Friday, 31 December 2010


Good Morning Rockers and Rockettes how are you all this morning?

Well the question is did he arrive at your house?  Did he?  Did he bring lots of presents?  Did you get woken at a ridiculous time or wasn't it too bad?  Have you survived the food gorging - from turkey to Christmas pud?

Rocking my World this week in no particular order is my ten year old - he stayed in bed until 7am before waking us on Christmas morning and took a record 33 minutes to open all his presents LOL!  He was so giddy on Christmas Eve he had us in stitches honestly such a little star!  And he seemed happy with his lot on Christmas day which is always a bonus!
Then there was the time on Christmas morning when everything was prepared and there was nothing to do (I kid you not) we'd opened presents, showered and were waiting to commence the cooking - it was such a precious time for us as a family and me and hubby had an hour of peace and quiet just absorbing the day simply magical!

Then there was my family on Christmas day - we were a few short this year and it felt mighty different as a result but we all had a lovely day nonetheless - we managed yet another gingerbread challenge this year - here they all are being very quiet whilst preparing their houses
They all seemed to enjoy themselves - look at my Mum concentrating - she did a miniature clock tower with jelly baby gargoyles - I kid you not!
Then John looking a little the worse for wear following his night out on Christmas Eve - made this beautiful heart house!
A close up of the heart!

Then there was my gorgeous sister - how amazing does she look!  Last year I took hundreds of photos trying to get one that she actually liked - this year I took about half a dozen and she looked amazing on all of them! 
So Christmas day went without a hitch - amazing stuff so I'm grateful for that.

I'm also grateful for the gingerbread tower not falling over just yet - I mean it has a serious tilt on - think we must have had rogue builders in this year LOL!  This is what it looked like with it's town around it on Christmas day!
And it had already got a lean on but now it's really tilted - not sure how much longer it will hold on!  Think it will be the last gingerbread challenge we do - it has been awesome over the last three years but the baking challenge when everything else is so fraught before Christmas is simply crazy so this may be the end of an era!  We'll see!

So there you go another Rocking your World and the final one of the year!  I can't leave you without a bit of crafting but this time with a twist - this is some of the cups my little lad did before Christmas for family how amazing are they! 
May I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year - hope it's a good one and I'll see you in 2011!  If you are joining in put your link below I'm a bit late putting mine on this morning I know Susie has already posted so here's her link

Friday, 24 December 2010


Morning one and all and a very Happy Christmas Eve to you all - where has December gone, I'm sure I had loads of time to get everything ready and prepared from presents to the big day itself - and then I woke up it was Christmas Eve - I kid you not!!!!  I'm kind of blaming the snow at the beginning of the month that removed a week of my life grrrrrr - anyway today's post as always should be about positives so 

This week's list in no particular order - my sister for rescuing me and my washing - yes my dearest washing machine has gone to the great washing machine heaven in the sky just before Christmas which has meant frequent flier miles to dearest sister - thank you hun you are a star!

A week off work - but if I'm honest I didn't notice that i wasn't at work as the week went that quickly plus I've had a few phone calls from work so keep having to flip into work mode!
Royal Mail for finally getting all the parcels I was waiting for to me - I had almost given up hope but they came good - almost gave the Post Man a heart attack on Tuesday as he arrived at the bottom of our drive to find me at the door with arms waiting for parcels!  He seriously jumped LOL - then produced two parcels from said bag thinking I'd be happy but then I said I was waiting for another one - he said he'd keep his eye open for it - do you think he might just have been having a laugh with me?  anyway said other item arrived the next day woooooo hooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An evening out with girlies from the neighbourhood - we all work and are so busy most of the time that I've never really got to know them, then a little note through the door would I fancy a venture out into the village and off we went, had a good laugh with them all so a big positive there!

No snow - thankfully, occasionally it threatened it but none became visible hurray and for me it can stay that way!
Visitors from Stafford battling through their snow for a visit which was lovely - little man so enjoys catching up with Ellis and I get to sit and chat for hours catching up on latest news and gossip - bliss!

My local scrapbook shop being open the other day when I was almost out of double sided tape - thank you Lynn - you are a star!

Nobody realising how quiet Asda is at 7am when you are food shopping hurray!

Finally hubby arriving home from his works Christmas do yesterday sober enough to allow us to get on with the gingerbread challenges for Christmas day and for helping us make the clock tower - one less thing to do!  And if you haven't got a clue what I'm going on about (which you probably haven't) we make a gingerbread challenge for family to decorate on Christmas day, this year's houses are crosses between barns and tardises - I kid you not this is what happens when you leave me in charge of gingerbread LOL!  Anyway once they were done we put them together and put our Christmas challenge together, a family affair decorating this year's challenge of a gingerbread clock tower - what do you think?

So there you go this week's posting!  If you join in then put your link in the comments so we can come and visit!  If you just pop by for a read don't forget to say hi!  And can I take this opportunity to wish you all a very festive season - may your day be filled with laughter and family and friends.

Monday, 20 December 2010


Did I lose a day or two?  Did I forget it was Friday?  Did I not realise I should have been Rocking my world!

I could make up lots of excuses but in all honest truth Friday was my first day 'off' and I worked from 6.15am to very late that evening (so late I can't remember) trying to get as much done as possible!  
So I'm going to be late on this posting - but that doesn't matter does it?  the intention was there?

So I'm going to do my posting late - here's what's been Rocking my World this last week!
A day off from work - Friday was that day, I didn't want to waste it - not a single moment even though the house was bombed and presents were still not made!  I was cleaning at 6.30am and in Asda buying gifts at 9am - by 11am I'd managed a quick jaunt to my sisters and had a coffee with her and my brother, then home to wrap things, make things, tidy things, do things - Friday was lovely - can I have Friday again pretty please I still have so much to do!

A break from work - technically shouldn't be back until Thursday 6 January 2010 (although did get a phone call on Friday - it was hard swapping hats and mentally going back into work mode)
Hubby - he's just amazing doesn't mind that I'm still making gifts and wreaking havoc throughout the house - he just goes with the flo!

Meeting visitors - this technically happened on Saturday but I'm including it because it's happened now!
Having such a laugh with my Mum on Saturday night - she makes me howl sometimes - particularly when she's been on the red wine!  My brother was talking about a video he'd seen online of an alligator eating a tortoise and how it was the noisiest thing he'd ever seen and my Mum came into the room declaring we were talking about her toast eating!  In all honesty laughed til we cried - she was still adamant that John was talking about her toast eating!  John was rather bewildered and sad at this thought he couldn't believe that she was accusing him of something like this - but what makes it funnier is that if John were to describe Mum's toast eating he probably would describe it like an alligator eating a tortoise - I mean he said that my sister's snoring sounded like a cement mixer in a tornado recently!  

Oooh dear I'm laughing again - maybe you had to be there to appreciate how fantastically funny it was - but it so made me laugh!
So there you go another one for the list - laughter!  Always good medicine!

The to do list is starting to disappear (well sort of nearly almost) I ended up with Clare (whose been stalking me about American cups recently LOL - see earlier posts to understand where I'm coming from on this one) sending me links to other things and before I new it on Saturday I'm buying leather necklace stuff and metal washers!  I haven't finished the other gifts yet!
Anyway I'm going to leave you now with a couple of links

who kept going with Rocking your World Friday even when I wasn't around - so go and say hi and see what's been Rocking their World this week!

If you pop buy say hello - if you join in definitely leave your blog address so we can come and say hello!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Hi All

This is a very quick post and is particularly for Clare who asked about converting the American cups into british grams and ounces.  You can actually get a set of the cups from most decent supermarkets baking aisle - we got ours from Asda for less than a pound.  Alternatively just use a cup (not a mug obviously, just a normal cup) and guess - the cookies can cope with slight variations to them, the originator practised with different combinations so don't stress too much!  
If all else fails and you really want to be very very precise - try this 

the original recipe can be found here

which uses a 1 quart jar to make the cookies, last year I used a shop bought storage jar (which was way bigger and took almost double the recipe LOL), this year I've used the larger coffee jar from Douwe Egberts which takes 3/4 of the recipe.  

Hope this helps!   

Friday, 10 December 2010


Well here we are - Friday again - this my dear Rockers and Rockettes is going to be as they say "short and sweet" 

Rocking my World this week in no particular order 
My little car for not giving up despite the horrendous access road into our estate that has still to be gritted!

My hubby and my little lad - they are both amazing - love you guys!
Potted beef on toast - a great breakfast in a morning when you buy the proper stuff not supermarket rubbish!

Victorian markets that weren't very Victorian but that did provide a couple of very cold hours perusing of stalls - the poor stall holders had been there all day so the least we could do was have a good look at what they were selling -hence the potted beef, a random pate, some assorted pick and mix fudge and some chicken and lemon sausages!
Christmas "do's" - we don't normally have a Christmas do but a lovely work colleague volunteered this year and we went along last night and had a lovely evening - so a big thank you to Liz!  

Crafting - loving my crafting even if it's a few snatched minutes here and a few snatched minutes there - hoping to catch up on this this weekend!
The sight of green grass - yes I know this is a weird one but for me it's bliss I'm so very very tired of the white stuff now I just want it to melt and go away, so to wake this morning and see some green grass on the front garden is sheer bliss! 

Well peeps I think that's me done for the week!  If you fancy joining in then add a comment below with your blog address - having issues with Mr Linky at the moment and don't want to miss anyone so let's go back to the old fashioned way!  LOL
If my normal Rockettes are now going into stress mode ie - haven't time to blog Rocking my World ... too busy - don't stress it - head back when you've time for your posting, this isn't supposed to be an onerous task, it's supposed to be enjoyable and it's a great way to reflect on the week you've just had! 

Saturday, 4 December 2010


Right eyes down starter for ten no conferring - this is me trying to catch up and meet one of my pledges to blog more this festive season!

Yesterday found us trapped yet again in the house, hubby managed public transport to his various places of work but me and little man were stuck, I put one foot outside of the front door, felt the glassy ice under foot and said no way!  So I promptly sat down and looked through the Journal Your Christmas prompt which was Christmas Cards, now how to play, mine were all done and enveloped, stamped and sat on the table - mmmmm then I thought well I haven't done any cards for immediate family, then brain kicked into the 8" x 8" cards I'd bought recently without realising that Post Office are none too keen on you using this size without a large size stamp!  So I set too, now any of you who follow my blog know that I don't do cards, I make them because I have excessive amounts of scraps left over in my supplies from scrapbooking, so to sit and make cards was quite alien! 

So I sat and spent a few hours card making, first of all I used up the paper pack that came with the last Scrapbook Magazine, used the free Time to Celebrate stamp from the Craft Stamper magazine and made quite a large number of cards, now I can share this one as it's going to my other half and he doesn't read my blog, but can't show the rest because they are for family some of which wander along here for a nosey! 
Whilst this was going on said 10 year old had Home Alone 2 on which was great fun, after the film I downed tools and we headed for the kitchen and a little baking!  First we made banana and chocolate chip muffins together and then we got a knock knock at the door and the enticement of making igloos with the little lad next door proved too much, so he abandoned me and the baking for making ice bricks and left me the film Elf on to boot!  Now I didn't mind him abandoning ship what I did mind was him leaving that film on which is complete and utter drivel, as a result I changed the film for the Hogfather (love Terry Pratchett) and decided to make a bunch of cookies.  

Last year I made a bunch of cookie jars as additional gifts for family members using a recipe from the Bakerella website, they looked great, were easy to put together and I got a great response from them.  However, I never actually made the cookies so decided I should to see if they were any good 
they were gorgeous (actually as it turns out they were nicer hot but hey) I offered them to little man and the lad next door whilst they were igloo building and then set too on some random berry and chocolate muffins which turned out OK!  

As a result of the cookies I've made some more jars of cookie mix for teaching assistant gifts, I've used a famous coffee brands large coffee jar that I've been saving, I've boiled the plastic cap piece up and sterilised the jars by putting them in a hot over before letting them cool and then adding the ingredients.

They started out like this 
then I added papers, tags, labels, ribbon and the instructions to turn them into tasty cookies
I'm really pleased with the finished results, if you fancy trying them check out the Bakerella website they are awesome! 

I also made a homemade mulligatawny soup, it has to be said that being trapped inside I've had to make do with what I've got in the cupboard and I had all the ingredients for a batch of home made beef mulligatawny soup with naan bread, it was gorgeous and incredibly filling!  

On with today's challenge of a perfect day, well I thought I'd failed miserably on this, we headed for the shops as did everyone else, everywhere was busy, no one was interested in being courteous when driving and everything felt a little fraught, the word 'perfect' didn't come to mind. 

Thankfully when we returned home dear hubby had other ideas and he dragged all of us on foot round to the local church who were open for a Christmas Tree festival.  Well to say it calmed the mind and soul is an understatement.  Is it the church lit with Christmas tree lights at night that did it, or the beautiful welcome we received or the hot coffee and home made mince pie I'm really not sure but it was a great 'time out' from the craziness we'd witnessed to simply relax and stop! 
So the pages completed in the blink of an eye

Documenting the cookie jars and the baking session on the 3rd
Some of the cards I made 
 Then the Christmas tree festival today!  Bliss and all caught up on my journal!  Right off to the sofa for red wine, snuggles with hubby and the remainder of Constantine on the TV 
If you stop by please say hello!

Friday, 3 December 2010


Well here we on Friday again, it's minus 11 degrees outside (I kid you not) a fellow neighbour was busy trying to get his car to work and it fed him the temperature although it wouldn't let the handbrake off his car!  Dear hubby has walked to the main road in an attempt to get a bus.  Said 10 year old is wrapped up in a blanket in his pyjamas watching re-runs of Tracy Beaker!  But it is 
 So here is this week's gratefuls in no particular order.
Central heating because without any other source of heating (ie fire) this has been a blessing this week (although not necessarily looking forward to the bill at the end of the winter LOL)
Journal Your Christmas - a time to step back and take part in a beautiful part of Christmas, it's so motivating and focusing - and this is my third year of Journal Your Christmas and I adore my other two books! 
Blankets, I have a stack of fleece blankets on the sofa, to snuggle up in when it gets cold, our TV room needs some work on and so it's quite a cool room even with the heating on so an extra layer or two on the sofa usually does the trick!
Community spirit - last year when we cleared the road of snow (we live on a cul de sac so grit vans are mystical beings LOL) it was just us and occasionally a neighbour would show part willing, but yesterday there were four households involved in the snow clearing in our road so there is a way out albeit this morning it's just black ice mmmm - maybe we need a little bit of warmth out there to start to defrost this white stuff now, in fact said ten year old declared that he felt "Trapped!!!" yesterday in the house because he's been stuck in all week!!  
Night-time crafting, as always I seem to be behind on Christmas crafting but a little bit of work here and there is just starting to pay off!
Microsoft publisher as it made light work of the yearly newsletter I send out with the card run - yes I know it's not apparently not the done thing but I don't care it's become a yearly tradition and it's our very own newspaper to boot!
Probably the final one has to be the ability to cook (not great but not bad either) which has meant that despite the decreasing stock in the cupboards and freezer finding interesting food to eat at night (plus running the freezer down ready for Christmas - genius!) 
Can't leave you without a little bit of crafting, here is a double page layout that I did earlier this week from my cousin's wedding, decided to choose different colours and still ended up with green and blue LOL!
Still stitching on layouts, finding it immensely therapeutic in the evenings and making some headway into my photos - which continue to grow!!

Finally I found a photo of the last time I remember snow like this, yes that is John and Melanie in the photo in a Winter back in the mid-eighties!  Feeling very nostalgic!
If you pop by say hello and leave a message, I've put up Mr Linky 

Thursday, 2 December 2010


So here we on 2nd December and the snow - well it's still here, it's a little messier than yesterday, it's definitely thicker than yesterday, it's as cold as yesterday and I'm still at home like yesterday - little crazy this world at the moment! 

Anyway, time to share layout for day two, the benefits of a pre-prepared album for me are huge, I know some people like to go from scratch each day but I really like the pulled together album that's been prepared, dear hubby bought me some scrapbook papers last year by DCWV and I love them as they have rich red tones and opulent greens mixed with creams and beiges to give quite an oldy world affect! 

So the double layout - sorry it's not exactly in focus grrr - it looked OK at first! 
Close ups which seem to be a bit clearer if I'm honest!  I've included the photo of our local church which was all lit up last night as we ventured out!  And demonstrates the lovely weather we're having!
 The other side using quite a lot of 'white' space, which I'm never really good at but taking the second prompt from yesterday as my main source of inspiration on the grid lines and well it does kind of work!  Dug the letters out which are on an old sheet of Basic Grey - Dasher I think they're called, then hit them with some ink and mask and a black pen!  Well couldn't leave them plain now could I! 
 So I'm on course up to now, wondering how to use the great digital downloads from the class this year!  Still having a ponder! 

If you pop by say hello!  

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Well December has finally arrived in a flurry of snow - or should I say in about 10 inches of the damn stuff - yes that is a metal ruler in the snow outside our back door this morning!
 So what to do on the first of December, well as it meant a non-school day and a hubby unable to get to work and a me at home day - we decided to have some time together putting up decorations. 
I know I know, not everybody wants to put up their decorations so early - but we've only managed three out of the four trees up to now so you can't shout, plus the stair garland and the new garland around the mirror.  I don't think it's the decorations that I like the most it's the lights - I'm obsessed I tell you!  So a few glimpses of said decorations I love the Noel's and the crown decorations  that I've got, why don't the do more like this!

 Then I'd love to say look at this arty photoshopped photo of the stair garland - but actually it was snow on the lens from being outside LMAO!
 To be honest I think it looks better than the clearer one I took after I cleaned the lens what do you think?
 Then the new garland around the mirror - they make the Celtic knots stand out don't you think!
Onto the weather - ooh anybody fancy a giant ice cream?  No?  Well it is a little cold for ice cream but you have to admit the hanging baskets in the back garden look very ice cream like!
We ventured out this afternoon, I've not been out since my scary journey on Monday so I was going a little fruit loopy and struggling with four wall syndrome, we walked to the Post Office and to the shop close by, no bread, (no milk and no eggs either but we didn't actually need them), me thinks there is panic buying afoot!  So Jacobs cream crackers and naan bread were our lot, together with a bottle of their finest vino and some popcorn for little man!  

This was the main road out of our village today at rush hour!
 Apart from the snow and the decorations I've finally managed to kick start my Journal Your Christmas, bearing in mind last night it was still just plain cream card, today I've got all the pages prepared (bit of ink here, bit of paper there) and the front and back covers started. 
 And wait for it - the first page with my manifesto, I took Shimelle's idea and designed my own on publisher, using similar design principles, it's taken me all day to think of what I wanted to put but now it's done!  I also intend on doing a quick write up on today because it has to be said that it's been one of the surrealist starts to my Journal Your Christmas - not that I'm complaining, if you pop by then I thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings - don't forget to say hi!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Let it not be said that I don't spoil you LOL - crikey there's so many double negatives in there I think I've not achieved positive but negative again LMAO - yes I'm here and it's only midweek!  We've woken to yet more snow this morning (albeit less than forecast) I've been working from home for the last two days, attempted to get to work and school etc yesterday (but to no avail - just way too dangerous - almost got written off on 9 separate occasions on the circuit I did - I kid you not!)  However, said self and said 10 year old and said Micra vehicle made it back in one piece just a little shakey once I got sat down at home - think I stiff drink was called for so had a large mug of tea -yum!  

I cannot believe that it's the first of December tomorrow, the start of my journal your Christmas and it's so not prepared (unlike previous years when I've been prepared and ready to go) think this one will be done on a wing and a prayer, although I've still got a few hours to sort it out haven't I.

Finally made a start on some Christmas shopping although it feels mighty 'stunted' this year, some years I've been all sorted by now, other years I've known what to get just timing when to get it - this year - well haven't got a clue - I've managed to sort a couple of people but that's it so best foot forward or should that be index finger forward as I'll be click clicking myself to Christmas this year - shopping centres and gift sets that no one really wants are just sooooooo not my thing! 

Feeling grumpy a little bit at the moment because dear son's school are closing their after school club, no consultation just not financially viable so closure, now anybody with children and a job will know that it's incredibly difficult to get good provision that you trust.  So having given due consideration to the options my Mum's come to the rescue, together with dear hubby's work when necessary and my work (although they don't know it yet LOL).  Just so frustrated with this it's untrue - so I've written a two page letter - not sure if it's made me feel better or not but at least I'll feel like I've had my say and let it be said I'm not called Little Miss War and Peace for nothing!  

Anyhow I can't tell you stuff like that on my Friday post when I'm being grateful so you get it on my mid-week post instead, maybe I should start a posting called Tantrum Tuesdays or Whinging Wednesdays LOL!  Nah on second thoughts best not - they'll end up so long you'll get bored, maybe I should have become a politician so I can bang on about stuff like this - mind you if they're all like Lembit Opik or whatever his name was on I'm a Celeb - maybe not!

Anyway I'm waffling just wanted to jot stuff down, I like jotting stuff it's fun and it's good for the brain!

Well onto the crafting  because that's what it's supposed to be about, this double 12 x 12 layout from a stone circle we went to when we were at the Yurt! I seem to find it absolutely essential that no matter how gorgeous the patterned papers I still insist on adding to them - hence the masked ink colour at the top, more stitching using up more embellishment stash that I've had for an age, the good old corner rounder and well you get the idea, I like it and it's another to add to the collection!

Hopefully the snow isn't causing you too much grief, if you happen to pass by and fancy saying hello then I'd love to hear from you!

Friday, 26 November 2010


Morning all and how cold is it this morning?  Very I hear you say but still no snow for us - which is a sigh of relief for me and a sob from said ten year old!

So what's 
For me well it's been a busy week again (you'll have noticed due to the lack of postings) I'm behind on the blogs I follow, I haven't read anything on facebook in weeks and my circle journals have either ended (sob) or been quiet due to the looming deadline date LOL!  However this posting is about positives so without further ado...

We had a weekend away last weekend, off to Center Parcs to get into the festive mood - yes I know it's only November but we've never been to Center Parcs at this time of year.  We had an executive lodge (with sauna and ensuite bathrooms), which had a rather distinct aroma about it, we unpacked but the aroma was getting worse (believe you and me aroma is a nice way of putting it - I couldn't put what we called it on here for fear of offending someone).  Anyway housekeeping came and sniffed and said they'd shampoo the carpet etc so we thought OK we'll see how that goes, the two ladies came back keys in hands for a brand new villa - an upgrade - so the fastest repack in the world and we were on our way!  The new lodge was absolutely gorgeous and was a true home from home for the weekend!
So my first grateful is to those two ladies at Center Parcs who didn't mess about simply got it sorted!  

 This is what we found on the bed in the first bedroom - my little one was so impressed I think he'd have left it intact for the weekend if he could have - it was his mother demanding showers at regular intervals that scuppered his plans!  Now I'm grateful to see that some people take their jobs so seriously that they create swans out of towels - genius!
Grateful for chalkboards that provided ample amusement throughout the weekend and led to many smiley faces!  Together with the world's longest itinerary on Sunday!  It also provided me with the opportunity to wipe of the blackboard in its entirety on Monday and made me wonder if I'd missed my calling as a teacher - only to think - no - they don't have blackboards in schools anymore - so nowhere near as much fun!
Grateful for lights - these beautiful lights along the path made us feel like we'd been followed by a set of patronuses (Harry Potter fans will so get that comment - others won't)  - tee hee - and made us feel very Christmassy!
Also grateful to hubby whose been my rock this week!  He also seems to have captured me and Melanie in something between an Avatar phase and a Close Encounters phase - no photoshop on these - just a blue lit Christmas tree in front of us!
 Grateful for having such an amazing Mum who has raised the three most sarcastic children in the world (sorry Mum we can't help it - sure it's genetic)  and still puts up with us!  She is always up for a challenge - no matter what as the photo below proves! Yes that is my Mum on a climbing wall - despite being afraid of heights!  This is the woman who was doing a happy dance for her free bus pass earlier in the year - I kid you not! 
Grateful for laughter, it is such a good therapy, it calms the mind, keeps us focused and when we are together we laugh and laugh and laugh - it's sheer bliss! 

Talking about laughter I think there should be a big grateful to said 10 year old and his new found friend as per the photo below - there's quite a story to this one!
 We had loads of squirrels visiting after putting nuts and seeds outside, this little guy kept coming up to the door and was more than happy to feed off the wooden door frame, then he edged inside and fed off the floor!  All was going well until anothe squirrel caught onto the activity and before we knew it we had two squirrels inside - the first was unhappy so they had a bit of a barny resulting in the second one scarpering outside and the first one coming inside fully!  
Said ten year old scarpered immediately shouting at his Dad 
"Dad the squirrels come inside" 
as he made his way frantically to his bedroom.  
Craig headed over to the doorway to see where it was and by this time I'm laughing so much I'm crying "where is it? Craig asked and the answer

"He's sat on the sofa" 
and he was sat there looking around as if he'd just adopted a new family, thankfully we managed to escort him back outside but it was certainly one of the highlights of the weekend!

Family time is incredibly precious and should never be taken for granted - I am grateful for each and every person in my family!

I'll leave you with crafting photos of the first ever entry into the first ever circle journal I did.  The subject was 'favourite things' with specific instructions, however, as I was the first to have the journal I had a full choice and chose favourite song!
 Used plain pink cardstock with black inking and photos that I had from a gig.  Stitching and bling finish it off.
Plus a little mini book - I can't help myself sometimes - particularly on something I feel passionately about! 
 Details of the song, why it means so much and further photos hidden within!
So there you go another Friday posting!  How's your week been and what are you grateful for.  Link below and leave a comment - love to come and have a nosey at others lists! Have a fabulous Friday.