Thursday, 11 February 2010


Well what an eventful few days it' been, I've loved reading everyone's blogs about the weekend it's lovely revisiting it albeit in my mind and thinking about all the great things we learnt, it's definitely taken it to the next step believe you and me.  So thought I'd show the completed pages from the weekend but before that this is one that I completed in my A3 journal before my weekend!  
I loved the colours - no idea how I managed to create the pink background, I decided to limit myself to using only 'leftovers' in my leftovers box on my table to finish it off rather than going rummaging - it definitely focuses the mind! 
This is the other side of the page, lots and lots of scraps on here - most fun!
Then this is the first page I did at Dyan's 
I selected an emotion and colour at Dyan's and initially got calm, which I then changed for annoyance - quite amusing because the subject of conversation at the time was something that annoys me but I thought I wouldn't find an image to go with it - but first magazine there it was waving at me in the right colour - don't ask me how Dyan managed this bit of magic LOL.  The background is a 'made' page quite literally and I love the texture of it, it feels so nice.
The shoes page was made with images chosen by Shelley and
then the next page was when we started going it alone - we were so into the swing of it by then! 
Loved the page we worked on in pieces, my other half has often seen me art journaling but his own attempts have proved frustrating and he's never finished a single one.  So his request last night was to show him some of wonderful things Dyan had taught me, (it was also a damn good excuse to have an art journal session myself) although it did make me feel like I need more dabbers LOL!  This is what I created 
Great fun, really liberating when I did it and here is the one he did now I know they look similar but that was the idea, lead him by the hand to see if I can get him addicted - verdict - well his response to me was "well if I'd known what it was all about I'd have done some sooner" followed by "well we don't need the TV in the evenings now" - LMAO mainly because a few months ago he tried to follow my method and didn't get beyond the base coat!  
 Right - off to teach my 9 year old son - will it be as successful? Not sure - I'll come back later to let you know!  Got parents evening as well tonight so busy busy busy!


  1. Oooooh Mr & Mrs Art journalers..!!! Love it, love it, love it. The fanily who journals together bakes muffins together, lmao xxx

  2. They are all fabulous pages... specially like the pink one :D
    Looks like you had a fun time doing them all and it's great that your other half joined you in creating a page. He should be proud cos his page turned out amazing too.
    Chris xx

  3. Love that you've gone all couple-ey with the journaling. Looking forward to the muffins in May! Speaking of which - I've just phoned Ben and paid my deposit!! xxx

  4. I found you through Dylan's blog and it's so nice to "meet" new people and see new art! How fun, you journal together. Hope he gets addicted too... (art journaling IS addicting!) and how's your son doing?

  5. Well honey of course gorgeous colours, gorgeous artwork! Really looking forward to May hopefully I will have lots and lots of practise under my belt by then? Oh and well done Craig, done a fab job! your right Marit very addictive! he he x

  6. Hey there, me again. Got some random commenting on my blog earlier abput a book that he's have changed to the Comment Moderation setting - quite nice getting the comments emailed to me now! Got a lovely comment from Mel too...really am missing you guys too - we were in Nando's earlier and double took at a woman who looked SO like you! Was a wee bit sad when I realised it wasn't though! Off to Glasgow this weekend to see Strictly Come Dancing Live - SO excited! Thanks goodness for my Mum and Dad cos they're babysitting again. Was packing earlier and realised that Paul has left 2 of my necklaces hanging on the light fitting in the room at the Premier Inn! Phoned them and they are going to keep them for me...will maybe see if Emmi or Dyan can pop in to get them then post them to me - he says he checked the room but obviously didn't notice them! Have a great weekend whatever you're up to. xx

  7. Oh wow! These are just so stunning! I'm really loving them and they are all so different too. So jealous (again) that you got the OH involved. He's fabulous too isn't he?

    Guess what? I started mine! ;)