playing with the border on this one!
And finally this one 'through gritted teeth' - another image that I cut out ages ago and never thought I'd use!
So there you go Jude a nice lengthy post to get your teeth into with my infinite ramblings at the beginning to boot!  Hope everyone is having a great day if you get to this point without dozing off leave me a message (even if you're not Jude LOL) I love reading messages - it makes it feel like a two way communication rather than me sending this off into the internet jungle out there!


  1. She's back!! Great post and I love your pages, honestly - you put me to shame!! Will definitely have some done over the weekend.

    Your boy sounds like my boys - there's always an injury of some kind with those two...and speaking of injuries, it's a wonder I'm not crippled by now the number of times I've stood on Go-Go's...we had 3 of them collecting at one point...

    Just back from Toddlers, off to give the 2 wee ones lunch then drop Harry at Playgroup then put Molly down for a sleep then collect James from school, Harry from Playgroup, Ellie from school, drop James at dancing, cook dinner, collect James, feed them all then run James to football...just a quiet afternoon really...! xx

  2. Wowza. Gorgeousness abound here! Lovely pages, I think I would be with hubby. My journal is quite small too.

    As for the injuries my sister (she was a tomboy) was always doing things like that, especially when she went out on the go kart Dad built her. I remember her using her brand new trainers as brakes and going through the soles within days. Tearing her brand new school coat the day she got it when she snuck out on the go kart with it on. So many hospital trips the Doctors stopped just short of accusing Mum of hitting her. It was only that she was old enough to say what happened herself that saved poor Mums skin. I remember one injury of hers that I caused. I still laugh. I shouldn't. But the memory is so funny. I jumped out at her cycling at turbo speed round and round these garages. She hit the brakes so hard she went over the handle bars doing a full handstand over the top of them as she went before nearly breaking her nose as she landed on the floor with the bike landing on top of her. Ahhh memories. That was another hospital visit ;) My poor Mum - I would go mental at my lot if they acted like that! Teehee!

  3. hi sweetheart thanks for yesterday loved all of it looking forward to a session with Aunty Vanessa especially since she has said yes to the weekend in Harrogateit has taken me all morning to read all your blog but I love it all of it .

  4. Love reading your long posts :)
    My eldest son (17) is the one that used to give me trouble like your boy. Always falling off his bike and doing things that no person in their right mind should be doing at his age. My youngest son (almost 6) is far more laid back like his mom, thankfully. Although I know there will come a time when he isn't, I'm enjoying it for now.
    Journal pages- lovely. Re- your comment on my post- I have so many magazines sitting here lol and I have a file folder box filled with images and all kinds of lovely things that I have torn out of magazines. So, I don't have to worry about drawing lol I will just use those.
    It is cold here in Massachusetts too. Woke up to more snow on the ground, ugh where is my springtime weather??!! haha
    Have a good one :)

  5. Oh wowser! How busy have you been! Scrumptious pages Ginnie.... I'm liking the borders very muchly....
    x x

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments Ginnie, what totally amazing things you've been up to, stunning stunning work!
    x Michelle

  7. oooooh girly, fabby, fabby pages...My fave is the orangy one eith the straight lined writing. It jumps pff the page...xx