Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Well the title says it all really - a little bit of everything to be included in this posting.  Firstly my 'Journal Our Christmas' is proving difficult - it's not in essence a difficult task I'm just making hard work of it and it's becoming more of a Christmas diary than anything else, but documenting life whichever way I write it is still documenting life!  So I'm two days behind at the moment and two days ago I was also two days behind!  Something of a trend here, anyway day 13 should have been about Christmas carols, but I did that last year so I documented one of those little gems that shouldn't be forgotten here is the entry:

"I covered the topic of Christmas carols last year, so this year thought I’d document one of those awesome conversations that I have with my little lad—this is how it went:

“Mum, do you know what people in Africa get for Christmas?”
“No sweetie—what?”
(My brain was not connecting at all)
“What they all get sent to prison?”
“What are you talking about Mum?”
“I don’t know what are you talking about?”
“I told you people in Africa get life for Christmas”
“Have you been practicing for the Christmas carol concert today?”
“Have you been singing, ‘Feed the World?”
“Yes Mum, how did you know?”
“Just a rough guess” I said trying not to stifle a laugh—talk about cross purpose talking!!"
Day 14 was another ecclectic mix that was supposed to be around gifts, so one page had this on it
"Most amusing gifts we’ve ever received

Two years ago when Craig picked his Mum up on Christmas Day she gave him a half full bottle of Bell’s Whisky unwrapped and I got a pair of her clip on earrings! We were mighty confused as you can imagine, but I suppose this is what dementia does to you and she obviously panicked and wanted to sort presents quickly, we have since chuckled about this!

The year my Mum saw fit to buy me a tracksuit in bright green with beading around the top! I had what can only be described as a rock hairstyle at the time—the outfit looked what can only be described as WRONG—when I asked why she hadn’t got me black she said she and Shaun thought a little colour in my wardrobe would do me good. Firstly when on earth had she ever seen me wearing a track suit and secondly there is nothing wrong with the colour black!


Every year I try and come up with something just that little bit different as a gift, this year is no different but thankfully due to UK Scrappers I’ve come across some awesome websites that have really got the imagination running riot! One such website is It shows all sorts of delightful goodies to make including this cookie in a jar mix! Don’t they look awesome, apart from having to convert the cups into grams it was such a fun gift to make.

Now I have never nor do I ever wish to attempt to proclaim myself to be a card maker, I make cards primarily because I send out loads of cards to family and it's a great way of using up scraps of paper from my scrapbooking and mini book making. I've sent all the Christmas cards that I need to send this year so at the weekend I did something that I always promise I'll do but never manage, I made cards for immediate family, yes one for hubby, one for son, one for Mum, one for my etc etc... You get my drift I made cards, my first thought was that I wanted to make them all different, however half an hour with a few promarkers led to four of these! What happened to individual!! So I sorted one of these for my Mum and her hubby and then set to making cards for the rest.

I did a card for my sister which turned out to be my first art journalled Christmas card - what do you think?

I then proceeded to take my halloween spooky house embossing folder and my halloween stamps to create a Halloween inspired Christmas card because my brother and his girlfriend adore Halloween so it seemed apt!

I loved making them and can confirm they were well received (well apart from my brothers which still hasn't landed on his doorstep, despite me having seen him last night!!!!!! 

Finally I've now officially finished work for over the Christmas season, now all I have to do is get my brain to stop thinking about it and I can start to relax, when I went to my last scrapbook class before Christmas we did a fabulous altered project and the lovely Sandra brought in her stamps for us to use.  Apart from being highly envious of the gorgeous stamps she owns I realised how neat and tidy her stamps were and thought in shame at the state of mine - this is what mine looked like! 

When I came home I decided to do something about this, so over a couple of nights I've chopped up some paper, stamped on it with my stamps and then laminated it, I've then cut them out, rounded the corners and adhered my easi-mount stamps and acrylic stamps on the back, I've then put them in little plastic wallets that you normally use for cards, and I've left them open for easy access.  So the rather awful pile of stamps now looks like this, how awesome is that, I hadn't realised I had so many and I've even categorised them, furthermore the gorgeous blonde moments stamps I've got already come on laminated sheets, so no work was involved in doing those!  Although it was a lengthy and somewhat laborious task now it's done I'm really pleased with it.  

It's freezing here today and my poor hubby has come home poorly so he's upstairs in bed, hope he feels better soon.  If you stop by for a look leave a message. 


  1. OK... now you just need to pop over to my place and sort all my stamps for me too! ;) Your Christmas cards are stunning and you make me feel guilty that I am behind with my JYC by quite a few days now!

  2. Great cards Virginia!
    Glsd you enjoyed the altered frame (and the stamps!) I have to be organised with all my stash or I waste time looking for things when I could be creating! Just made sense to me!
    Have a lovely Christmas x x

  3. Great cards, you've just reminded me I need to make one for DD & DH... Just when I thought I was almost ready for Christmas.

  4. Wow - those cookie jars look Fantastic!

    If I was to show you the state of my box of stamps - you would be horrified. It really is a disgrace. One day - one day I shall organise them as neatly as yours!

  5. I love reading your posts. I have that colour issue with people. Just what IS wrong with black? Or purple? I remember the year my Dad bought my sister and I a floor length woolen coat. She got a gorgeous black one. I got beige! Hmmm. I took it back and changed it for black, asked if he minded and said the beige one didn't fit :P Again it was the giving me a bit of colour comment. Surely black is more a colour than BEIGE?

    Can I say what an AWESOME person you are for making your brother a Halloween card! Love it. And that art journalling card? WOW, WOW, WOW! I think we should start a reluctant cardmakers club :P You did better than me. I made one. And forgot to take a photo before I sent it :D

  6. Ah we sound slightly better then. Our pavements are still treacherous and it was fun coasting out of the skating rink that was our carpark yesterday but once you get past the little side roads the main ones are clear again here. Unfortunately the industrial estate where OH works is just pure sheet ice and I have to drive on there every day to pick up all his parcels and get them to the post office. Fun!

    We are braving the town today for last minute food and gifts. Plus I'm booked in for a haircut which I would love to cancel but have done that to her at least twice this year and feel bad doing it again.

    If I don't speak to you again before have an amazing Christmas Virginia :D

  7. What a lovely post Virginia, I loved reading it all. The cards look fabulous. Hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas. xx