Friday, 5 February 2010


Well before my little weekend adventure - have I mentioned that I'm doing an art journaling weekend at AFTH in Harrogate - have I?  If not I am!  Have I told you I'm excited?  Well I am!  Have I told you I'm not ready? Well I'm not - better get myself in gear and start to pack things!  Mind you little sis whose driving us (I don't do motorway driving) sauntered into school at 9am this morning with daughter - there wasn't a rush in her and she's supposed to be leaving work early today - honestly Melanie hurry up! 

Anyway, the first 52/10 prompt that I managed easily (others I have not) this one compares a decade!

It was really strange to put me back 10 years and see where I was - what will it look like 10 years from now - other than mighty strange! Ooh I don't want to think that far ahead!


Close ups from the book, I love my black and white journal - although it takes some getting used to and it's not nearly messy enough (yet) 

I've used a white correction pen on this - but you have to be careful of the fumes that come off it - LOL - well ventilated room! 

Whilst reading Dyan's blog this morning she answered something called a 'bucket' list and challenged us to do the same - it's obviously been written in America (you'll realise that when you read it) but it was quite good fun to do so taking the list on Dyan's blog  the answers to the questions for me are:

Shot a gun   -   no don't like guns don't believe they should be used

Gone on a blind date  -  no - far too scary plus met my husband when I was 17 so absolutely no need for blind dates since then!

Skipped school  -  no but did miss college to the point that eventually had to bail out and get a job - long story don't ask - but been trying to regain my education ever since. 

Watched someone die - I saw my Nanan the day before she passed away and we knew she was going, then saw her a short while after she passed, extremely painful given what an awesome lady she was and the fact that she didn't want to go!

Been to Canada - nope

Been to Alaska   -  far too cold no

Been to Cuba - too hot

Been to Europe  - Obviously written by someone in America?

Been to Las Vegas  - Nope but do have a friend who holidays there and doesn't gamble at all - she says it's amazing!

Been to Mexico - nope

Been to Florida - nope - getting boring now

Been on a plane  - yes - now are you bored? I've also spent 56 hours on a bus!!!!!! on the way to see Our Lady - I kid you not!

Been on a cruise ship/gambling ship   - Nope get seasick - like the idea of being taken to destination as I sleep but not sure if this is the way to go plus I don't like confined spaces so I'd want a big room and they cost a lot of money

Served on a jury  - nope but attended Crown Court on many an occasion when i was a legal secretary, sat behind the barrister in court and took notes!  First time I went I was about 18 - nervous as hell had to meet this barrister who talked like he had a sherbet lemon in his mouth, walking around in a long cape and a big white wig and he told me we had to visit our client in the cells - terrifying stuff - felt like silence of the lambs (I was a very impressionable 18 year old obviously) LOL!  When I got sat down with the client and barrister the client said the barrister in an accusatory kind of way 'ooh no you were the barrister that sent me down last time'  and we were working for him as the defending barrister LMAO!

Been lost  -  yes despite my normally good map reading managed to lose me, my sister and my Mum on the way to Harrogate in September last year - when we saw signs for Scotch Corner we decided we'd gone too far - LMAO - doing the same journey tonight and I swear if I don't find it then I'm renaming Harrogate Brigadoon!

Been on the opposite side of the country - yes - definitely written by someone in America this isn't it - Britain's just not that wide

Gone to Washington , DC - no

Swam in the ocean  - yes - an American question again - worrying if people go through their whole life without swimming in the ocean - can you imagine that?

Cried yourself to sleep - yes

Played cops and robbers  - Can't remember I do remember playing Charlies Angels at school with my best mate Sammy and my cousin Jeanette and us always making Jeanette play Sabrina

Played cowboys/girls and Indians  - can't remember that one

Recently colored with crayons  - absolutely 

Sang Karaoke  - never - my sister is far better at it than me and I got told at the age of four that I couldn't sing a note - devastated from there on in.  However my sister does a fairly mean and moody 'Whiskey in the Jar - Metallica version' given some 4 inch heels and a double whiskey - I kid you not the DJ had to help her on stage because the heels were so extreme!  So extreme that later in the night during an argument - don't ask again - she got them stuck in some wooden decking and I was too cross to help - she was too cross to realise that if she just took her foot out of them that she could remove them easily so there she was arguing trying to pull her leg out of decking - I'd forgotten how funny that was! 

Paid for a meal with coins only - don't do cash it's switch or cheque all the way! 

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?  Constantly!

Made prank phone calls - no

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - occasionally but it's got to be something exceptionally funny!

Caught a snowflake on your tongue - absolutely 

Danced in the rain - yes

Written a letter to Santa Claus  - every year since I started journal your Christmas and obviously when I was younger.

Been kissed under the mistletoe - yes - my hubby has an affinity with buying the stuff for us at Christmas

Watched the sunrise with someone - absolutely - husband rocks

Blown bubbles  -  yes

Gone ice-skating  - long time ago but yes

Gone roller skating? - no but would love to!

Gone snow skiing - nope would like to but colleague at work just gone on first snowboarding holiday and broken ankle after 20 minutes on slopes - seriously put off now as it took her a week to get down the mountain then the bus crashed, then her friend got on normal flight and colleague had to wait 40 minutes for next one then it was delayed for 7 hours - took her 24 hours to get home and then she got told off for weight bearing on it!

Camped out under the stars - yes Porthmadog in a massive tent for the weekend with family, we didn't have a camp bed - so borrowed one which turned out to be a lilo with a slow leak - had a bad back for the entire duration of the weekend!  Did however, watch an asteroid shower whilst staying in a converted barn in Symond's Yat which is a much better memory.  We sat out on sun chairs with blankets drinking irish coffees at 1am in the morning - yum

Seen something so beautiful that it took your breath away?  All the time - God on the beach in Wales after snow was fairly awesome - it was actually just a gorgeous sun and cloud time but I always said it was as if God had painted the picture for us!

Married - Yes 12 years this year - but been together 20 this year!

Children - just the one Mrs Wembley

Have a Pet?  No but had far too many when I was younger which is probably why, we had a dog called Charlie but he got poorly and the only thing I remember of him was that he bit my paddling pool, then I had Esther who was my pet whippet and Fluff my guineau pig that my Mum was chronically allergic too, then we had two other guinea pigs called snowy and sooty and they all started having babies, then we ended up with two dutch rabbits and a big brown male rabbit and although they were kept separate a few weeks later we ended up with 18 baby bunny rabbits and on it went so it all got a little tiresome hence no pets now!

Been skinny dipping outdoors - no

Been fishing - no boring how boring could you get

Been boating - no - get seasick

Been water skiing - me are you having a laugh?

Been hiking - yes and my Mum wants to drag us up Snowdon as well but I keep telling her theres a little train that does the same thing

Been camping in a trailer/RV - do they mean a caravan - then yes

Flown in a small 4 seater airplane - no I like my life too much

Flown in a glider - see answer above

Been flying in a hot air balloon - and again!

Been bungie-jumping - and again!

Gone to a drive-in movie - no we live in Britain don't have these sorts of things however I've seen a Shakespeare play at a castle outside does that count?

Done something that should have killed you - nope

Done something that you will probably regret for the rest of your life - no I don't do regret I learn from mistakes and deal with it that way!
Any nickname - Ginnie but that's just a shortened version of my name so does that count

Mother's name - Valencia

Favorite beverage - depends I couldn't live without tea - definitely an American who wrote these questions though due to spelling favourite! 

Body Piercing? - Ears only

Tattoo? A question asked by the fabulous Sandy Poppins recently on my blog on the grounds I tattoo most of the ladies in my art journals - the answer is no - my brother and sister have enough for the three of us!  Although it is something that I do think I'll do one day - my issue - well I like new things so I wouldn't want to tire of it and want something different LOL

How much do you love your job?  I love my job it's awesome but it can be quite tiring and mentally taxing!

Birth place?   Rotherham,Yorkshire, UK

Favorite vacation spot - Menorca, Symonds Yat, Venice, Rhodes .... - can't decide!
Been to Africa? No

Ever eaten just cookies for dinner? Yes 

Ever been on TV? Nope

Ever steal any traffic signs? - Nope

Ever been in a car accident? No thankfully I haven't

Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 2 door much to my sons dismay - it's his only prerequisite for next vehicle it has to have 4 doors

Favorite number? - got to be 13 

Favorite movie?  I love loads of movies, loved Matrix when that came out (but hated the last one!) love True Romance, Die Hard 4, Transformers, Interview with a Vampire, Lost Boys etc etc probably classic favourite for me has to be Dracula with Gary Oldman

Favorite holiday? Christmas
Favorite dessert ? My homemade fat free Christmas pudding  

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?   Wherever I end up as long as I've got my family it will all be good

So who will respond to this the fastest?   No idea - very few people read my blog lol

So have ago yourself if you have read it and let me know so I can learn something new about you too!  Hope you're all having a fabulous day and I'll let you know how my weekend went!


  1. Aw how lucky are you???????? Dyan is brilliant in ALL she does. I have been a few of her workshops and weekends the first on about probably 8, 9 years ago when she first started. She inspired me all that time ago and continues to do so now. ENJOY!!!!!!!! x

  2. I don't DO cash dahlink! LOL! Love it. Dirty filthy stuff eh? *g* Sorry - got the giggles now...

    Ahem, compose ones self.

    Loving your journal page as usual. LOVE the black pages. Have you not got a white gel pen missus? Far better than making yourself high on corrector pen ;) Am insanely jealous of your weekend ahead. Completely and utterly green. But looking forward to your creations upon your return.

  3. Love the journal page. I'm doing 52 in 10 as well and finding some of it a bit difficult. Looking back can be a bit too painful at times! I'm so jealous of your AFTH weekend. I want to go on one of her journal weekends too, but it's too far away and I'm too broke :( Hope you have fun and looking forward to hearing about it when you get back.