Thursday, 18 February 2010


Had a fabulous day today with my Mum, we spent all afternoon, painting, chatting, painting, chatting, drinking tea, chatting, cutting, chatting, painting etc - it was lovely and I really enjoyed it - it's amazing what a mess two art journalers can make - it kind of multiplies - at one point the breakfast bar was barely visible and the dining room table was awash with acrylic paints, baby wipes, newspaper, paintbrushes etc!  Thankfully my Mum helped tidy up before she went, I managed to finish off one in my large art journal that I've been fighting with since my return from Harrogate (I've gone smaller and so it's proved harder to supersize back up again if you know what I mean LOL).  But I've not photographed that yet so I'll just show you a couple more pages that I've done for the book I made with Dyan.

Look a yellow page, my sisters favourite LOL!  Photo combination is becoming quite a lot of fun, my Mum hadn't dabbled that way but I've managed to coax her into playing today and she had loads of fun!
Another favourite one below, I love the images on this and wasn't sure what I would document, but a little chat with my lad on Sunday provided the perfect little bit of journaling - it reads;

"So Dad (as it was his birthday) what time were you born? "
"I don't know" 
"Why not can't you remember?"

Laughed until I cried honestly these wonderful snippets of conversation are beautiful!  
Hope everyone is having a relaxing evening I've had a tremendous day, very contemplative thinking about people who aren't here any more and people who are no longer part of my life, hugs to everyone (see I told you it would be brief - you didn't believe me did you - now be honest you really want to read more - don't you LMAO?)


  1. Quick, concise and to the point...okay - where's Virginia and what have you done with her??? Hee hee! Glad you and your Mum had a lovely day, your yellow page is fab and I love the wee man's quote! And remember, the mess you create when you're Art Journalling isn't actually mess (or 'crap' as Mel eloquently put it) - it's ART!!

    I'm just heading to bed, determined to get an earlier night tonight and see if I can shift this cold - struggled through today but at least Ellie and James were at school so I only had the 2 wee ones to look after. Fingers crossed for more energy tomorrow! xxx

    p.s. Looking forward to reading Part 2 of this posting...I'm going to treat this as Part 1...there just HAS to be more!!

  2. Love the things kids say, they do make you laugh (once you get over the bruised ego in my case!!) I love that one, why would he not remember such a momentous occasion eh?

    These are such unusual shaped pages - how are you going to bind them together? If you ARE going to bind them that is :P

    And thank you Virginia - I am loving my crafting at the moment. Am in a much happier place than I was a few weeks ago.