Thursday, 3 December 2009


Well it's officially the 3rd of December and I haven't got off to the usual flying start - I could give a whole list of excuses but hey I'm on with it now! So here goes - a finished project (still loads to finish mind), this little book documents a fantastic outing we had last year. The Church closest to where we live holds a 'Christmas Tree Festival' every year, which basically means they have local groups dress real trees up on a theme basis and people go and have a look. Last year is the first year we managed to get (and we're hoping to make it this year as it's this weekend).

Last year's theme was Christmas poetry, so when we got in there we got a little brochure with all the poems in and had a wander around the church. The last tree wasn't based on a poem but was a 'remembrance tree' and hung on it were tiny tags, that could be removed for you to write a note on about someone who is no longer able to celebrate Christmas with us, it was a truly magical Christmas moment, very moving and very calming, the trees were gorgeous, the Church all lit up in the dark was a beautiful sight and at the end for a small donation we got to enjoy a warm drink. We asked if we could take photos with they said we could, so we got one of each tree.

I've been trying to come up with an appropriate book all year and then Dyan at AFTH came up with her new Christmas papers and everything fell into place, needless to say I used the Christmas Tree paper on the covers, I transferred the poems onto small pieces of card and I've finally managed to get the photos 'used', lots of Christmas stickles and ribbon and finally a year on, the book is finished!

Now December 1st marks the arrival of the first Journal Your Christmas prompt and on time it dropped into my inbox, unfortunately, it's taken until today to actually have a proper sit down, so I've had some catching up to do. The photo below is last yours Journal, in which I became mildly obsessed with Basic Grey papers, the album was based on an altered A lever arch file

Now this photo shows last years journal on the right compared with the only just started journal for this year on the left - do you think they are going to end up the same size?

Just look at how thick this book got!

Here is the cover of this years album, which is a home made 8" x 8" album covered in green fabric with pieces over the top and I've decided to call it 'Journal Our Christmas' - because that's what it is! Need to put the year on as plan on doing this for many years to come!

First things first my manifesto, it's strange as I struggled to get started on this last year but once this was written I was on a roll! The nice thing about the journal this year is I've got a feel for what is coming, this project for me tends to lean on the wordy side and picks the photos up as things 'happen' but for others it can be primarily about photos, or blog entries or digital or pretty much anything you want - Shimelle has an 'anything goes' attitude on this journal which leaves you with the feeling of freedom!

Another wordy entry on the lovely weather we had yesterday - NOT! This year's entry was less reflective than last years but did document the day, something that in years to come without this I would most definitely forget! We went to a Victorian Christmas market yesterday and had a lovely evening except the weather was vile! Hey ho, started getting us feeling Christmassy!

Today's entry on cards is a double page, I've made the album with extra pages so I can do double page entries when it suits, plus I'm running mine until the 11 January because we're celebrating my Mum's 60th coming up and I thought I could extend it until the end of the celebrations.

So Thursday has brought with it a day off (well a day off, once I'd picked some things up for work and once I'd answered a text message on payroll). As my 9 year old is desperate to put the Christmas trees up I thought I'd better do a bit of touching up paint wise, because despite aspirations to paint the stairs before Christmas it just isn't going to happen, however, I'm unsure if a match pot of paint is enough to do it LOL! I'll report back later!


  1. Hiya Ginny!
    I loved reading about your Christmas intentions - how prepared are you, making the gorgeous journal to record this Advent time! The Christmas Tree Festival looks fun too! x x

  2. Looking good! I think this years will be even BIGGER!!!!!!!! I am keeping up with mine, and Tim's tags although they are not too much the same as his. The great thing about it is the inspiration I get from them. It just gives me a push in the right direction. x

  3. It's a great fun to do JYC, isn't it? Your album and pages are awesome! Kind regards from Poland!

  4. McFaith & Co3 December 2009 at 22:16

    Hi Chuck

    Bloody hell!!! You've been a busy girl. I can't believe you have time to do all this stuff. Everything's amazing..... you talented little thing you. Hope all ok with you and the family. Must catch up soon.
    Take care
    McFaith & Co