Saturday, 12 December 2009


First of all, where has the week gone, primarily it's been spent on work, normally I only do three days but this week has been a four day week with a 12 hour day on Tuesday and a split shift on Thursday which has led to someone stealing two of my evenings!  Not a good thing at this time of year, however, I'm hoping to finish on either Tuesday night or Wednesday night and then won't be back in until the New Year - yee hah!  So what has this meant, this has meant that basically my journal for Christmas has stopped, not slowed down but quite literally stopped.  So today's task was to catch up!  Essential because any longer and I won't catch up and the album will sit looking sad and sulky forever and I hate half started projects. 

Now the entries are somewhat short on embellishments, and mainly consist of written entries - but hey - that's better than nothing and does document the days.  Last year I followed Shimelle's prompts to the letter, but this year I've sat saying - "I did that last year" so some of the entries are unique in the fact it documents our day! 

So entry five should have been Advent or Countdown - but I did that last year so this year's was about how our 9 year old kept himself occupied whilst we were building a bookcase!  Here is an excert from the journal

"In amongst all this was our nine year old, who managed to occupy himself—with the cardboard box that we got the microwave in! He hacked at it with scissors, used cellotape on it, chopped up lumps of polystyrene to create—a car! He had great fun making his own car and added wing mirror and engine and was very pleased with his creation! And here he is sat in said car looking mighty pleased with himself!"

Here is the said 'car' fully made together with headlights, engine and wing mirrors! 

The 6th of December - was about good times and bad times - but I decided to relay a little nativity story which was neither although rather humourous! 

"The first year Malachite was in infant’s the Parents Association saw fit to buy a number of nativity scenes for children to bring home and ‘enjoy’ for the evening. These nativities were brand new and Malachite was very excited to be the first person to bring one of them home.

Imagine my dismay when we started to remove it to discover that the people and animals were made of pottery—who in their right mind would provide 4 and 5 year olds with something like that! So it was an evening spent trying to explain that he had to be really careful with all of the ornaments, as the evening grew to a close I was relieved to be at the stage where we could put it all away again, but for some unfathomable reason I had forgotten the ornaments weren’t secured to the ’barn’. I picked it up with all the ornaments stood up and over toppled Joseph and off came his head, “ooh no” I cried “what have I done!” then launching in to pick up the pieces I knocked over a sheep, off came it’s head “ooh no, I’ve made it worse” Craig by this time was laughing! Before I’d done I’d beheaded, Joseph, a sheep and a King or two, Malachite was in tears but Craig was laughing so much! Out came the superglue and the set were returned the following day and I vowed if they ever sent one home again it would remain in it’s box, because after all we already have a nativity set to admire!"

The joys of being a Mum sometimes - what am I like!

Won't bore you with entry for 7th December - a 'to do' list ranging from cleaning stair carpet to trying to find that extra special something for my brother!!!!!

8th December - Christmas tree festival - this occurs at the church nearest to us and consists of community decorated Christmas trees on a theme.  This year's theme was the nativity, ranging from poems to excerpts from Christmas nativity plays, my favourite tree was the Cherry Tree Carol tree, covered in cherries!  An absolute delight to the eye!  We took my Mum and she enjoyed it as well and it's a time when you can take that step back from the stresses of the season to really enjoy being in a beautiful environment. 

9th December - Traditions - well we started our own tradition last year - The Christmas Day Gingerbread Competition - basically last year we created 8 plain gingerbread houses which we challenged our visitors on Christmas day to decorate with sweeties and icing!  It was the quietest that the house has ever been on Christmas day and afterwards we put them around the gingerbread church that the three of us had done the week previous to create a little town!  We said this year we would do a castle - watch this space to see if we actually manage it - just to say we're on with planning this.

10th - wrapping - this was ultra fast basically enclosed a bit of this year's wrapping paper - I was trying to catch up!!!!!!!

11th - Commenting on where the trees are in the house this year - already done on blog so won't bore you with the detail!

12th - Real Reindeers in the local town.  We ended in town this morning as each year the town centre has a Saturday when real reindeers trundle into the town centre pulling Santa's sleigh, this year we had two reindeers pulling the sleigh and two following and Santa had decided to walk this year to make a change.  It's so sweet to see them and they seem quite happy to parade around the town - I've never seen the town centre so busy.

Last night we ventured to Meadowhall - I know potentially we were heading for a catastrophe being this time of year, but to be honest it was quite good at the time we went, I bought a top (which is something I never do) and we had a lovely wander, other half went to buy more gifts whilst I headed to a retailer for food for 9 year old!  Then purchased two evening meals in the two for two pound section of a retailer who loves to talk about their food seductively on the TV, before we headed home. 
So that's it caught up, Saturday evening, journal done and blog updated.  Went online this morning to my local scrapbook shop to find a 50% sale on loads of things including Tim Holtz stamps!  It's only a 24 hour sale but I managed to order loads of things and then went and collected them, off there again tomorrow for the shop sale to have a further peruse. 
Tomorrow means scrapbook shopping, food shopping (which I detest but there's no food left in the house) and hopefully catching up with family.  If you wander by for a read and you actually get this far without falling asleep then leave me a comment!  I know there are the odd family member's who've wandered along following my Christmas newsletter - so if you're still here leave a comment! 


  1. Why are there still gaps when I've removed them - irritated now - sorry just thought I'd put the comment before anyone else notices it!

  2. Phew! Well done on the marathon journal session and on getting caught up.

  3. I don't know what the blog update is that you've done but I've found when I have gaps like this if you go into your 'edit post' and then click on the edit in html template thing and just backspace up between the gaps - that sorts it out for me. But it could be something completely different for you as I haven't done any updates or anything. To busy wallowing in my zombified lurgy state :P

    Had to laugh at your nativity story - EXACTLY the sort of thing I would do. And that car is fabulous - uis he going to decorate it further? What an imagination - certainly takes after Mum eh?

    I keep wondering about those seductive meal deals - are they as good as they sound or shall I stick to a Tesco chicken tikka ready meal when I want a quick treat? ;)

  4. Carmen is right about the 'space thing' advice, that's what I do... it happens when you upload your pictures and then start writing around them - they move further down! So enjoyed reading your Christmas journal and loved the piccie of the Santa sleigh in your town!

  5. Hiya Virginia, managed to read it all, sounds as though you've been really busy have a lovely Christmas xx