Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Well after a rather eventful snow day and a lack of ability to actually go out in the car today we've been stuck in!  Goodness knows what it will be like tomorrow morning but I really could do with getting back to work!  Anyway enough of the weather if you wanted to know about that you could just turn on the 24 hour news channel for them to tell you its snowing. 

Anyway as mentioned in previous post I made two other 'Pink' books just before Christmas, one for my niece and one for myself, this is mine.  It's a mixed shape book based on a chipboard base.

The black 'frame' in the centre is actually a Maya Road minibook that was hinged together on thin jump rings, I loved the shape of it so dismantled to use as frames in the book.

Another close up of the inside of the book! I loved the photos they so lent themselves to the red and orange background which I created by using a baby wipe and painting acylic directly onto the chipboard, then stamped on the book with some new Tim Holtz stamps that I've got, before using my bind it all.  Here's the back of it in all it's glory...

and those gorgeous ribbons - next a close up of the cover.

As the original Maya road 'frames' were hinged with jump rings I had holes in the 'frames' - therefore I've covered the holes up with some punched hearts.  Another close up...

Loving this close up, yes it looks like a metal frame, but it's not it's silver mirror board, cut into a frame shape with my Big Shot, then but through my Big Shot with an embossing folder and then painted with cheap black paint, then wipe off the excess paint with a piece of kitchen roll, if you take the excess paint off in one direction it really does look like metal! 

Here the book is in all it's glory - can't you see why I loved making all three of these books. 

Now a bit of art journaling from inside my A4 book

I've had the pages prepared for some time but never finished it, I had a disaster on the photo page when I fought with a silver pen and lost!  However, I love the fact that art journaling means you can keep your mistakes!  So here it is in all its glory (plus you can see the real colour of the page)

I left it as it was, did a bit of moving around of the silver paint, a bit of stamping over the top and there you have it!  

For part of my sisters Christmas present I made us matching art journals - they are only small but quite sweet, the idea behind them is to generate a double page layout per month and then swap them.  We've chosen the word 'Positive' as the prompt for the entire book - this is my decorated 'Positive' page just inside the cover

I'm trying to go for more texture at the moment, hence the wired ribbon and this is January's double page layout, may still add more to this, so into layers!

I love it when I finish a page! 

Finally I've done the cover to my A3 journal - hurray!  It's taken an age to decide what to do, but some aged music sheets, with Tim's stamps and then a little bit of playing not to mention a large amount of red paint have meant that it is finally done.

And because you can't see the bottom corner due to my appalling photography here's a close up!

So there you have it, a few bits of art journaling to get me into the January mood!  If you stop by leave a comment I love to find out whose been along! 


  1. I love your 'PINK' book, it's lovely. Are the photos your own you took? They are so clear, it looks like you had a good view.
    Happy new year.x

  2. Wow, wow, wow at everything. I love ALL your art journalling Virginia. I MUST start mine. I'm getting ideas. I'm getting inspired, I'm just not doing it. I should just close my eyes and throw some paint at the paper - it's all that white putting me off.

    I will.

    Did I mention I LOVE this post? I do!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini book and the journalling looks fab!

  4. Snow comes in useful for some things doesn't it? i.e. keeping us in our craft room! Love your journal pages, have to say I'm still impressed by the fact that you use an A3 size journal too - daunting! x x

  5. Wet swimsuited snow angels? Brrrrrrrr. Just thinking about it.