Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Good Evening everyone well I think I can officially say that my art journaling addiction has taken on a world of its own this week!  I'm absolutely loving it, it is the most fun, I love all of it, the lack of discipline, the lack of rules, the blending of pretty much whatever you want!  I've done loads, I won't scare you with just how much (not just yet) but here's a taste of what I've been doing! 
 I've spent a few nights with my other half painting pages and have very painty fingers (now I understand the need for black nail varnish Dyan! - although my other half says he'll get funny looks if he goes into work wearing it LMAO!) 

I'm really into finding weird images, in fact, the weirder the better and then combining them.  I found that I could get so far with the pages the other day but simply couldn't put down my thoughts, at first I worried but then I thought go with the flow, the following morning got up and the words just kept tumbling out, before I knew it the pages were complete!   

Loving the white pen illusion on this one, very therapeutic writing in white.
  My permission page in my new art journal is finally done (well I think it's done for now - may add more to it you never know) and I've started the next two pages!
 I'm loving the teal colour mix it's gorgeous and I'm getting better (I think) at doodling).

This is my favourite page up to now, I love the images don't you?  It documents the fact that me and my hubby have no intention on doing 'until death us do part' why the hell would we want to part at that point - we intend on staying together forever! 
Actually my addiction reached such a peak yesterday that I wondered if I'd forgotten how to scrapbook so I decided to have a go at a page (actually a double page), I missed a class at the beginning of the month due to a late meeting, so I picked my papers up and the lovely Sandra sent me photos of the pages in question, unfortunately without the stamps that they'd used my page wasn't going to 'pop' so Sandra said if I did something different to let her know.  Well I did something different but the photos don't do it justice so I'll try again to photograph them in the morning and put them on then. 

So other half is wanting to watch District 9 tonight (part of his birthday present), little man is watching City of Embers before he goes to bed then other half taking over the TV so I said I'll listen to District 9 whilst I'm art journaling LMAO and just in case you thought I was kidding on the prepared pages here is what I've got to play with! 
My Mum is coming over tomorrow to have an art journaling day woo hoo!  Hope you're all having a great day - if you stop by leave me a message I love to read them!


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  2. Hia!

    Firstly, you are the only person I know who apologises for leaving a 'normal' length comment!!! Do so love your War and Peace stylie ones though!

    Secondly, you are now officially a fully fledged Art Journaller - you're off and running! I am still a little unsure but getting there...what I need is a whole day when I can just go for it...may see if I can organise at least a few hours this weekend.

    Great pages and I LOVED your wee man's first attempt, thought the writing was awesome!

    Lots of love to Mel and your Mum (would totally gatecrash your AJ evening if I was a bit closer!) xx

  3. p.s. Do I now pass that lovely award onto another 5 people? Can you tell I'm new at this?!?

  4. It looks like you've got a FUN time ahead of you with all those prepped pages! Now why didn't I think of that?
    I love these pages! Especially the little one...because I like that idea too! - never parting from my beloved. (I have even mentioned it to God on a couple of occasions:))
    Isn't it great to see your pages develop before your eyes... I hope you have mucho fun with your Mum tomorrow, say Hi from me and to your gorgeously eccentric sister too.
    I'm glad to hear you haven't given up on the scrapbooking...another page in the offing very soon!!!

  5. Oh wow! I love the images you find and the wording is just perfect. I would so love to do one of those classes I may have to look into them - you seem to have been set free. Your pages were fabulous before but there is just no stopping you now is there?

  6. Love the pages Virginia. Have to say, I think you have given me an idea (well more than 1 lol) on getting started. I did do a page last night but haven't taken a pic yet.

  7. WOOOOOOOOH brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to see your work. x

  8. Finally got a laptop so able to comment in my own time! Hugs Mum