Friday, 15 January 2010


Well I saw Sandy Poppins this morning and she said - get your blog updated and I thought - do you know what I think I will!  Didn't think I'd have a lot to put on but pleasantly surprised.  This page was started some time ago but I didn't complete it, it's in my A4 art journal and I took it away to Center Parcs last weekend and finally finished it, me and my sister had an art journaling night on the Friday and we were both really pleased with what we finished off with! 

Other side of the page

Had a bit of filling to do on both pictures to cover up words etc, but overall quite happy with the finished results.

Now I know we've all had to deal with the hideous weather this last week and I've certainly done my fair share of moaning about it, due to school closures last week I decided to take my 9 year old with me to work and because we were literally snowed in on the estate we had no alternative but to make the journey by public transport and using those things called legs!  The round trip took 4 hours in total - absolutely crazy when you bear in mind I can do the journey on a normal day in 10-15 minutes each way!  However, we were greeted with an awesome sight at the bus stop - I've no idea who did it but it brought a smile to everyone who saw it!

At first I thought they'd used some sort of charcoal but on closer inspection I'm fairly sure it was spray paint!

A few people have said the one on the right resembles our only ever female prime minister - what do you think?

I just love the expressions - absolutely fantastic!

Warning - Change of topic LOL

A few of you may be wondering if I managed the Journal Your Christmas - simple answer - yes and here it is completed, I ran it until the 11th January (even though the prompts stopped on the 6th) primarily because I wanted to include our Center Parcs weekend away!

Did it end up as thick as last years? - You bet it did!

Now an A3 double page spread - apologies for the poor photography - I'm still tattooing my pictures have you noticed?

Close up left page

and right page

and an A4 one that's a work in progress

Orange isn't a colour I usually play with, but I'm loving this up to now, can feel some more painting coming on though.

Loving my art journaling at the moment, it's proving great therapy.  I've got my first ever circle journal heading off this week - quite excited about that - well I am now it's finished!  Didn't know if I'd manage it - I've chosen the top "Quotes to live your life by" or "Favourite Quotes" can't wait to see what it's like when it comes back! 

Done a photo order recently so need to kick into mini book making when they return! 

Hope everyone's got that Friday feeling! 

If you pop along and get to this point (presuming I've not bored you all silly before now) then leave a message I love knowing who has taken the time to read my waffle!


  1. There is only one word for your art journal and that is WOW its amazing you are so talented can't wait to see more. xx

  2. Its me Ginny! I take the time to read your waffle! Loving your journal use some great images. Those snow heads are pretty amazing too - glad you captured them on camera and gave us a smile.
    x x

  3. wow wow wow i love those snow faces!!!!! amazing what some people are inspired to do, eh?

  4. Hi, I read from top to bottom :)
    I love the snow faces - Saw them on the news last week and couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted them on your blog!
    I love the way that you do your writing across your pages - I can't write in a straight line at the best of times, so am thinking when I want to write on my pages I might borrow your squiggley ones, if that's ok!?
    I also really like the orange background:)
    Keep it up.

  5. SO lucky that you had your camera with you - what an amazing thing to find at the bus stop!

    As for the journalling. My gawd have I had a couple of days screaming at me to start - I've had so many signs it's untrue. Yours as always is amazing, love your tattooing still. Have you seen the first prompt on the Year in the Life of an Art Journal site? Expect a page from me soon. I swear! ;)

  6. I always read your posts and I love your art journal pages. In fact, you inspired me to get on and actually start art journalling myself, so thank you for that.

  7. See. I take the time to read all your blog. Love your journalling pages. Whoever did the painting at the bus stop is obviously very talented. xx

  8. Me too. I read it! Love what you are doing in your journals! x

  9. Fab art journal... I've never been able to draw, great snow head photos too