Sunday, 24 January 2010


Well last night my Mum came over with my sister and my niece for an art journaling evening.  My Mum has never 'art-journaled' but my sister has so we were on hand to talk her through some of the techniques we use - not to say we are 'experts' far from it - just we've read a few books, blogs etc and had a go previously!  I usually paint a background and then go hunting for an image, but in the back of my brain is usually the idea of what I want to art journal about!  

Last night's brain prompt was 'Strong Women' - now over the last few weeks I seem to have had contact with women I consider 'strong' - you know the ones I mean the ones who seem to be dealt the toughest hand life can throw at them and yet they seem to keep their heads above water (although for some it sometimes feels like - 'only just'!).  One of these 'strong women' is a very close friend of mine whose gone through a really difficult time in her work life, but she's finally decided to prioritise herself over work and has finally left said job in order to retain her sanity, if she wrote a book about what's happened nobody would believe her because it sounds far too far fetched - but believe you and me she's lived through hell for the last three years at work! There are other women I've been talking to either via my blog or in life in general who are also fighting their demons - so to all of you - and you know who you are this page is to say that no matter how difficult life is - being a strong woman means you retain your values and you make me proud to be a woman.  

Now add into this that I was in the presence of three other 'strong' women - my Mum, my sister and my niece,  putting the page together was a breeze - I love it when it flows like this and all comes together!

I loved using the colour red, I'd had the image on the right hand page for some time Ms Mirren is one hell of a lady and I found the one on the left whilst wandering through a magazine, the 'demon' image behind the picture on the left was cut from a separate article months ago and don't ask me why but I just knew one day I'd need to use him - this page was that day!

I tattooed the ladies again (I can't help it), sequin waste stamping in the background - even where the cellotape was on it - LOL!
Blonde moments and Tim Holtz stamps galore

Silver pen and black paint

Hope you're all having a great weekend - can't believe how quick it's gone - update on the bathroom - all done, looks great - just makes the rooms around it look dreadful - hey ho - February's 'room' is the hall stairs and landing!


  1. This is another amazing page Virginia, love all the different techniques you've used.

    Good for your friend too - I bet it's a load off your mind too.