Sunday, 17 January 2010


Well I think it could be said that I'm truly inspired - it's the only way to describe it, I've been blog hopping and it's always fun but then sometimes I think if I spent less time blog hopping I might get more crafting done, but then I think I become so inspired when I blog hop that I can create - anyway enough of me going around in circles.  

Sometimes I see glimmers of the little creative person inside of me, now being a Virgoan is not always conducive to creating something 'out there' and I never describe what I do as 'awesome', I tend to like neat lines I even tear paper neatly, I'm not great with messy - it has to be controlled and that's me just the way I am not learnt behaviour just part of me, but sometimes I wish I could create something on a wing and a prayer - and this time I think I've managed it

We came back from a great weekend at Center Parcs last weekend, despite the weather (yes we were there during the snow and the ice etc) it was overall a great family weekend, in amongst this weekend, I picked up leaflets and brochures and ended up with clean coffee cups from a particularly well known coffee shop that changes its cups to red at Christmas, we had paper bags and handles and lots and lots of bits of paper and at the end of the weekend I gathered them all up in an "I'll do something with them" kind of way (I've got a cupboard full of those - you know the must haves that you see in the charity shop but never quite finding the time to 'create').

However this bundle was different, I recently came across this awesome art journal blog - talk about inspired!!!!! thanks to Carmen who I might add also helped me find Lara's blog which is just as inspiring - do you get the theme here, inspired!  Anyway thanks to them I created this little gem

The front and back covers are made of cardboard, covered with the Center Parcs paper bag with the stickers from the Made shop that we went to - bound with my trusty bind it all then on the inside ...
I've gessoed, ripped paper bags and used scraps (quite literally) from my scraps box! Even the clean cup got used!

I love the feel of it, mod podge all the way and gorgeous paper bags

Badly punched paper bag that in normal circumstances would get side lined, got included because I think I could thread something through this bit

Pamphlets, were torn, included and covered

More scraps of paper put down in an "I don't care" kind of way

More offcuts and envelopes

Pamphlets refolded so they still 'pull out'

Where the leaflets were all too heavy on the publicity side I just went for it with paper!

Now the big question is what do I do with if from now, although it encompasses all things Center Parcs it has just about the right number of 'pages' to begin the "Year in the Life of an Art Journal" so what do you think?  Should I go for it?


  1. DO IT! Hell yeah! DO IT! I looooove this. I love that site and I love your book! You so have to do it!

  2. p.s: *said through loud hailer, in bold, underlined, in italics...* DO IT!

  3. Oh yes - you should definitely GO FOR IT! Don't you feel a teeny bit free-er having let go of neat? Looking forward to seeing what you decide!!!!
    Hugs x 2
    Oh and PS
    Mine is a coffee light frappucino - double blended! I like that you used THAT cup!