Friday, 4 December 2009


Well now I've started I'm on a roll, todays journal page is a tough one - perfect day mmmm - decided this one might not be for me, but looked at the alternatives and this is what I wrote

"Dear Daddy,

Well it’s that time of year again and it’ll be another one when I don’t get to see you, or chat with you, but I hope you’re close to us all day, let me know if you are. Christmas Day would be fun to have together, even if it was just for one day. We’ve got a full table again eleven of us this year, all family together all around the table. What would your Christmas day be like if you were here; well you’d probably have a slow start to the day, a pint pot of tea and a few presents to unwrap, with the Christmas tree twinkling and some low Christmas music playing in the background. We’d speak on the phone and Mum would be really excited as always. Melanie and John would wander up around midday and then you’d all make your way over here. There would be hugs and kisses all round, Malachite and Nirvana would be so excited about their presents and desperately want to open them immediately. Granddad Paddy would get the biggest hugs from the two of them!

The general hubbub in the kitchen is always charged with energy, you’d ask if we wanted any help, telling us jokes, sharing a laugh with John, you’d both end up stood on the front having a cigarette and chatting.

Presents would bring further laughter and hugs, wonder what random gifts there will be this year, John and Mum are both threatening random – but hopefully in a good way. Soon we’d settle down to the table, Malachite would be first to finish and desperate to pull all the crackers on the table, let’s see if Mum manages to break a glass this year – she’s good at that! We’d eat starter and then main course that is a ‘help yourself’ affair to allow people to have what they want rather than feeling obliged to eat what their given, you’d love that and as the true gent you’d wait until everyone else was sorted before you joined in, John Patrick still has this trait – wonder if he realises it reflects you?

Dessert is a home made Christmas pudding which I love making and thereafter they’ll be the Christmas challenge, sat sorting your gingerbread buildings, it would be simply perfect. Everyone has their fill of food before late afternoon everyone gathers up their gifts and presents and gingerbread houses and ventures home to enjoy an evening with their feet up in front of the TV. Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to share one more day?

Miss you Daddy
Virginia "

It's 20 years since my Dad passed away and as you can see still miss him with all my heart, it was a toughy to write but just for a moment I could pretend what it would be like if he was here and for me that made it pretty perfect! 

The pages look like this and once again I've managed a double page spread - I can see this journal reaching an epic size by the time I've done with all these 'additional' pages.  I must go and source some embellishments, because up to now it's just been paper, journaling and ink! 

Well last night was spent decorating the house, we were just going to do the one tree - but that didn't happen so they are all up!  This is my staircase (which I love and miss these lights when we take them down each year more than any of the others). 

My other half decided to decorate Snype in a festive fashion - what do you think?

Ended up moving the trees around this year, the biggest one floor space wise is now in the window, as my scrapping table is where it lived last year!  You can just see snype on the wall!

This is the corner space saver in the TV/scrapping room - never thought to close the doors on my cupboards before I took the photo LOL - but I'm still in the middle of making things, so nothings been packed away yet!

Finally the white one in the pool room (makes it sound like we live in a mansion but we don't it's more like a Tardis, it looks tiny from the outside but is bigger inside!)

Off to continue with a mini book I'm on with, need to also pop to local scrapbook shop for supplies, although may leave this until Sunday?  The washer is on, the food shopping sorted and I'm going to have a sort tonight as need my other half to shift some items that are heavy!  If you pop by for a look leave a comment, it's lovely to hear from everyone, what they are doing, where they are etc! 


  1. It doesn't get easier does it, my Dad has been gone for 24yrs and I still miss him too. I loved reading your letter. Have a lovely Christmas x

  2. Thank you for sharing your letter Virginia, I know how you feel. My Mum always used to spend Christmas with us. It just doesn't seem right that she's not here. You can pretend the rest of the year but it brings it home at Christmas.

    I love what hubby did to Snype :D

  3. I love your letter Virginia. I know that was hard to write.

  4. oh what a beautiful letter, brought a lump to my throat. Love your staircase and all your trees. We will have 2, one in the living room and one in our bedroom.

  5. Lump in throat. I feel so blessed that both my parents are still here, I cannot bear the thought of never holding them again.
    x x