Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well believe it or not  this is the first time I've been on the PC since the weekend, straight back into the depths of work as always so now I'm on mass blog catch up.  First stop Dyan's blog to have a read and read and read and read and read and read a bit more and then read and then made a cup of tea - so you think must have missed loads of blog postings from Dyan - two - that's all - but that lady has an amazingly busy life, I honestly think she has one of those time-turners that they have in the Harry Potter films, where she goes back and does the things that she didn't have time to do the first time - provided she doesn't spot other self - no problems will occur LMAO.

Anyway, the lovely lady in question has passed on a blog award to me - so thank you Dyan 

The idea is that I pass it on 


Then I have to list 10 things that make me happy 

  1. My little boy (little almost 10 now!)
  2. My hubby who makes me smile every day
  3. My amazing family
  4. Snow at the weekend when I don't have to worry about going to work 
  5. My art journaling - an absolute passion
  6. Going to the theatre - love the atmosphere of live productions
  7. An empty ironing basket 
  8. Curling up on the sofa late at night
  9. Sookie Stackhouse novels - pure escapism
  10. The sounds of the sea on a crisp bright morning.
So here's a few things I've been on with; this is in my large art journal - sorry about the wood either side of the photo - not had time to crop this morning and posting before school run and work!
I've really struggled with this double page over the last couple of weeks, because my style has changed again and this was started before this transitional period but I left it alone and came back to it and now I absolutely love it!  I extended the brick work on the picture which was good fun, although my pointing of the bricks leaves a lot to be desired, if my Dad was still alive he would certainly criticise the state of it LOL (he was a builder)
The other side was harder work as I did quite a lot of alterations on the image - for a starter the original picture was a white suit!
I also altered the mask and the shoes - mmm - can you see the transitional stage now!   
A close up of the extended brick wok I love it that much LOL!  And now for something completely different this is a double page layout done with a kit from my local scrapbook shop, I missed the class and although the lovely Sandra sent through photos of the original it was stamp heavy and stamps I don't have so I took up the challenge and did something completely different with it. 
It was also to prove that I can still scrapbook as it's been an absolute age since I have, note the art journaling style blocks on the left hand side!
And I added sewing on the page as well - something I haven't done in ages, although not sure if the combination of crossbows and hearts makes sense?
Ok I'll leave you with photos of the in progress art journaling day my Mum and I enjoyed last week - I had to document just how messy we were on the day! - Look at the state of it!
We had such fun though so I didn't mind at all! 
OK you've reached the bottom of my war and peace - if you got to this point without dozing off leave us a message!  Hope you're all having a good day - make up bag calling and seven minutes til we need to set off!


  1. We did have fun did we not and what a wonderful mess we made. But all of it was so worth while Love you dear daughter and your double page layout looks even more awesome.

  2. Oooh Virgina you should enter your desk into WOYWW ;) How I would love to have a rummage through there *g*

    Love everything as usual :) That brickwork looks pretty crash hot to me. I love the mask too - reminds me of Jareth in the Labyrinth :P

    Thank you for the lovely award, I'll do it tonight :)

  3. Hi Ginnie - Thank you for the award - I haven't even gotten round to the first one yet!!! Scrapbook page - good on yer - you did complete it! Art Journal page - transformational!! I'm absolutely amazed at the brickwork - it looks pretty good to me (but I'm obviously not a brick layer so I defer to your Daddy here)
    Regarding your mess - I think messy play = great art! plus it's mucho fun. The worst bit is clearing it long did THAT take you???

  4. Oh Sandra, you forget, she doesnt need to clear it away, she has a whole family who art journal and therefore
    Nice pages, love the brick work xx

  5. Virginia, thank you so much for the blog award :) It is my first ever and has made my day (even if I am 3 days late seeing it). Love the pages. Wish I could keep my stuff out like that but not here, we always seem to have some little person or another coming to visit and they just love to gander in Memaw's crafting room lol

  6. Wow Virginia, thank you so very much for the blog award, it's so kind of you. I'm just loving all this journalling girl, you're fantastic at it, very inspirational, love all your colours and all the doodling etc. I really enjoy reading your blog, makes me laugh. xx

  7. Love your blog and your journal pages are fantastic! Oh to fit in a journal. I'd love to know what you and your make-up bag are going to achieve in 7 mins?! You really are multi-talented. It'd take me 7 months to find mine!