Monday, 1 February 2010


Well another page I've done recently, I loved this image that I cut out but have 'altered' it quite a bit - for one thing the hair was no where near as 'big' on the original - maybe it reminds me of my heavy mental days LMAO!  
Anyway I'll apologise for the quality of the photographs bad lighting and red on a page really don't mix!
Inspired by a DVD I borrowed from a friend recently, this documents things I already knew to a certain degree but haven't been 'applying' properly!  It explains that negativity attracts negatives and likewise positivity attracts positives and therefore if we apply positives we reap the benefits, now to a certain degree I 'get' this, unfortunately most of it was about material possessions which didn't really tick the right boxes for me, but I'm all for attracting positive people, life's lessons etc...
I used a little stamping, my hubby bought me some great circular stamps at Christmas which are highly addictive - like I said poor quality photos but you get the general idea.  The background was actually a sprayed background - not that you can tell from this picture.
This page was fun to do, free hand title as usual and I re-did the blackboard in the picture including the graffitti - tattooed legs and the sandals got turned into boots!  
I did another page last night that I really really enjoyed doing so I'll blog that later!  If you stop by and get to this point don't forget to say hi by leaving me a comment!


  1. Love this page. Have you been to Dyan for the journalling? I really must have a go. Love the fact that you have altered the image! I need a journalling fix, I think I would enjoy it so much! x

  2. Another gorgeous page. I think I get the concept :P I'm starting my journal tonight - I was going to try and make it but am just procrastinating so just going to use a blank sketch book or I'll never start.

  3. Loving your pages Virginia...keep forgetting to ask you this.....are you going to reveal to us if you have any tattoos? Or would that be telling! I'm fascinated by your tattooed ladies....!
    x x