Thursday, 31 December 2009


I must try and get back into my crafts, ooh it's a few days since I've done anything - actually I'm managing to keep up with my Journal your Christmas which is amazing for me!  Anyway thought I'd show you a couple of the gifts that I made - meant to put them on pre-Christmas but never got round to it!  In October I went to see Pink in concert (which was awesome by the way) as a treat for my cousin and my niece I decided to do some 'Pink' books with photos from gigs in them, I had great fun making them even though they both turned out completely different.  This is the one I sent my cousin and took far longer than the one I made my neice (or the one I made myself by the way) but I was really pleased with the finished product.  I used the stage-set on the night as my inspiration for the shape of the book! 

Absolutely fantastic working with such great pictures and I used quotes from her lyrics to really set it off!

Chipboard base for the book with gold paint and then stamping, with papers added over the top!  I even put photos on the back page and hidden amongst the pages were little folders to open and find even more photos inside!  Apparently it was really well received which made my Christmas, that and the fact that Royal Mail got it there in time!

Apart from that both myself and my Mum had some none-physical gifts to give - you know the ones that you literally can't give but you want it to be a nice gift, this included treats at a Center Parc weekend we've got to look forward to as well as a few other things, then I came across these on the UK Scrappers website - they were absolutely awesome but didn't think I'd manage to make them but I did, in fact I loved them so much I made four in total

Amazing fun to make and really well received I put little envelopes in each tray with the gift written inside on each one!  I can highly recommend these and if we still had our laptop I'd be able to give you the link as to the original instructions but there was a slight mishap with it two days prior to Christmas involving, husband, laptop and a rather large hot cup of tea - don't ask!  I'll try and find the link and put it on later!  Just glad I've managed to get an entry on here now! 

As it's the 31st December 2009 may I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I hope that for all who read this 2010 provides wonderful opportunities and moments to enjoy time with your family and friends and with yourself - hugs! 


  1. Those "Pink" books look fabulous, what a terrific idea. I love those boxes! I made one each for my DDs with some little gifts in each tray. I really like the papers you have used for yours. I got the link from Ruth (alteredgeisha) and it was this one she gave me
    Happy New Year to you

  2. Thank you Kay for the link - awesome stuff - that's exactly where I found them! Happy New year hun

  3. Happy New Year Virginia! I love those 'Pink' books! and those boxes are a nifty idea too. Will check out the link.
    x x

  4. WICKED books! I keep looking and can't work out how they open or turn or what! Brilliant. I saw that show at the O2, amazing stuff. My sis and her gf are MASSIVE Pink fans... can you see where I'm leading? *cough* book tutorial *cough* What? Who said that? :D