Friday, 22 January 2010


Well I sat down last night to a little art therapy, I've officially started my 'year in the life of an art journal' which started from this blog I'd scribbled and scrawled the other night through the "WHAT?" question so it was about really going for it last night.  

As you can see scrawly writing on the left hand side, just having a little rant, although the original prompt said to cover it up I've made it scribbly and scrawly enough to struggle to see what I've written, only I really know what I'm waffling on about so I added a little water to make it look a little more 'lived in' and pretty much left it as it was
but boy did I go to town on the right hand page

I started with a little paint, and then had a rummage in my desk box - this is basically where I throw all the things I haven't used on layouts so it's full of all sorts of things, from ribbon and buttons to sparkly stars and eyelets.  In amongst this I found some 'free gifts' from a home magazine I got before Christmas, they were silver stars and pretty uninspiring but then I realised that the other side was shiny - so out came the few alcohol inks I've got and away I went making a mess - I mean having fun!

I tried sticking them down with glossy accents but they kept coming unstuck - so nothing for it but to get our the paper piercer and some embroidery thread - much more like it!

In the box I also found some test pieces of alcohol inking from a scrapbook class, so they were torn up (lovingly of course) and stuck down!  Then eyelets and some offcuts of ribbon from my Christmas day top that I bought before Christmas - does anyone use those silly bits of ribbon on tops - whilst they are still on the tops or have manufacturers actually colluded with scrappers and art journallers alike and agreed to put ribbon on for us to cut off and embellish pages?

Then I found out some alphabet stickers - you know the ones lurking in the back of the cupboard, and stuck any 'W' 'H' 'A' 'T' that I had on the sheet, any letters that were too offensive (ie - shiny silver) I altered with alcohol inks!  Forget how fast they dry!  Then it was done and I'm really pleased with it!  I then added some eyelets to the front of the book, I've decided that each prompt I'm going to add either something to the front of the book or the back of the book that goes with that prompt - that way the covers reflect the book inside!

And yes I've got the backs of eyelets and messy backs of stitches to contend with on the next page - they already look awesome mmmmmmmmmmmmm - definitely liking this anything goes messy style - what do you think?

Just have to share a little purchase from last night, now yes I know I should have been buying blinds for the bathroom but I couldn't resist how gorgeous are these?

Apparently vanity cases - I think not - ripe for altering!!!!!!!!!!!!!The insides are just as delish!

And what about the clasps!

I mean I just couldn't resist them could I?  Would you have been able to refrain from buying them?  Particularly when I tell you the smaller one was £3.99 and the larger one £5.99 - now what do I do with them?  No honestly what would you do with them?  I don't want them to land in my cupboard of thinks to alter I want to do something with them?
Answers on a postcard or better still comment on my blog!
Hope everyone is having a happy Friday, I'm off now to try and buy a few bathroom fitments, we're going to attempt to methodically go through the house this year decorating and making general improvements.  Now what I'd dearly love to do is rip out the bathroom and start again - but money doesn't grow on trees so it's a case of tart it up a bit.  So we've been pricing up some new bits and I've bought new towels etc, then said 9 year old this morning decides to lean with some force on current towel rail - needless to say he was mortified when it came off the wall - screws and all!  So whether we want to or not - new bathroom fitments it is LOL!  Ooh and I've got something else I need to show you, personally think we were barking when we bought them but I wonder what you all think - I'll try and include photo in next blog post - now that's got you thinking hasn't it!


  1. Love the blog, read it every time. Keep up the good work. Snow faces fantastic, I liked Malakytes face also, the cheeky chappie. Also saw , and bought those vanity cases myself in the local Dunhelm store, can't wait to start on them

  2. Love your book and those little vanity cases are very cute!

  3. Great post again, you are really getting into journalling! The cases, why not mak a template of the shape, reduce it, and make journals to fit in them? x

  4. Don't you just love messy! I'ts like being a child again - free of inhibitions! Then you are so 'loosened up' you can write out all the stuff that's inside bursting to get out! Love your vanity cases too....wonder what you'll come up with? I like Sue's suggestion....

  5. Ohhhhh num your journal is gorgeous! Starting mine this weekend! I am! Can't wait am on inspiration overload at the mo! I blame you lot :P

    The cases, me personally would be covering one of them with images from the itkupilli shop on etsy ;) (She has also started a collage challenge blog recently! Oh yes! cos you needed something else to get addicted to just like me eh? *g* Love the idea of putting a journal in one of them like Sue suggested.

  6. love your blog
    your journal looks like great fun
    lesley xx

  7. Great start to your art journal not brave enough to have a go myself maybe one day. Your vanity cases are so cute I also like Sues idea. xx

  8. Awesome WHAT page! I saw some of those cases and thought they would be awesome altered!